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- Hey guys, It's Inga.
So, for the next 24 hours, I will only be eating
foods that the color purple.
A lot of people have been doing this on YouTube,
it's a very popular format
that I also wanted to try for myself,
to not just experiment,
it's also just a cool way for you guys
to find out what there is out there
that's edible and is purple.
So, I picked purple because I wanted a little bit
of a challenge, but not so much that I'd be starving myself.
I'm actually going to try and stay away
from anything that's artificially colored.
Has to be naturally colored purple.
Which kind of just makes my job harder
than it already is, so--
My next step is to go to the grocery store
and see what we can find for breakfast,
lunch, and dinner that is purple.
All right, let's go!
These are rainbow carrots.
They have purple ones, so I'm gonna keep these.
And of course, there's grapes.
I feel like figs might be purple.
Red onions.
Purple cabbage.
They're going in here too.
Savory foods, I think these are the first.
Potato chips.
This is black, but it's actually purple.
Prune juice, that should be purple, right?
It's brown. (laughs)
This looks pretty purple to me,
even though it says blue.
There's this huge bag of just
different kinds of purple things.
Now to plan out my meals for tomorrow.
I made it back home with my giant bag of groceries!
I also changed into a purple shirt.
I'm just going to take everything out now
to see what I have.
Just to show you guys what we're working with.
This is everything I bought from the store.
I also have purple noodles.
I think are made with, like, purple yam.
And then I also have this indigo punch tea.
This has butterfly pea flower in it.
If we add, like, lemon juice or lime juice
it'll become purple,
so I so thought that would be a good drink.
I think we have a good balance
of protein, fruits, vegetables, and carbs.
Well, I haven't really planned out my meals yet.
But yeah, so we have a lot of food here
and let's start it off with breakfast.
This is my kitchen.
Because it's New York City, it's pretty small.
I'm gonna try to make this work.
I am picking out all of the fruits that I bought.
Blueberries, grapes, plums, and figs.
And we also already have this blue machine smoothie
that's actually purple,
but I figured I could just make my own.
So, smoothie building time.
It's like, different shades of purple.
Here's our blender.
Dump these all in.
Gonna pour some of this smoothie in there too.
Look at that purple!
Just to amp it up, I have my blueberry chia jam.
Super purple.
And now to blitz it.
(blender grinding)
What do you guys think?
Is this purple?
Under this light, it looks a little bit more purple.
So I think is now drinkable.
And I cut some food up.
This is what we have, you guys!
So we have the plums on top,
we have the grapes,
fig is, like, kind of wrinkly here.
That looks pretty purple, right?
I'm just gonna go ahead and try this now.
To me, it really just looks like
a normal, like, blueberry smoothie bowl, so--
I could you really could make a smoothie bowl
out of purely purple foods.
I'll just be here finishing this.
And then I'll see you guys at work for lunch!
We have catered lunch today.
I'm gonna try and see if we can find purple foods, if--
That was purple hair.
If I can't find any purple foods,
I'm gonna have to cook my own, so,
let's see if we can find some.
Salad, I don't see any, that's red.
There's no purple.
So, because we couldn't find anything out there,
I am just going to try and make my own lunch.
Good thing I brought some stuff with me.
This is what I have.
The red onions, carrots,
they didn't really have that many purple carrots,
but I tried to pick some out.
And then I have the octopus.
I know this is kind of intimidating, maybe,
for people who haven't had it before.
But it's actually really good.
And then we have the purple yam noodles.
A nice light purple, I would say.
I didn't have a sauce,
but because it came into the Tasty space,
I actually found this red wine sauce
that Tasty producer Alvin was making.
That is actually purple!
So, I guess we have a sauce now.
We're just gonna toss these in there and let it cook.
And while that's cooking, I'm just going to cut
some of this onion and the carrots up.
Noodles are now cooked.
Kind of a pinkish purple.
I have the onions cut up
and the carrots, and we have the octopus.
We toss it into the pan.
The purple carrots actually end up having, like,
orange bits in them.
I think it's smelling pretty good so far.
But the onions, I feel like,
just have a stronger flavor than yellow or white onions.
The octopus is actually already cooked,
I just figured we'd give it a little more flavor
and add the noodles in.
This is looking really purple.
I don't really know what I was expecting,
but this is pretty freaking awesome.
It's so purple!
More onions and carrots.
That's our very purple looking dish.
This actually turned out to look a lot better
than I thought it was going to.
Super excited to taste this,
but before that, a purple drink.
So this is butterfly pea flower,
it's a flower that just turns liquid
into this natural blue color.
Add my hot water.
Can you see the color?
