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- [Cameraman] Should be fine.
- All right.
Oh no.
(soft jazzy music)
Hey, guys, it's Inga.
You know how we all have our favorite childhood snacks?
Wouldn't it be so fun if we had one
that was grown-up size now that we're older and bigger?
With Easter coming up, I was thinking
it would be such a fun idea to make giant-sized Kinder Eggs.
It's just a cut little treat
that I had when I was a kid.
As you guys know, I mainly just do food stuff.
In order to replicate this
and really make it look like the real thing,
I enlisted some help,
and this is where Tarn--
- Hi.
- Tarn is on the Nifty team.
She is amazing at arts and crafts,
and just anything crafty.
- This is so much expectation.
- I have so much faith in you.
I think we can make this happen.
What do you say, giant Kinder Egg?
- Let's do it.
- Yes.
Let's start with making the giant chocolate egg.
(shimmery music)
(lively drum music)
For the Kinder Egg, we're gonna do,
is actually the Kinder Surprise,
which is the international version.
Comes in an egg with a little capsule,
holding the toy inside.
We couldn't find it because we're in America
where the actual Kinder Surprise is banned.
What I need to do is to make a chocolate egg
that has white chocolate on the inside,
and then put a toy in it.
I started looking up egg molds on the internet,
and I found a bunch,
but they weren't really that big,
until I found this place called Li-Lac Chocolates
in one of the oldest chocolate shops in Manhattan.
They have a giant, like, actual giant chocolate egg.
I'm gonna go to their shop,
and make the chocolate egg with them.
We are here at Li-Lac Chocolates.
I'm here with master chocolatier Anwar.
He's been doing this for--
- For 30 years.
- I've been doing this for, like, 30 seconds.
You said you would help me
with making this giant Kinder Egg.
- First, we have to make the egg shell.
- For reference, this is the giant egg mold.
- We make it in dark chocolate.
After we take the shell out,
we can line it up with white chocolate inside.
- We said dark chocolate because,
even though Kinder Egg is normally milk chocolate,
we're doing this for grownups,
and I prefer dark chocolate,
so we're gonna go with dark.
- All right. - Let's do it.
- Now we can fill it up with chocolate.
Takes about 20 pounds of chocolate.
- [Inga] 20 pounds?
- About.
Somewhere between 15.
Put it together.
- How did you know that there was 20 pounds in here?
Do you just feel it?
You know?
Oh my god.
- This is what we do now.
- First coating.
- Every time you turn it around,
you get a little time.
We put it in the fridge.
We wait until it's cool.
Now we need to cut it
to make sure that it comes out two pieces.
- Back in the fridge.
- See?
Start peeling off.
- Now we just need 30 minutes, right,
it needs to sit here?
About 30 minutes?
It's so big.
This is how big it is.
It's, like, half of my body.
- Now we can pour the white chocolate inside.
You can go as thick as you want.
Then we turn it out like this.
What you do, it's required by hand.
- [Inga] With your hand?
- Yeah, go like this.
- Business time.
This is a lot of chocolate.
Swirl it first.
Here we go.
Oh, it's so warm.
No waste.
- Now, we put it in the fridge, five minutes maybe,
10 minutes at the most.
- Now we wait.
- 10 minutes.
- 10 minutes.
(soft bossa nova music)
Okay, how's this for a massive Kinder Egg?
- Make sure those edges are straight
so we can put it together.
Little by little, don't break it.
Now, we're gonna put the toy.
- I couldn't find a giant capsule.
You know how they do it in Kinder Eggs?
That's why I used tissue paper.
Please forgive me.
Tarn will be revealing this later.
Can you tell what it is?
- [Anwar] We're not gonna open it again.
- No.
- [Anwar] Right?
- Yeah, until the end of the video.
We're not gonna open it again.
This is the moment.
This is it.
The doors will be sealed.
- We can put some chocolate.
We can glue it together.
You have to be a little quick because,
otherwise, the chocolate will dry,
and it won't stick together.
- Really quick?
Is that too much?
- [Anwar] Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
- [Inga] Why am I so nervous?
- No, perfect, no, you're doing well.
Let me do this part.
(Inga groans)
Clip it?
- Now we clamp it.
Here, there we go.
A few minutes.
- A few minutes?
It's like a dragon's egg.
This is even bigger than I imagined.
I'm scared, I don't want to break it.
We came so far.
- There we go.
- Oh my god.
This is an egg makeover.
All right, well, this is the giant Kinder Egg.
It's done.
The challenge is to bring it back safe and sound,
and not crack it.
Let's see if we can make that happen.
Here we go.
Wait, I'm scared.
Thank you.
It's a hollow egg.
- But still pretty heavy.
- Yeah, it's 20-something pounds.
- [Woman] Oh my god.
(dramatic orchestral music)
(Inga laughs)
- Tarn.
- [Tarn] No.
- [Inga] Look at Tarn's face.
- No.
Do you want to see the basket I prepared?
- I'll hand it off to you now.
You got it.
(shimmery music)
(intense drum music)
- Egg is here, and when I signed up for this,
I was not expecting it to be this big.
You know, I was gonna shoot
a really cute top down shot,
but this is all you can see.
I think the first thing we should do is find out
how much foil we'll need to--
(people chatter)
Wait, Cana and Ashley.
