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Hello, I am Ivan. 哈囉 我是 Ivan
Hello, I am Kevin. 哈囉 我是 Kevin
Welcome to Hot English Classroom. 歡迎來到哈英語教室
Kevin, do you know any fun places in Zuojhen? Kevin 你知道左鎮哪裡好玩嗎?
I've been to Er-liao. 我去過二寮
Every New Year's Eve, 每年跨年
everyone gathers in Er-Liao to see the beautiful sunrise 大家都會聚集在這裡一起看美麗的日出
and welcome the new year. 迎接新的一年
Besides Er-liao, 除了二寮
there are many places with beautiful scenery in Zuojhen. 左鎮還有很多美麗的風景喔
There is also the unique landscape of Moon World, 因為地勢緣故
It is called Moon World because of its terrain. 還有特殊的月世界景觀
That seems really special. 感覺很特別呢
Besides this, I'd also recommend the Zuojhen Fossil Museum 另外我還要推薦2019年
that reopened in 2019. 重新開幕的左鎮化石館
Whether you visit the exhibitions in the museum 無論是館內的展出
or enjoy the architecture of the museum itself, it is a place worth visiting. 或者化石館的建築都很精彩
What is special about the museum? 有什麼特別的嗎?
There are five different exhibition areas in the fossil museum. 化石館的五個不同展區
You can learn about 裡面可以學習
the culture of early Siraya people, 早期西拉雅的生活文化
understand the evolution of organisms, 了解生物的演化
and knowledge about fossils. 化石的知識
There are also activities to experience what it's like to dig fossils. 還有模擬化石挖掘的體驗活動
It seems like traveling back in time. 好像穿越時空的感覺
When you visit Zuojhen, don't forget to try the tasty mango ice there. 來到左鎮也別忘了來品嚐好吃的芒果冰
Mango ice is sold in a lot of places. 芒果冰很多地方都有
Is there anything special about the mango ice in Zuojhen? 左鎮有什麼特別的嗎?
The mango ice there is served in traditional Tainan Peng Bing pastries 這裡有臺南傳統的椪餅
with fresh mangoes. 加上新鮮的芒果冰
The many textures and flavors 口感層次分明
make it very delicious. 非常好吃
Wow! Traditional snacks with mango ice. 哇!古早味點心搭配芒果冰
That's so creative! 太有創意了
Also, the delicious Cordia dichotoma you can get in Zuojhen 還有好吃的破布子
is a condiment that every home must have! 是居家必備的美味喔
What kind of dishes can you make with Cordia dichotoma? 破布子要怎麼料理呢?
Pickled Cordia dichotoma 醃漬過的破布子
is great with steamed seafood. 搭配海鮮一起蒸煮就很美味
You can also make fried eggs with Cordia dichotoma. 還有破布子煎蛋
The little balls of Cordia dichotoma bursting with flavor 破布子的顆粒口感
along with the soft texture and simple aroma of the eggs 加上雞蛋鬆鬆軟軟的單純香味
give local people a sense of nostalgia for their mother's homecooking. 就是回憶中媽媽的味道
Wow! My mouth is already watering! 哇~聽得我口水都要流下來了
All right! Let's review the key words for today! 沒錯!讓我們來複習今天的單字吧!
Let's review! 一起來複習!
sunrise 日出
Moon World 月世界
open 開幕
evolution 演化
fossil 化石
Peng Bing 椪餅
traditional snack 古早味點心
Cordia dichotoma 破布子
pickled 醃漬
creative 創意
Did you get all that? 都記起來了嗎?
Got it! 我都記起來了
See you next time on “Hot English Classroom”! 英語小教室 下次見囉!
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Hot Tainan EP7. HOT English Classroom

94 Folder Collection
Hot Tainan 哈臺南 published on September 8, 2019
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