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Hey, how's it going?
Welcome back to another episode of TwoSet Violin.
Today we're going to try a You Laugh You Lose challenge,
or, what's it called? Try Not to Laugh challenge.
Try Not to Laugh challenge.
- But it's the viola jokes edition. - Yeah
So we all prepared, uh, 10 viola jokes.
Some of them we looked up,
some of them we made up ourselves.
Original viola jokes,
Never to be heard anywhere else.
Just like our viola t-shirt!
It's gonna be exclusive, check it out right now, *yeah*
the merch!
We have water,
we're going to put a gallon of water in our mouth.
A gallon... *snickers*
So every time the joke is too funny and one of us laughs,
we lose one point.
Scissors, paper, rock!
I'll say mine first, so you drink.
What do you call a nation of right-handed violists?
Human rights violation!
Geddit, viola-tion? *laughs*
Second one.
A patient who needs a brain transplant asks,
"What's the most expensive brain here?"
The doctor said, "Here we have a violist's brain.
You see, it's totally unused!"
This one's mine as well, are you ready?
What happens when a violist looks into a mirror,
and says to himself, "viola", ten times?
They say "viola" nine times.
C'mon, dude! *laughs*
What's the definition of an optimist?
A violist with a mortgage.
Alright, another one that I made myself, are you ready?
What spell in Harry Potter can make you deaf?
"Violahamora"! *laughs*
Ugh I knew that was coming!
*laughs* *coughs*
I think the ones I made myself are funny.
What did the violinist say to the violist?
You're s***.
*laughs* *spews out water*
*laughing* What did the cellist say to the violist?
*laughs* *spews out water*
*laughs* You're s***!
How do you get... *laughs*
You're s***
*is dying*
*coughs* *laughs*
*laughs* What the f...
That's using the old joke... *laughs*
You laughed...! *laughs*
How was the canon invented?
Two violas were playing the same passage together.
No. Alright, last one.
Why can't the violas follow the conductor?
Cuz the violas couldn't see (C)...string.
Alright, you did pretty well.
That's it, that's my ten.
- So you laughed four times. - Yeah, four times. I think four times
Nah, five times!
Coz one of them you just laughed randomly.
Oh yeah, that's bullsh— *laughs*
That was a reminiscence of the other question.
Alright, my turn.
We'll just start off with the basic.
What dId the violists— *laughs*
*spews water*
Dude...! You can't...*laughs*
I didn't say anything! *laughs*
Dude you can't start laugh(ing)... *laughs*
What did the violist say to the violist?
*spews water* *laughs*
I haven't finished the question...! *laughs*
Then why are you laughing...?! *laughs*
It's just so funny...! *laughs*
The answer was...
"We're s***."
Uhh that was so good...! *laughs*
We're s***... *laughs*
What's the definition of a cluster chord?
A viola playing—
A viola section playing on the C string.
What's the difference between a viola
and a vacuum cleaner?
The vacuum cleaner has to be plugged in
before it sucks.
Are you ready? *snickers*
Uh...what's the similarity between
lightning and a violist's fingers?
They never strike the same place twice.
What's the only thing a violinist can do better
than a violist?
Playing the viola.
A violist and a conductor are in the street.
You are driving and cannot avoid them both.
Which do you hit?
The violist. Business before pleasure.
When someone asks you, "what's a viola?", you say...
"It's s***".
*spews water*
Dude...! *laughs* It's just so dumb...!
I just made it up... *laughs*
A violist and a cellist were standing on a sinking ship.
"Help!", cried the cellist, "I can't swim!"
"Don't worry." said the violist. "Just fake it."
Why was the viola invented?
A failed attempt at equality.
Why do violinists switch to viola?
So they can park in the handicapped parking spots.
Ohh. That's rough.
Dude, you should tell the people the one you used to tell.
That was like, the best viola joke.
What happens when two violas jump off the cliff
at the same time?
- So bad. - So dumb.
- Anyway, guys— - And then they yell like "Viola!" when then they jump off.
- Alright, I think uh... - Oh God.
- I think I win. - Yeah.
- I think I got 5, 5 spits.
- You only got 4. - Okay.
Coz it's s***.
Thanks so much for watching.
Please like and subscribe.
Check out the new viola shirts and the new merch.
- Yeah, it'll be out by the time this video's out. - Yeah.
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Try Not to Laugh: VIOLA JOKES Edition

212 Folder Collection
Joann published on August 28, 2019
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