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  • BRAD LOOK: Hi I'm Brad Look

  • with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.

  • Welcome to the third section of Creating Alien Makeups.

  • I'm gonna show you how to take generic appliances

  • and turn them into fantastic alien makeups.

  • It's very useful because

  • many times you're not gonna have the advantage

  • of having custom made appliances for your actor.

  • Before we get started with the makeup,

  • I'm gonna show you how to prep the actor,

  • prep the appliance

  • and how to get everything ready.

  • We'll move on to then the application of

  • the facial appliance in this makeup.

  • We also have ear appliances

  • and I also explain how to make a blender

  • to extend the hairline further back once the wig is placed.

  • The next part is the coloring of the appliances.

  • This is where you're gonna use everything from PAX makeup,

  • to tattoo ink,

  • rubber mask grease paint

  • and some of the newer silicone makeups

  • such as Jordain and others.

  • Once the makeup's painted,

  • you're gonna move on to the tattoo application.

  • And then also how to use, creatively,

  • different types of stencils that are available now to makeup artists.

  • Last is the application of the wig,

  • hairpieces and final detailing to the makeup.

  • Hairpieces can be a very, very expensive

  • part of creating a character like this.

  • So I'm going to show you how to take everything off,

  • clean it, and prep it for the next time you need to put it on.

  • This will be followed by the removal.

  • How to take all this makeup off without injuring the actor.

  • As you can see, there's a lot to cover

  • so let's get started.

BRAD LOOK: Hi I'm Brad Look

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