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- Here's my wonderful donkey, Thistle.
Hello, you wanna come out?
And she tells me, “Of course, am I stupid?”
“Freedom,” she's saying, “Oh,
it's a (beep)ing about time you got here, yeah.”
There we are, a donkey that's weird.
It was quite magical, talking to animals,
'cause they're sharing their experiences with you,
they're giving you a perspective into their world.
Gonna go and see the others?
Yep, okay.
I do converse with my pets on a day to day basis,
and we chat about the most unusual things.
I've had the lectures on American politics.
You come closer?
- [Camera Person] What's she saying?
- Just, yum yum.
Thistle's not sure how to behave now.
He talks about crime shows, of all things.
If we have the TV on,
she'll be outside the door watching it.
This is from her position, it's like,
they've actually got a really good storyline,
but they've got to have strong characters,
to actually bring it together.
Probably the thing that I learned as a child,
is that you do get bombarded with a lot of information
from the animals.
It just comes in all the time.
You go outside, the birds are talking to you.
You sit on the grass, the worms are talking to you.
I'm getting a little bit queasy here cause,
I didn't realize, I'd actually taken some spiderwebs down.
I don't think he's lost far, he's just in the house.
Was going to have a Skype session with my client in America,
'cause she's got a new kitten,
but the kitten's gone missing.
- [Client] I can't find him.
- Tell me where you've looked.
- [Client] All over our house.
- I would just keep talking to him,
and see if we can get him to come out, and show himself.
- [Client] Will he come to Finn?
- [Faye] He will.
- [Client] Finn, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, Finn?
Can he hear us right now?
- No.
To communicate with any animal,
they don't have to be present with me,
so what I'm trying to do is just
to get Finn to share about his day.
This is just random impressions that have come through.
It is my game.
I will be found.
When you're a child,
the power of the imagination is so powerful.
I mean, what is reality and what's not reality?
I remember a few childhood experiences with
animals would be telling me things and I would tell my mum,
and she would say, "Animals don't talk, it's cartoons."
- [Client] Hi, I found Finn.
Isn't he gorgeous?
- He's actually just so relieved.
He's enjoyed all the dramatics over him.
- You're wonderful with what you do.
I feel more connected with the animals,
it brings joy and also brings a little sorrow,
and a little pain.
But, I don't know what I would do, if I didn't have you.
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This Woman's Animals Talk to Her About American Politics

63 Folder Collection
許大善 published on September 8, 2019
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