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  • [Dan] what do you got?

  • [Mitchell] An official MLB MLP MLB [Dan] major league baseball is MLB

  • [Mitchell] Do you say baseball ball or just baseball [Dan] ball baseball, no this is a baseball

  • [Dan] a baseball ball [Mitchell] yeah a baseball [Dan] a ball for baseball

  • [Mitchell] a soft ball, and a thrift store baseball signed by some girl

  • yeah Baby Ruth or something

  • the Sultan of Swat the king of crash who

  • the Colossus of clout --- the Colossus of clout --- BABE RUTH

  • the great Bambino

  • try to go easy on my forging skills that was the second

  • attempt the first one it was much worse [Mitchell] equally bad

  • Okay and with those we've also got a metal bat so we'll start with this one

  • then we'll cut through those three baseballs those three baseball balls

  • balls balls

  • let's look and see just what makes a ballbuster bust balls

  • the anticipation.... its gonna be sandy ...yeah this all sand?

  • oh that's some sort of a sponge

  • okay Yellow Sponge.

  • Looks like through this

  • hole they injected some foam they just let it sink all the way down to the

  • bottom and this is just some stuff that got stuck in the handle maybe yeah we

  • won't pretend to know this is for so if you know what's this sponge stuff is for

  • then say so. It's for absorbing water and washing dishes.

  • Next up is baseballs

  • This one is expanding pretty good. Yeah, it wedged itself in there.

  • Oh wow, this side didn't expand at all. I think that side was slightly less than half

  • yeah a rubber ball in the middle and yarn yep... YARN

  • and theres the shell... and a bird nest.. cool and I

  • I don't know how you fit all that in a little hole.... just going to push really hard .... yeah

  • that's close enough okay what's inside the baby ruth

  • less exciting, solid cork, and then the softball is

  • plastic yeah it's like a hard plastic hey and that's what happens when you cut

  • a baseball in half that's been signed by some girl

  • you keep telling me that, who is she?

[Dan] what do you got?

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