I don't even need to add lemon
because I think this tea already has some raspberry
and apple bits in it.
I guess I already have a purple drink!
Purple tea, purple pasta.
It smells really good,
so hopefully that means it actually is really good.
So pumped!
I don't think I've ever had things
that are this vividly colored,
that isn't, like, you know, artificial.
Wow, that is actually,
that's actually really good.
I think it's because the sauce is really good.
I can't believe we were actually able to make this work.
Gotta try this tea too.
(relaxing guitar music)
I have to show you guys how pretty the purple actually is.
Look at this color!
And I didn't even have to add anything else to it.
This turned out so good.
Now I feel a little more confident about dinner.
I gotta get a second taste tester.
Ta-da! - Whoaaa!
It's so purple!
- [Inga] It was with your red wine sauce.
If it looks purple, then that means I did it right.
It's good, right? - Mmm!
- Right? - My sauce is really good!
- Oh my God, okay.
I'm about to take a snack break
to eat my chips.
I have my tea here,
but Ashley is giving me really weird looks.
- I don't get it, but I support you always.
- [Inga] It's just a butterfly pea tea.
- That's not food, right?
- [Inga] No, it's not.
It's natural.
- What is in your hand?
- What is this face?
I like 'em.
It's good.
It's a a little thicker and very purple.
Like my shirt!
(pleasant elevator music)
I'm on my way back home,
it's still light outside,
but I'm really hungry.
We're just gonna see what we can make
with the food we bought.
We have the purple cabbage, eggplant,
this is the leftover onion,
red onion from lunch.
This is really cool, this is purple shiso leaf,
so I got them from an event I went to earlier,
they're green on the other side,
but this side is purple.
There's also the squid.
Pretty purple looking.
I also just love squid,
so this worked out perfectly for me.
Can you guys see how the water is actually purple?
Here's all the vegetables I have,
just going to stir fry it now.
I'm also just snacking on this while I'm waiting.
I'm a big sweet potato person normally,
so I think that's why I'm really loving this.
I feel healthier, too, while I'm eating this.
Even though it's probably all just in my head.
There's a lot of on this.
It looks healthier than a normal potato chip.
You can't forget the black rice.
I know it says black,
it actually is purple.
I also just eat this a lot, normally.
This is the one I have at home.
This is what just the black rice looks like.
You could cook this as is too,
but it would just be a little too coarse.
When you mix it with the white rice,
it looks like this.
Just gonna pop that in the microwave.
This is what it kind of looks like now.
Thinking of putting it in this onigiri mold I have.
(pleasant guitar music)
Add these squid rings.
They're already cooked, so,
this is my purple dinner.
I know there's a lot of white here.
This is part is purple.
As probably as purple as it gets
without artificial dyes.
Dinner is served!
Yeah, I don't really know what I made,
but I think this looks pretty purple.
And then I also had some of the tea leftover from earlier.
I just made that into an iced version.
I don't normally cook with eggplant.
This, like, turned out kind of brown.
This is a pretty purple mouthful.
Here's a squid, I should show you guys the purple side.
Even though there's no sauce to go with it,
I still love it.
I love how chewy it is.
I just that it's a purple food
because I get to eat it on this challenge.
I think the fact that I am also really hungry
probably also makes this really good.
Wrap this in--
The shiso flavor is super strong.
This is really good!
I've always loved adding black rice to white rice.
I kind of like the extra, like, texture.
I am so satisfied right now.
Think I love the color purple even more now.
This video is basically just me eating for 24 hours.
Do I have dessert?
Oh my God.
So I do actually have a purple dessert,
even though I don't think
there's gonna be stomach space for it.
But maybe in, like, I don't know, two hours?
So, it was my birthday last week,
and two of my friends bought me
this amazing ube cake that I actually already ate some of.
Ube's also just like a naturally like
really beautiful purple color.
This cake is like super vibrant.
Oh my gosh, it's just gonna fall right over,
but this is what it looks like!
Oh, it's so soft!
Can we get a perfect slice?
Okay guys, I gotta let you guys see what this looks like!
Look at that purple!
It has some cream in the middle,
but otherwise, I think this is probably
the most purple of purple desserts.
This is a huge bite!
Oh my God.
I don't normally look for ube,
but ube flavor in this is, like, perfect.
Almost like a coconutty taste.
(warm guitar music)
Oh, I can't stop eating this cake!
So, this challenge actually turned out to be really fun.
And I think there was definitely more things
than I expected that were actually purple.
Let me know what color I should try to eat for 24 hours.
I'll be here finishing this cake.
(warm guitar music)
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I Only Ate Purple Foods For 24 Hours

52 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on August 30, 2019
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