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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 258. Today we have a quote by Arnold
Schwarzenegger. It's first time we do one by him. So remember Arnold Schwarzenegger
of course he first became famous for you know, being Mr Universe, a bodybuilder. I
don't know if any many people remember this anymore because that was a long
time ago. He became MR. Universe He won I think about three or four titles at
least. Then surprisingly because when you had seen him as a as a bodybuilder
you, you probably was skeptical whether he'd be able to crossover and
become a good actor. But surprisingly he did pretty well. Of course he became an
action hero but he was even able to do comedy okay. And of course he had a lot
of goals in his life and one of them was politics. That's why he eventually became
governor. He, he married into the Kennedy family. He married I think Maria Shriver. I
think that was her name. She was one of the Kennedys.
So he really attained a lot of his goals. He did make some mistakes later in his
life though. Maybe we will get to that. But he didn't really attain a lot. Anyway,
let's look at his quote today. "Life's six rules for success. Okay number one.
Trust yourself. Number two. Break some rules. Number three. Don't be afraid to
fail. Number four. Ignore the naysayers. Remember naysayers those are people that
speak negatively or say bad things about you.
Number five. Work like hell. Work extremely hard. And number six. Give
something back. Okay. So let's kind of review this here.
All right. Let's continue with the note here love him or hate him
All right. Even though I kind of liked him a lot. But you know some people are not
as crazy about him. You have to admit, he's he inspired and influenced many
people in his life. Famous for being nicknamed the Governator
Because remember when we made movies, he was famous for the Terminator
movies. So they kind of made a portmanteau out of it. They took governor
and they took Terminator and called him the Governator.
So he actually had that nickname when he was governor of California. Okay. And his
movie quote " I will be back' Many people remember him for that too.
All right. Anyway. Let's, let's review his quote though. So let's look at the
beginning first. You know when Arnold says trust yourself. Okay.
He means self confidence is essential. You can't be successful at all without
self-confidence to get ahead. Early in his life, he received a lot of criticism,
but he never let it stop him. He eventually went on to reach a lot of the
goals. A lot of the things that he hoped to do in life. He actually reached a lot.
Okay. Let's continue. Number two. All right number two here. Remember break some
rules. Okay. You don't want to encourage others to break rules , but many famous
people have had to at least bend some rules. We do hear this.
Actually a lot of things he says here I've often heard a lot of famous people
say similar things. In all parts of life whether there are actors or politicians
or inventors or novelists. Many have said a lot of the things that he's saying
here too. All right. Let's continue. Okay good. Let's see. So break some rules. If you
don't break. If you don't. Meaning if you don't break some rules, others may get an
advantage on you. So even though you know we're not telling you go out and break
rules. But you got to bend some rules sometimes to get ahead. And if you don't
do it, others will do it and they'll probably have the advantage on you.
Number three. Okay. Remember. Number three here. Don't be afraid to fail. Yes.
Everybody I think even now Albert Einstein... I think I covered one of
his quotes. He says anybody who never said they failed. Never tried. Never
basically there's so many of them that talk about this. Okay. Good. So yeah. So all
right. So nearly every successful person says this. That's what we mean. Number four.
Okay number four. Ignore the naysayers. So naysayers of people that speak
negatively about you. Try to put you down. Make you lose confidence. So don't pay
attention to them. Forget about it. Just like we often say. You know, really
in life you're probably really you're in a race with yourself. Don't compare
yourself to others and don't let these others you know bring you down. Okay.
All right good. Number five. All right remember. Number five here.
Work like hell. Yeah there's another one. Remember like Thomas Edison and many
others have often said work like hell. They were almost a little bit like
workaholics. Yes. Yes. So we say here not only do you have to work hard but harder
than most people. If you want to get ahead of them You have to work even
harder than them. So that's what he means by work like hell. Work extremely hard.
That's what he means by that. And six give something back. Okay. Well if you do
reach a certain amount of success. He says you should give something back.
You know I don't give to charity or help people or something. That's kind of what
he means about like that. Once success is reached. Give something back. It
is good karma. Okay so that's basically what he means.
Those are his six rules for success. Okay. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope you
enjoyed it. Thank you for your time. Bye- bye.
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Tutor Nick P Quotes (258) Arnold Schwarzeneggar - Life's Six Rules for Success ...

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anitawu12 published on September 8, 2019
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