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  • Are you starting a new job and feeling slightly anxious or even nervous?

  • I'm going to teach you in this video how to get rid of those jitters and boost up your confidence.

  • And stay tuned to the end of this video because I'm gonna share with you something really cool that your boss is gonna love.

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  • Hi, I'm Adriana Girdler, a business productivity specialist with over 20 years in the business.

  • We've all been there, that first day on the new job, we're excited yet super nervous.

  • What do we wear?

  • What do we bring?

  • How will our boss really be?

  • Are people gonna like us?

  • Take a deep breath and follow these steps that I'm gonna share with you and you will rock it.

  • Get organized.

  • Often a lack of confidence is due to a lack of preparedness.

  • So the night before, be prepared.

  • Pick out your outfit, figure out what's gonna make you feel really good on that first day, because it is your first impression.

  • And if you're not too sure what to wear, wear what you wore to the interview and dress up perhaps just a little bit.

  • Because once you get to the office you'll start to see what exactly the culture and the norm is on what to wear.

  • Now, you can also call in advance and find out, and that may be also help and service.

  • Don't forget to pack your bag the night before as well.

  • Bring all those little things that you don't think about, like paper and pens.

  • You may even want to bring something to take notes with.

  • But ideally you want to start working on your first day.

  • I'm sure they'll provide you with stuff, but just in case sometimes it takes a little bit of time come prepared with all those things.

  • And your confidence will be great on your first day.

  • If you have any other suggestions on what to bring on your first day at work, please write it in the comment below.

  • Get excited!

  • Oh my goodness, you got the job!

  • Don't go to work nervous, even though you may feel nervous.

  • Listen, you did a lot of prep work, the energy and effort you put into your interviewing got you the job.

  • You are the right candidate so get excited!

  • Ensure that you walk into that office with a big smile and have a boost of confidence, and that will pay you back in spades.

  • Make new friends.

  • Say hi to as many people as you can on your first day.

  • Look them in the eye, have open body language, shake their hand and you go to them, introduce yourself.

  • I have a great video on how to introduce yourself on your first day of the job, check it out.

  • Not only that, you'll feel much more confident when you get to know a few more people.

  • So, go ask them out for lunch and you can say things like, "Do you have any lunch recommendations?"

  • Or even better yet, "Would you like to join me?"

  • Now, when you actually are sitting down with your new colleagues and having lunch, get to know them.

  • You can ask them about what it is that they do.

  • You can also even go on the personal note, maybe even ask them what their favorite Netflix series is that they're watching.

  • But please don't go into the gossip!

  • I know it can really be easy to do that, like, "Hey what's the latest scoop on the people I should be aware of?"

  • Don't do that, it will put you in a bad bad way.

  • And I have a really good video on office gossip you really want to check out.

  • Avoid that at all costs and particularly on your first day.

  • How do you deal with office gossip?

  • Tell me in the comments below.

  • Show interest.

  • The best thing you can do when you're new and particularly on your first day on a job is listen, listen, listen.

  • People have a lot to tell you, not only from a learning perspective but they're showing you how the culture is at work.

  • So take advantage of that, soak in as much as you can.

  • You need to be a hundred percent present when you're at work.

  • So turn your cell phone off or at least put it on vibrate.

  • You don't want to be picking up that device as you're talking to people.

  • That's not a way to show that you're listening and you're giving them full attention.

  • Another thing you want to consider as well is go to LinkedIn, check out your colleagues, find out about them, see what their profile is all about.

  • It will give you some additional insight as to who they are, and the people you're working with.

  • Now that you're confident for your first day on the job, learn even more tips on how to impress your boss.

  • I have a free checklist on just that.

  • Grab it on the link below in this video.

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  • I would love to hear from you.

  • Tell me how you deal with anxiety on your first day of the job, please comment below.

Are you starting a new job and feeling slightly anxious or even nervous?

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