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- Hey guys, what's up, it's Inga,
and for the next 24 hours,
I will only be eating yellow food.
Last time I did only purple foods for 24 hours
and it turned out better than expected
so I asked you guys what color you wanted me to do next,
based on the comments I got, I think it's safe to say that
yellow has won by far.
So, yellow foods it is.
Same as last time, I'm gonna try
to maintain a very, very balanced diet.
We're gonna find food that is naturally yellow,
but this time before we go shopping,
I'm actually gonna look through my pantry and my fridge
to see if I can find anything that's yellow
and we can start from there.
I was thinking that I wouldn't be able
to find that many yellow foods,
but it turns out, pasta's yellow.
I have my yellow carrots,
my yellow baby carrots from last time.
Cheese is also yellow, I mean different shades of yellow.
Lemons, eggs and garlic, but since we're preparing
for three meals, it's probably a good idea
to stop by the grocery store anyways.
So, let's go shopping.
Here we go.
Pineapples, definitely need that.
Golden melon?
Golden apples.
Starfruit, which are yellow.
Bananas, classic yellow fruit.
We have so much fruit.
Yellow peppers, our first vegetable.
I found these pumpkin noodles,
they look pretty yellow to me.
Pickled radish, they're super good with noodles.
More fruit, golden kiwi and mango.
This is tobiko, which is flying fish roe.
It's yellow, so.
My favorite honey butter chips.
This cart is so yellow right now.
It is time to make some breakfast.
I don't have anything in my wardrobe that's yellow,
but I have my gudetama socks on.
I also have this little guy sitting in the background.
People who don't know who gudetama is,
he is a lazy egg.
We'll be eating him today.
I also have this on my fridge.
I'm clearly just trying to find things
that are yellow to fit today's theme.
Breakfast time, let's do it.
For breakfast, I usually eat either
different kinds of fruits or make a smoothie.
Sometimes I have toast and eggs.
Because we bought a bunch of fruit at the grocery store,
I was thinking of just making a platter
of mixed yellow fruits and then also making
an egg dish to go with it.
I will need the golden kiwi, pineapple,
mango, golden apple, golden honeydew.
I'm just gonna cut these all up
and I'll make the eggs on the side.
Some yellow mirin for sweetness.
What I'm trying to make is tamagoyaki,
a Japanese style omelet.
I don't have the actual pan so we're gonna try to do it
in this little round pan of mine.
I actually also did them in my bento box video.
I've just never had to do them one-handed,
so I'm gonna put the camera down and not screw this up.
All right guys, breakfast is ready.
This is our yellow breakfast for today.
The melon didn't turn out to be that yellow.
I think it was just the skin.
The kiwi's looking a little bit on the greener side.
The eggs turned out pretty good.
They're like a pale yellow.
They probably been more yellow if I only used more yolks.
(playful music)
It's like sweet and savory.
I love that.
What this has made me realize is that there are
so many different kinds of fruits that are yellow.
And they're all like really sweet which is not a bad thing.
I had no idea golden apples existed.
It's really cool to know that I'm able to sort of
eat what I normally have for breakfast anyways
even on this challenge.
So I still have a few minutes before work
and I was thinking, at one of the coffee shops
that I normally go to, they have this drink called
the tumeric latte that is yellow
so I wanna go check that out before we head to the office.
We're here.
Here it is, this is the tumeric latte.
It is now a pale yellow color.
I've never actually had tumeric before
so I don't know how this is gonna go.
It's like super aromatic.
Has sort of a kick to it.
It's actually not bad.
That's my yellow drink.
All right, now back to work.
There's no catered lunch today,
so I'm going to be making my own lunch,
but I forgot to bring my pasta,
so I'm gonna see if I can find pasta here
in the tasty space.
I have my eggs, the yellow pepper.
I have Parmesan and butter.
I was thinking we can make a carbonara of some sort.
Vegetarian style.
In terms of our pasta problem,
Alvin donated some homemade pasta.
This pasta dough is super yellow.
I'm assuming he only put egg yolks in here.
That's perfect.
I will have to roll it out now,
and then we can go from there.
(playful music)
Have my pasta strip.
Now to roll it, oh nice, nice, nice.
Here is a pasta strip.
Now we're gonna run it on the other side.
(imitates whooshing)
Here's our fettuccine.
This is gonna be the longest lunch break I've ever had.
This is good enough for one portion,
so I'm gonna leave this here now.
