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KATO DESTEFAN: Hi, I'm Kato DeStefan
for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.
Welcome to my course, Dead Body Makeup.
Doing a realistic dead body makeup
is an important skill for any makeup artist to have
due to the high number of
different procedural, crime and medical shows out there.
I establish the Y-incision
and we have two little stab wounds that are gonna go on
along with some bruising and your standard lividity and all.
I'm gonna start out by introducing you to the types of makeups that I use.
Be it alcohol colors, aqua colors, glazing gels, and sprays.
In addition we'll address modesty issues
and how to keep your actor or actress comfortable in almost any situation.
I'll also be discussing ready-made prosthetics
and how to make them work for almost any actor.
And of course, I'll be walking you through
the entire application process;
from skin preparation,
to prosthetic application,
to coloring,
to blending it off realistically
and a killer paint job.
And after our application,
I'll take you through my makeup removal process,
which is efficient and safe for the actor's skin.
We have a lot of info to go over
so let's get started.
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Dead Body Makeup: Creating Realistic Corpse Makeups - TRAILER

38 Folder Collection
邱于嘉 published on September 1, 2019
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