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Hey there!
I want to welcome you to the 13 Steps to Riches Series!
This video is going to be the start of a brand new in-depth playlist series in which we'll
get to dive into one of the biggest successful books of all time in the personal development
space that has made the biggest impact to me personally and to millions of people around
the world.
And that very book that I'm talking about is called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon
Here's some intriguing facts about it!
Originally the book was published in 1937 and surprisingly, by the latest record in
2015, Think and Grow Rich has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.
How this book was created is quite fascinating.
It was created by a man named Napoleon Hill who interviewed and studied the habits of
more than 500 of the richest men and women in the early 19th Century, many of them who
started life in poverty, with little education or influence.
It took Hill over 20 years to compile all the wisdom from these interviews into a book
containing 13 main principles of how anyone can change his or her way of thinking and
become rich.
Among these men were many famous historical figures such as Henry Ford $200 billion dollars
(adjusted for inflation), Theodore Roosevelt $125 million, John D Rockefeller $318.3 billion,
Thomas Edison $170 Millon, Wilbur Wright $10 million.
And many more...
Almost every successful entrepreneur in today's modern age such as Tony Robbins, Dan Lok,
Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, has been impacted from this book.
And since this book contains so much powerful principles, I've noticed there's a common
issue for many first time readers finding themselves not completely understanding couple
of the important chapters from the book.
So that is why I'm creating this 13 steps to riches series dissecting each principle
aka each chapter into a fun simple format to help you visually learn the important key
lessons that Napoleon hill conveys.
So... without further delay, let's begin.
Before we dive into the 1st Step to Riches which will be in the next video, Hill demonstrates
the power of your thoughts and how it has the power to shape your life and in this chapter,
it sets itself up as the foundation of the book.
One of the greatest strengths of this book that I always appreciated was how Hill used
real life stories with the lessons.
Let's take a look how the power of thought comes into play...
There's a story about a man named Darby, who became one of the most successful insurance
salesman in the country.
He used to share a powerful life experience he had with the Gold Rush back when it was
He went there with his uncle and after weeks of labor, they've suddenly struck gold in
the midst of their mining.
In the beginning, things looked great!
It was so successful that they brought a drill, but then something unexpected happened.
There seemed to be no more gold left as they mined further into the ground.
They continued to drill on, desperately trying to pick up any gold, but unfortunately, there
was no sign of it.
At the end, they finally decided there's no use of trying to mine anymore and so they
They sold the machinery to a junk man for a few hundred dollars and took the train back
But here's where the story gets interesting.
The junk man who bought the machinery called in a mining engineer to look at the mine and
do a little calculating.
An astonishing discovery was made by the hired engineer that the project had failed because
the owners were not familiar with fault lines.
And even more surprising was their calculations showed that the gold would be found just three
feet from where the Darby's had stop drilling and that is exactly where they found all the
hidden surplus of gold.
You can already guess what happened after that.
The junkman took millions of dollars of gold in from the mine all because he knew well
enough to seek expert counsel before giving up.
Let's observe what happened from this story…
Napoleon Hill points out that...
Darby and his uncle thought there was no gold left, so he thought there's no use to continue
on and gave up.
On the other hand...
The junkman thought about not giving up on the abandoned project, went the extra miles,
and at the end, reaped success.
Hill demonstrates success comes to those who are success conscious.
One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken
by temporary defeat.
In fact, one of the main weakness of mankind is the average person's familiarity to the
word impossible.
To add to this lesson, the 21st Century Revised Version of Think & Grow Rich provides a modern
example about Steven Spielberg, one of the all-time greatest Motion Pictures directors.
There's a funny story in the movie industry how Steven broke to University Studios and
eventually became a movie director.
Before he was famous or anything, Steven took a Universal Studios tour, which enables visitors
to take a good look inside at the movie business.
Steven somehow snuck off from the tour group and hid between two stages until the tour
When he left at the end of the day, he said few words to the gate guard.
Afterwards, day after day he went back to the studio for 3 months.
He walked past the guards, waved at him and he waved back.
What's funny is he always wore a suit and carried a briefcase, letting the guards assume
he was one of the students with a summer job in the studio.
He got to the point of becoming friends with the directors, writers, and editors.
He even got to become friends with the head of the production of the Universal Studios
television arm, and one day got to show the director his college film project which impressed
him so much that he placed Steven Spielberg under the contract with the studio.
Over the next few years, Steven Spielberg directed several movies including the popular
Indiana Jones series, Jaws, and later directed Jurassic Park which became a hit at the time
as the most successful movie in history.
And we saw with Steven Spielberg, becoming a movie director dominated his thoughts so
much that we went beyond what others would do, sneaking into guarded buildings to get
the chance to become friends with a directors.
Remember this lesson.
In order to achieve something great, your thoughts has a great effect on your actions
and habits which ultimately has an effect on your outcome.
That is why it's important to change our minds from failure consciousness to success
So before we continue to the next chapters...
Question for you.
Assuming wealth is what you want to accomplish, are you determined enough and willing to try
harder to achieve it, no matter what and how many times you'll face adversities?
Think about that...
Hey everyone!
If this so far peaked your interest and if you wish to join along with us in reading
this legendary book, perhaps you're like many of us who just don't have that free time
to read because you're always traveling, driving, or working, but….
let me tell you, I'm so thrilled to share with you a perfect solution for your situation
that will get you the book right now today for free, thanks to Audible, the world's
largest audio library with over 425,000 audiobooks.
Let me share with you why I'm so captivated by Audible and so will you!
Personally, I found using Audible as an efficient alternative to reading for those times when
my eyes are just occupied with different tasks.
For example, I usually enjoy listening to audiobooks the most when I am driving or when
I'm at the gym working out which is great because I can listen as I work out…
Sometimes I'll pause it when I'll do a set and then I'll resume listening to the
audiobook when I'm resting.
So, let's say you're commuting to work or wherever you're headed, if you just add the
habit of just listening to an audiobook, you'd be surprised that you can usually finish a
book less than a month without having to add any extra effort or time to your life and
that's obviously an rewarding perk!
And let's say you already have the book, a mind-blowing hack I love to do which you can
try out too is to read the actual book and listen to the audiobook at the same time at
twice the playback speed which is proven to be an easy way to read faster with better
I truly believe if more people read or listen to Think & Grow Rich, the principles learned
from it can truly help direct your ambitions and life goals towards real success!
It's that incredible of a book, which you will soon realize.
So, if you're interested in checking out Think and Grow Rich, you easily do that with
your quick free trial subscription at www.audibletrial.com/ChronicleLiving.
Link is in the description.
I want to welcome you if you're new to this channel, feel free to subscribe, like, and
click that Bell notification so you don't miss out the next videos of this series!
Up Next!
Stay tuned for the next video that will start with the First step to riches….
Which is Desire, the starting point of all achievement.
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13 Steps to Riches - Think and Grow Rich (Animated)

49 Folder Collection
juuuddddy published on August 30, 2019
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