Pasta is A-Okay.
Gonna cut this pepper up and make the egg and cheese sauce.
Mixing this in.
Peppers are done.
I'm gonna set this aside.
These are just the egg yolks.
The cheese.
We'll just mix this together.
Pasta's done, put this in here.
Just tossing this together.
Add little bit more water.
Our little yellow paste.
Oh yeah, there we go.
Here it is.
The cardonara.
Normally I would put black pepper on this,
but we did say yellow challenge so,
yellow pasta it is.
Eating time.
This smells really good.
Oh yeah, it's not bad.
This is still really creamy.
The yellow pepper kinda pulled through too.
In terms of sauce, this was literally
just egg yolks and Parmesan.
- Very yellow.
- If you say that it's good because your pasta dough is good
I'm gonna shut this video down.
- It's good.
I like the pepper.
- Do you know what flavor froyo we have right now?
- [Alvin] Pineapple.
- Is it yellow?
- [Alvin] It's light yellow.
- We have a froyo machine.
Today's flavor is Hawaiian pineapple.
See if it really is yellow.
Got some froyo.
It really is light yellow.
I was thinking I was gonna cut some bananas up
and put that on here too.
Pineapple froyo with banana.
There's so many yellow things.
Super refreshing.
But yeah, lunch was a great success.
At a meeting, there's cookies.
- That sugar cookie is yellow.
- [Inga] I don't know, it looks kinda brown.
- [Woman] You can eat only yellow food?
- [Inga] I can't have any of that.
- What?
I'm gonna have this.
- [Inga] I can have that.
- No cookies for me.
Snack break, and I have my honey butter chips.
Also, totally forgot that I had Durian chips.
I'm gonna be feasting a little bit.
My yellow water bottle.
(popping) These are super good.
Kenah, is this yellow?
- [Kenah] Yeah it's yellow.
(hums) - Good?
- It's sweet.
- Oh my god, I forgot how good these were.
I know a lot of people don't like Durian, but.
It's actually one of my favorite fruits.
It's a big chunk.
Please try it.
- It's unlike anything I've ever had in my life.
(laughing) Truly.
- I'm on my way home.
Bought some more groceries, figured I could make a curry.
Hopefully it works out.
I'm ready to get some things chopped up.
Yellow squash that I just bought.
Yellow carrots, corn.
I was actually thinking I would put some apple in this too.
Add a little bit of sweetness.
And then we, of course, have the tobiko.
It actually kind of smells like lemon.
I'll just top it off with this.
Ginger and garlic.
They're both like a pale yellow.
Yellow pickled radish which will also be a side dish.
Pumpkin noodles, this will go well with this curry soup
which I made actually yesterday.
I would add a little bit more tumeric on it
because that's what gives it more of a golden hue.
Let's try to put this together.
Noodles are about done.
That's a solid yellow color.
This is looking good.
I'm just gonna assemble everything really quickly
and then we'll be good for dinner.
(fun jazzy music)
I hope you guys are ready for this
because I really think this is as yellow as it gets.
Ready and ta-da.
Everything sort of came together.
You see the radish, the tobiko.
I see yellow squash, and the carrot, golden apple, corn.
Mini stir fry.
I sort of really just like threw everything yellow together.
Let's give this a try.
Smells like curry.
I don't really taste the pumpkin.
I want to try some of that fish roll.
I love these.
I normally eat these with rice, but
they're good like this too.
Pretty good.
Oh I'm really hungry.
We have the vegetables, we have fruits,
we have protein, we have carbs.
I think we have a pretty balanced meal here.
I'm just finishing up some dishes now.
I have a lot of dishes to clean.
Gonna do some work and then probably time for dessert.
I got a little carried away with work.
It is now around like 10PM,
but I made my dessert.
Pineapple ice with starfruit.
Frozen pineapple, pineapple bits and ice.
Super creamy.
Here you see the starfruit and it's shaped like a star.
Grew up with these so it was really cool
being able to find them here.
This one's kinda sour.
It's very, very tart.
The last meal of today.
Here we go.
Prime brain freeze material.
I think today went pretty well.
There's a lot of yellow food out there.
Let me know if you guys want me to do this again.
Leave a comment below and based on what I get,
that will be the next color I do.
Otherwise, peace and see you guys next time.
(playful jazz music)
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I Only Ate Yellow Foods For 24 Hours

70 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on August 30, 2019
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