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>> Lance Anderson: Get the hair, spread it out, and I'll use my thumb and just fan it in.
Push it into the adhesive. Now, it's like laying shingles, you start at the bottom and
you work your way up. When you use lace, your beard is always going to look the same. You
do take a chance when you're laying the beard. You have to make sure you have a good reference
material because you want to make the beard look the same each time, and that could be
something that could interfere with continuity. You're always concerned about continuity when
you're working on a film. I've got the first layer of human hair across
there and it's starting to see that there is a transition you can still make out the
darker hair underneath, but you're starting to see some variation now. It's not just one
color. A mustache is a good place to put a lace piece because they're easy to take off.
The person goes to lunch or something, you can whip it off and they can eat their lunch
without having the hair hanging down over it. When you lay a mustache, you have to get
in there with a curling iron like a small one I said and you have to curl and style it.
That thing is hot and you got that right next to the--they would feel the heat they
might move or something like that. It's a good place to use a lace piece if you're going
to use one. If you put a lace beard on, you almost inevitably
have to do this on the edges. Hand lay these edges like this because you want to disguise
that lace that's laying out there in the open. That's why you want to learn this technique
because putting the lace beard down isn't difficult.
It's making it believable and that edge is probably the most important part.
Go ahead and yawn.
Okay, now smile, big smile.
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Facial Hair Application - How to Make a Fake Beard - PREVIEW

62 Folder Collection
邱于嘉 published on September 1, 2019
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