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Hi, Guys! I'm John. Hi!大家好!我是明瓚
Many of you may not know what shell ginger is. 說到月桃很多人可能不知道是什麼
Shell ginger can be used to wrap zongzi, 月桃可以拿來包粽子
and it can also be used to make a purse. 月桃還可以拿來做包包
How do we do it? 但是要怎麼做呢
Let's go check it out! 跟我去研究看看
Ms. Zhuo, can you tell us a little bit about shell ginger? 老師,可以幫我介紹一下月桃嗎?
Shell ginger belongs to Family Zingiberaceae. 月桃是薑科類
I need the root, stem, and leaves of the shell ginger. 我需要月桃的根莖葉
I'll cut off two-thirds of the root. 所以根部我們挖掉三分之二來使用
As a member of Family Zingiberaceae, 因為它是薑科類
the root of shell ginger can reproduce on its own. 它可以像薑一樣繼續再繁殖
Wow! It seems like the life of shell ginger goes on and on. 哇!感覺月桃的生命可以源源不絕
I thought I could only find shell ginger in a mountainous area. 原本以為要到山裡才能看到月桃
But now there's a shell ginger field just outside Ms. Zhuo's studio. 在老師的工作室外面就有一片月桃
The growth cycle of shell ginger is similar to other plants. 月桃的成長跟一般的植物一樣
It has roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. 有根 莖 葉 花 果實
And we can use all of the five parts of shell ginger. 這五個部位目前我們都會使用到
The root of shell ginger can be used to brew tea, 月桃的根部可以煮月桃茶
and the tea can be used to make stewed eggs or luwei (braised dishes). 月桃茶煮完可以用來滷蛋或做滷味
Dried stems of shell ginger 月桃的莖部曬乾後
is the main material for handicrafts. 是做手工藝品的主要材料
They can be categorized into sliced, curved, or thread-like stems. 分成月桃片 月桃捲枝 月桃細絲
In addition to the wrappers of zongzi, 月桃葉除了包粽子之外
shell ginger leaves can be used to make glutinous rice cake and fried pancake, 可以做成涼糕 煎餅
as well as mosquito repellents. 還可以做成防蚊液
The flowers of shell ginger can be made into shell ginger jam, 月桃花可以做成月桃醬
and you can add it to chicken soup. 也可以煮雞湯
Wow! Shell ginger is really a versatile plant! 哇!月桃有非常多用途
So shell ginger can be used for more than just making purses 原來月桃不是只有做包包
and wraping zongzi. 和包粽子而已
It's a very versatile plant. 它有這麼多用途
You can eat it, and you can also make things with it. 可以吃 也可以用
The heat resistant pad is really useful. 像這個是隔熱墊 非常的實用
This one is so cute. 這個好可愛
It's a fish. 這是一條魚
Now I'm going to learn how to make handicrafts with shell ginger. 我要來學一下月桃手工藝
They said this is the easiest one. 聽說這是最簡單的一款
The master really knows how to slice the stems of shell ginger. 看老師刮月桃片的樣子非常厲害
It's a little difficult for me. 但是到我的手上似乎就有點困難了
The slices must be curved 月桃片要刮出弧度
so that I can make a pretty fish. 等一下做出的魚才會比較好看
You can make a fish handicraft with two shell ginger slices. 兩條月桃片就可以做出一條魚喔
Firstly, make a circle with one slice, 先將一條月桃片捲成圓
and then get the other slice through the circle. 再把另外一條穿進圓圈裡
Intertwine the two slices upwards and downwards. 一上一下交錯
Make a curve of a fish. 拉出魚的弧度
And then make fins and a tail. 最後再修出魚鰭和魚尾
Wow! This is the easiest one. 哇!這是最簡單的版本
But I'm already overwhelmed. 我都手忙腳亂了
Anyway, I'd finished one! Yeah! 不管如何,我完成了!YA!
It's so cute! 很可愛吧!
It's my baby fish! 我的小魚兒!
Chew! 啾!
Ms. Zhuo and Ms. Mai have been dedicated to 卓老師和買老師對社區教學服務
teaching handicrafts in the community. 投入非常多的心力
They always go all out in teaching 無論是在地的社區
in both local communities 或是其他地區有需要服務的地方
and communities in other areas. 老師們都非常熱情地指導
They teach people shell ginger weaving skills 教大家做月桃編織
and recipes of shell ginger. 也有月桃餐料理喔
This is chicken soup stewed with shell ginger flowers. 這是我們用月桃花下去燉煮的雞湯料理
Let's try it! 吃吃看!
Wow! It smells so good. 哇!好香喔
The soup is refreshing and not too strong. 好清爽的味道
Chicken soup with shell ginger flowers is really tasty. 沒想到月桃煮雞湯也可以這麼好喝
This is jam made with of shell ginger flowers. 這是我們做的月桃花醬
You can dip soda crackers with it. 加在蘇打餅乾配著吃也很好吃
Let me try this. 我來試試看
The color of the jam is beautiful. 這顏色看起來好漂亮
Let me take a try. 我來吃看看
Wow! It's really delicious! 哇!太棒了!真的非常美味
It's a whole new taste. 又是另一種味道!
I never knew shell ginger can be made into so many products. 沒想到月桃可以變化出這麼多樣的產品
If you visit Zuojhen, 有機會來左鎮
you can come make shell ginger handicrafts 可以揪團來這裡做月桃工藝品
or enjoy dishes made with shell ginger. 也可以品嚐美味的月桃料理
Don't miss them out! 千萬不要錯過喔
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Hot Tainan EP7. The Beauty of Shell Ginger

32 Folder Collection
Hot Tainan 哈臺南 published on September 8, 2019
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