You guys.
Oh no.
Oh, sh--
What if I still wrap it up, and she doesn't know?
Do you think we can put it back together?
(soft jazzy music)
- [Ashley] It's fine, don't worry.
We can fix that, don't worry.
- Oh no.
I think this is the bottom.
This is the edge.
This, this, this.
I don't even know what goes where.
We should turn off the lights,
work on this off camera.
- Inga doesn't know.
- No.
(Ashley laughs)
- Holy shit, what happened?
Tape is a good start.
It's tough unless you have the OG mold.
(rock music)
It's really good chocolate.
- [Anwar] Hello.
- Hi.
We have a little bit of an accident.
- [Anwar] It's broken?
Yeah, just a little crack.
Would it possible to borrow the mold from you?
That's really sad.
We tried.
We got the whole village in here.
What I decided was, tin foil and imagination.
Whatever was in that egg,
I still don't know what it is,
and I've started just wrapping it
in bit and pieces of tin foil
until I think I've achieved the desired egg shape.
Just start a fun montage
of me creating this egg.
Wrap some fabric over it.
Have you guys ever watched any Buzzfeed video
where they try, and they fail, and they just stop.
Should we be the first one?
Everyone in the office is aware
that the egg has been broken except for Inga.
Here it is.
Not the egg.
I'm actually going to come clean to her.
I feel like this was our first big collaboration,
and we've been talking about this.
I think she's gonna be really disappointed.
I hope she doesn't cry.
Oh no.
Because I did.
I'm gonna go bring her in now.
Go bring in Inga.
- [Man] I'll get her, I'll get her.
- Hi.
This was something I tried to do.
This is what we've been hiding from you.
- I'm scared.
Oh no.
Oh no, Tarn.
(Tarn sobs)
Is there still an egg in here?
Is this fake?
- It's just a bunch of towels.
- Oh no.
- I put the egg on the table.
- And it fell off the table?
- It rolled off the table.
There, that's what happened.
It broke pretty much immediately when I started shooting.
- Is it just towels?
- Yeah.
- Wait, this is the egg?
All of it?
- No, there's some in there.
- Oh my god, it broke into tiny pieces?
- Are you disappointed in me?
- All right, round two, second egg.
Let's go.
- Yep.
I don't trust myself,
so I'm gonna let Inga put the eggs away.
(chocolate cracks)
- Oh my god. - Oh my god.
It actually cracked, guys.
(both gasp)
- This is pretty much like what happened last time.
- Let's carry it back into the--
We're not gonna take it out of the plastic wrap.
- Okay, this is the last layer of protection.
- I'm gonna be here, I'll be here.
- No pressure.
We have the egg back.
It already started cracking,
so we're in a bit of a time crunch.
What I'm gonna try to do now is create
this giant piece of wrapping paper
that we can then put on the egg.
We need 35 by 35 inches of foil
to cover the entire egg.
Anything between 35 to 40 inches will probably be safer.
That should be large enough to cover that egg.
We're gonna have to prime the surface.
If you just painted straight onto foil,
it just smudges.
If you put a little bit of a priming paint,
it'll actually stick a little more.
We've applied the spray paint,
and we're gonna start drawing.
Printed out a template,
printed out even more templates.
I'm using a paint mark.
Two, three, four, five, six, seven.
That's pretty good.
There, there we go.
I'm just gonna leave it empty for now.
Boom, done with the first part of it.
Time for painting.
We're just gonna use normal acrylic paint for this step.
One trick I learned is that,
if you put a little bit of dish soap into the paint,
the paint will actually come out looking
a little more vibrant.
Get started.
Pretty much done painting.
Let this completely dry,
and then start painting in the actual lettering,
and then we'll wrap the egg.
It's getting there now.
I'm using these paint markers.
I feel like it might actually look better on white.
I've gone in and painted all the letters white.
So much better.
- Oh, this looks so good.
It looks so much like the original.
- I think, then, we should go ahead and wrap it.
We'll call Inga over.
We're gonna wrap it,
and this video will be over.
Let's do it.
All right.
We should probably wrap the real egg
in a clean piece of foil first.
Oh, I can't believe it.
It's a thing.
You want to hold it like that,
and I should bring the real thing?
- Okay, I'll hold it, I'll hold it.
I'll keep it safe.
(intense drum music)
(whimsical orchestral music)
- Pretty big.
- That looks so goo from the front.
- It's sitting on its own.
Did you realize that?
Started off the day as people
who have never made a giant Kinder Egg,
and we're ending the day as people who have made it.
- We are just so glad
we were able to get to this point.
It took two eggs, a lot of tears,
a lot of sweat, a lot of time.
Tarn, you are amazing.
You are a wizard.
- Thank you.
- We're gonna open this.
We can just gently pry this open.
Look at this.
This is the truth.
(Tarn gasps)
Happy Easter.
Let us know what else you want us to make,
any childhood snacks you want, but big.
- But not too big, 'cause that was stressful.
Are we gonna eat it?
- Yeah, let's eat it.
Is that too small?
- Is that too small?
(chocolate clicks)
Everyone eat some chocolate.
This is really good.
- Yeah, it's cool. - It's so big.
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We Made A Giant Kinder Egg

41 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on August 30, 2019
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