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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 361. The title of today's lesson
is the difference between unseeable and invisible. Yeah. This is sometimes... this
question that comes up. They do sound like they're almost the same thing but
in this video I will try to clarify where we're more likely to use one then
the other one. So let's look at the note here. If someone says that something is
invisible, it means that it cannot be seen at all. Usually because it's
transparent. That's one of the main ways. That means you actually see through it.
Too tiny or hidden. Okay. Let's continue. If someone says that something is
unseeable , it is almost impossible to see usually because it cannot be perceived
with the eyes. The eyes can't tell that it's there. Okay. Let's continue. When we
use the word invisible to mean too tiny or hidden or we often use words like
almost because by its nature invisible usually means transparent. So if it's
just too tiny we say we often say that it is almost invisible or nearly
invisible. Because it's just so tiny that our eyes can't see it. So a lot of times
we will add a word like almost or nearly which we don't usually use with
unseeable. With hidden it because it became invisible.
Or if it is hidden, we might say that it became invisible because maybe something
covered it. All right. Let's go on. Invisible means it cannot be seen at all.
Unseeable does not mean it cannot be seen. It means it cannot be perceived. So
one cannot distinguish its actual form. Okay. The question came up with a topic
about black holes. Yeah. Yeah. Where recently I think NASA created a
computer-generated image around the black hole, so you could distinguish it.
But if they didn't do it , it would have been unseeable.
Okay. Black holes are not invisible. You still see blackness. So it's not
invisible. You just cannot distinguish where it
begins or you know, where it may end. So therefore, we say that it's unseeable.
Even though it's right there. But you can't see it because the blackness
around it looks exactly the same. In the same sense if a chameleon you know, like
a little lizard type creature chameleon changes his colors to blend in with a
background, he maybe unseeable. Again he wouldn't be invisible. He'd be right
there but in this case this is a case we would probably use unseeable. He's not
really invisible. Invisible by its nature is usually transparent. For example, a
poltergeist is a type of invisible ghost. Yeah. So we've seen this in movies and
we've also seen people have like videotapes where it seems like things are
moving around a room. You know, a chair may roll across the floor or computer
pops on. Or you've even seen papers fly out of a file or something like that.
With nobody there which would suggest that there is some force or possibly a
ghost in this case. This ghost would be called a poltergeist but you do not
actually see a form there. It's completely invisible. So if there is
something there and it's it's not some wind or other explanation to it, then
that ghost would ... that type of a ghost would actually be invisible.
You only can perceive, you only can understand or figure out it's there
because it's moving things with its force. Okay. So just like of course wind
and air. We know when it airs there. But you know unless wind or air has some sort
of another gas or another substance in it, we can't see it. It's invisible. We see
right through it. It is transparent. Okay. Well I hope this video helped to give you a
better idea when we would probably say something is unseeable and when
something is invisible because they , they, they can be tricky. Just by the nature of
how we talk about them. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. Thank you for
your time. Bye-bye.
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English Tutor Nick P Lesson (361) The Difference Between Unseeable and Invisible

19 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on September 2, 2019
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