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Nice to see you guys I'm going to play Free Bird now.
Everyone, a toast to 15 years of World of WarCraft.
We met many years ago upon a dusty road.
You, a humble priest and me, a feeble rogue.
We were the weakest of the weak.
The lowest of the low.
But when we fought together, a legend did grow.
We battled our way from Blackrock Spire to Molten Core.
Took 40 hours for Ragnaros and only wanted more.
Our days of being weak are firmly in the past.
And now our shields are stronger.
Our bonds are built to last.
So, whether you're for the Alliance.
Or if you're for the Horde.
It's time to toast to 15 years.
Everyone raise your sword!
No enemy can defeat us.
There's no battle we can't win.
When we crunch the numbers stand together and...
Leeroy Jenkins!
Damn it, Leeroy!
Now, I have a little news for you.
Something of a treat.
Are you ready to travel all Azeroth on your own two feet?
We're going back to a place where anything can kill you.
So polish your shield, sharpen you axe.
We're going back to Vanilla!
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A Toast to 15 Years

2489 Folder Collection
Lian published on August 28, 2019    Lian translated    Evangeline reviewed
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