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Is summer break over already?!
I know, I know…not exactly fun to think about.
But a new school year means a brand-new start, right?
This could be your year!
It might seem scary – especially if you're starting junior high or high school– so
make sure to start your first day off right by doing some prep the day and night before!
First and foremost: get plenty of rest and a good night's sleep!
Hopefully you've already started to try and get back into the school wake-up routine:
going to bed at a decent time and getting up early, so that your body is used to it.
I hate waking up early too, but if you get into your routine early on, waking up for
school on your first day won't be so hard!
If you're having trouble sleeping and can't stop thinking about what the morning will
bring, just remember that everyone else is just as nervous or excited as you are!
You might feel like the only one with these worries, but trust me, everyone is thinking
the same things – what will this grade be like?
Will the teachers be tough?
Where will I sit at lunch?
Will my friends be the same?
These are normal thoughts!
Just try to relax and remember that you're not alone!
While we're talking about wake-up times…make sure that you're up early enough to allow
time for the things you need to do, so you won't feel so rushed.
Feeling rushed is stressful, and it could make you forget something important.
Make time to shower and get ready at a comfortable pace, so that you can feel confident!
Also, make time for breakfast.
Maybe even plan what you're going to eat for breakfast the night before, and set it
out in the kitchen if you can.
You'll need that brain food!
A calm and leisurely breakfast will also give you time to think and get mentally prepared.
If you plan on packing your lunch, do this the night before as well, so that you don't
have to worry about it in the morning.
Eat healthy in general, for breakfast and lunch.
Eating a healthy meal before and during school will really make a difference in how your
day goes; if you have a full stomach, you won't be sluggish, and you'll be able
to pay better attention in class.
Don't skimp on lunch – it has to carry you through the rest of the day!
Make it healthy and filling, especially if you're going to be in any after-school activities
or sports.
Or Band!
Ah those were the days!
A good tip for the day before the first day of school is to do a light workout; you'll
work off some stress and sleep better!
Eat a good dinner, but don't overdo it.
Avoid sodas or any drinks with caffeine so that you don't have trouble falling asleep.
Also, decide what you're going to wear the night before, and hang it up together or lay
it out.
Think of the perfect back to school outfit.
What's your style, and what makes you feel the most confident and the most you?
Feeling like yourself and feeling confident are super important for your first day, and
it'll set the tone for the rest of your year!
If you feel confident, the stress of going back to school should melt away, and you'll
feel like you can take on anything!
Hopefully you've been able to do some back-to-school shopping!
Pro-tip: if you can, get a new haircut before the first day of school!
A new hairstyle will make you feel extra polished for your first day.
It could be a good conversation starter, and, hey, you'll probably get tons of compliments
Devote a good part of the day before to getting organized.
Did you get a supply list from your school?
If so, do you have everything you need?
Get your folders and notebooks for each class organized with any initial guides or paperwork
your teachers may have sent you.
Were you sent a class schedule?
If so, make sure you know it backwards and forwards before the first day of school.
Have plenty of pens, highlighters, those #2 pencils, and an efficient way to store and
carry them.
It may not sound super fun, but if you're organized and know your class schedule, it
will help you feel more relaxed and prepared for the first day of school, and things will
go smoother in the morning – you should be able to just grab your backpack or schoolbag
and go!
Pro-tip #2: another great thing to stock up on and keep in your schoolbag is gum and mints!
You never want to feel like you might have stinky breath in the morning or after lunch
while talking to someone.
Having these secret weapons should make you feel confident too – you'll always have
fresh breath!
And it's a great way to start a conversation with someone new – just offer them a mint
or a piece of gum!
This one may seem obvious, but you may not be thinking about it!
Be ready to talk about your summer!
Did you take any trips or have any good stories?
Think about it during the nights and days leading up to the first day of school.
I mean, everyone will be asking you about your summer, both students and teachers.
Come prepared to talk about it!
Plus, asking that “How was your summer?”
question is a great icebreaker!
If it's possible, it's a great idea to go to your school before your first day and
do a walk-through!
Try to set up your walk-through as close to the first day of school as possible.
You may even be able to find your locker; if you can, write down the combination and
practice a few times.
Find all your classrooms and think about the best route to each one from your locker.
Everything might look a little different when the hallways are packed full of other students,
but don't panic – everyone else will be navigating to their classes for the first
time too!
Better yet, do your walk-through with a friend that you know you have a class in common with!
Speaking of friends, are you walking to school, driving, or riding the bus?
If you're driving, see if you and some friends can arrange to carpool, and decide on pick-up
times and meeting places.
If you're walking to school, walk with some friends who live nearby.
If you ride the bus, sit with your friends!
Make some calls a day or two before the first day of school and make these arrangements;
you'll feel much more relaxed if you're with some friendly and familiar faces while
getting to school.
Getting dropped off by a parent?
Arrange to meet your friends at a specific time outside of the school building.
Friends will give you a sense of support and familiarity – you're all in this together!
And, if possible, arrange to sit with your friends at lunch!
This way you can avoid the awkwardness and anxiety of looking around and finding a place
to sit.
Everything is better with friends!
It might be super boring, but fill out any paperwork that's required for the first
day of school the night before.
Your school may have sent you medical forms, permission slips, waivers, or other similar
Fill it out the night before and put it in your backpack so that you know you have it.
Paperwork is the last thing you want to worry about the morning of your first day!
And of course, don't forget to set your alarm the night before your first day!
Whether you use your phone as your alarm or you have an alarm clock sitting on your nightstand,
make sure the alarm is on, set, and ready to go.
It could be easy to forget, with all the other things on your mind, but you don't want
to be running late, especially for your first day!
Most of all, the night before your first day of school, try to relax.
Watch your favorite funny TV show or movie.
Read a good book.
Take deep breaths.
The keys to a successful school year are keeping yourself organized, healthy, rested, and confident!
Study hard and make grades a priority, but don't forget to have fun!
These are supposed to be the best years of your life, right?
Good luck and have a great year!
Are there any back-to-school tips that I didn't mention here that you use?
How do you feel about the upcoming school year?
Let me know in the comments down below!
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What to Do the Week Before Back to School

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Mingxuan Chu published on September 5, 2019
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