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  • So glad autumn is here!

  • I know.

  • There's just something about autumn that resonates with me as a person.

  • Right, you like it.

  • But for me, it's something more!

  • Not more than me.

  • See, I embrace the feeling of a frosty morning chill fading in the afternoon sun!

  • Right, a comfortable temperature.

  • But, see, I love the fall because I love the sound of dry leaves crackling underfoot!

  • Oh, a universally beloved sound?

  • Great.

  • I love fall because of the hum of excitement of a new school year!

  • Oh, the thing children are required by law to do?

  • How special.

  • See, I love autumn in a deeper way, because I love the creamy, zesty taste of pumpkin spice!

  • - Oh, you mean Starbucks' most popular flavor?

  • How unique.

  • But for me-- - For you?

  • For me. For you?

  • For me.

  • For you?

  • I love the color bursting forth from every tree!

  • Oh, you mean thing that powers all of New England tourism?

  • That's what you love?

  • See, I'm a brooding mystery, because I love the macabre darkness of Halloween!

  • Oh, you mean the closest thing modern Americans have to a bacchanalian orgy of delight?

  • I've claimed ownership over the season, and no one else can love it more than I can!

  • I can! I love the way the world looks when it's dappled in golden light!

  • I love the sound of rain tapping against the window!

  • I could smell cinnamon every day for the rest of my life!

  • Apples! Apple cider!

  • Apple sauce! Apple rides!

  • An old man wearing a plaid shirt, sitting on a bench--

  • sitting on a bench--

  • Dropping them into chocolate --

  • Sitting on the carpet watching the home team--

  • Going back to school and having a crush on Mrs. Louise--

  • Tossing the old pig skin around--

  • Great piles of --

  • Gourds!

  • Crisp!

  • Russet!

  • Dew dappled!

  • Augh! I am made of pumpkin!

  • Augh!

  • I am a scarecrow!

  • Augh!

  • I love fall!

  • I love fall!

  • Ugh. These assholes are the worst part of fall.

  • Seriously.

  • Hi, it's Mike Trapp from College Humor.

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So glad autumn is here!

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I Love Fall More Than You

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    minami.kuo posted on 2019/09/06
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