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(electronic music)
- When I was first thinking about transitioning,
I was concerned that I wasn't going to be able to compete.
What will fans and spectators say?
What will it be like in the locker room?
Trans athletes have to think about all of that
as well as will I even be able
to play the sports that I love
because of the policies that are in place?
My name is Chris Mosier, and I am the first transgender man
to make a men's U.S. National team.
My sport is sprint duathlon.
Duathlon is run, bike, run.
When I first started competing after transition,
no one really thought that I would do well.
Everyone pretty much just wrote me off
because they looked at me and thought,
"Oh, he's a trans guy.
"There's no way that he can compete against men."
Hearing people say that really motivated me
to work harder, to learn more,
to be more dedicated to my training
and try to be the strongest competitor that I can be.
(gentle instrumental music)
Competing on Team USA is a dream come true for me.
Although I'm on Team USA, I will not be able
to compete in the World Championships in June
with the policies that are in place right now.
At the world level, they follow
the international Olympic Committee policies,
and those policies say, "Trans athlete needs
"to go through a full medical transition."
And they define that as full lower surgery,
so including internal and external genital reassignment.
Adding an extra body part is not going
to make me a faster runner or a stronger cyclist.
Every single day, I'm thinking about being
on the starting line, and I really think
that it's going to happen.
I really believe that we can get policy changed
and that I will line up with my teammates
in the red, white and blue uniform
and represent my country.
(upbeat instrumental music)
Every day I read a quote that says
"Be who you needed when you were younger."
That puts me in the mindset of sharing my story
and making sure that people see me
as a visibly out trans athlete competing
at a high level so that they know
that they can do that too.
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Fighting For the Starting Line: Chris Mosier's Quest to Compete

278 Folder Collection
許大善 published on August 30, 2019
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