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[Excerpted from AGE MAKEUP: PART 2 with NEILL GORTON]
Now the weight of the silicone is almost just peeling that out of there.
Feel little lumps and bumps, but...
reasonably good.
Nothing we can't touch down.
Now this little bit, I think, is actually a bit of...
not completely cured cap plastic which, I'm sure we can just dissolve away.
Not too bad.
Where's the... glue, the Telesis.
It was there, wasn't it.
Here. Could you hold that for me?
So, again just this little patch,
where I was trying to avoid it sticking to those,
I can just use the... snappy silicone adhesive.
But the beauty of the transfer is just the speed, y'know.
I've got two cheeks positioned and on...
and the edges are all down
pretty good. Just a few little bits to tease down after.
But generally...
Y'know the blend off here is great. Y'know there's absolutely nothing to
give it away.
And it's kind of hard, especially on a very thin piece
to get it to go down so flat.
By being suspended in the mold it keeps all those edges perfectly flat
until they're down and in place.
Yeah, we seem to have adhered.
Ok, so. Adrian if you wanna kind of go around with the alcohol on that side.
And I'll carry on over here.
So again. I'm gonna press this down now.
That's all dry under there so I should be able to press that down and stick it.
I'll just do exactly the same again.
This is already kind of releasing itself.
I'll just get that brush.
Little bit of wet Pros-Aide still underneath there so I'll lift that.
There we are. That one's a...
a little better than the other side.
So you can see I've kind of... could have done with it drying out a little bit more
on this side. There's a little whiteness, caused by Pros-Aide,
that's kind of stuck underneath but...
we can live with that. We can just color over it.
And just stick the rest of these edges.
I was saying, a better circumstance, where you can tilt
your subject down more, have a little bit more control...
...you can be more accurate. I think, position-wise, we're nearly there.
Again... you just kinda feel your way with these molds.
But I think we're okay.
I think the cap plastic might be a little thick in places,
but again it's just the nature of the way we ran the piece...
not spraying it.
Spraying gives you a nicer finish, but again...
I think it's important to see that, y'know, you don't always need an airbrush.
you don't always need that equipment.
You know, you can get a pretty good result without.
So now we'll just go around, again, with the Q-tip.
Erich, could you hold that for us, please? -Erich: Mmmhmm.
-Neill: So color-wise, wasn't too bad either. I mean again, y'know,
ideally I would have properly color-matched to Erich, but you know,
I just did a... eyeballed it, with what was approximately...
looked like it was in the right direction,
so as soon as, I think once I just tickle a bit of red over that
it's gonna start tying in really quickly.
And again, normally I'd, y'know, do a certain amount of blending over,
a little bit of Pros-Aide just to...
tie little lines into things, but that's all delicate touch,
which takes a while.
-(Adrian): You could try a little (inaudible)... -Neill: Yeah.
So. That's kind of okay.
I think I'm slightly wonky on the left.
Just a bit too far back at the base, I mean again,
y'know, this is what you would do a test makeup for, y'know,
you would kind of work out your positions and...
really try it out.
But... you find these things out when you test but it's kind of working.
So... I think, what do you think, you good over there?
-Adrian: Yeah. -Neill: Should we just go for some color?
So. Again, you could take a lot of time.
What I would normally do, is I'd have a bit of Pros-Aide
which I've allowed to thicken.
I would go in and put little dots and little lines.
I could add those kind of smokers lines on the lip,
things like that, break it up a bit more, but...
You know it's really, we're just kind of proving the concept here.
So, what I'm gonna do is get some color on.
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Silicone Transfer Makeup: Glue Down & Blending Edges - FREE CHAPTER

15 Folder Collection
邱于嘉 published on September 1, 2019
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