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- Hi, I'm Brad Look with the Stan Winston
School of Character Arts.
Welcome to Creating Alien Makeups, Part Two.
The first thing I'm gonna do is show you the materials
I'm gonna be using to create this makeup.
From there, we're gonna go into coloring the prosthetic
using pax paint, real creation tattoo ink,
Endura, you name it.
I'm gonna be showing you how to use stencils creatively,
also how to use spatter, and how to bring the two together
to create a unity to the makeup.
After all that's done, we have a costume
that's gonna be put on.
So you can see that it's not just the makeup itself.
It's also the wardrobe and the costume and all that.
Finally, we're gonna do a makeup removal
and show you how to take off the makeup
without injuring the actor.
We have a lot to cover today, so let's begin.
(gentle music)
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Creating Alien Makeups Part 2 - TRAILER

132 Folder Collection
邱于嘉 published on September 2, 2019
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