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*robotic sounds*
It's coming.
The robot violins are coming.
Are musicians going to be replaced?
Let's find out.
Today we're gonna watch...
...the most groundbreaking footage of robot violins,
maybe from Area 51,
I don't know.
Imagine they created Ling Ling.
AI created Ling Ling.
Neuro Ling Ling!
Guys, you want the prodigy package?
Download this patch update!
- Dude seriously? - Becoming Ling Ling!
But until then,
it's pretty sacrilegious.
All right, uh...
Wait...that's the definition of...
A M A Z I N G ! ! !
It's tremolo!
Yeah, wow...!
Even the robot's doing it, guys!
Wow! This robot needs to go on...
(both) ...America's Got Talent! *chuckles*
First of all, why...
Why is it on wheels?
Why—yeah...! *snickers*
And the amount of bow it's using... *buzz*
Elon Musk needs to make a Tesla that does this.
Yeah. Electric violin.
I mean, what?
But the fingerboard is also very short.
- I wonder why. - Oh my God it is.
- It is very short. - What the hell?
And I love the...
- The... - Push...
- Pushing the strings...yeah. - You can hear the... *clicks tongue*
- Sometimes when it changes notes, it's like a... - You can hear...
The string doesn't press with the bow coordination very well,
and you can hear like the skidding sounds.
You hear that?
The C sharp like...
- Did the machine like not press down fully or...? - Definitely.
- It didn't catch the string that well. - Yeah, it doesn't like...start on the string properly.
Why is that—?
Why is it also like, drifting...?
It's snow...! *chuckles*
Dude, it's so epic!
This is what we're gonna send to space, guys.
To the aliens out there.
Humanity's discovery of excellence and...
...A M A Z I N G stuff.
Maybe this will wow the aliens.
It's very limited musically, but,
it can drift in snow.
Yeah, and also it can travel to places while it plays, so...
...violin on wheels.
[If] you forget like, your violin at home,
- Yeah, just get this... - You press a button it like drives...
- ...to your rehearsal but playing while it's driving. - This will be the best, brings it to your bedroom...
- Dude, it's like Uber Eats. - ...when you don't want to practice.
Uber Violin!
- Was that just...? - What's the point of left hand go...
Percussive effect!
Why is he going up a ramp?
I...don't know, to showcase the...
- Ooh! It's gonna fall! - Oh...!
Dude, there's snow getting on the violin!
You better hope that's a cheap violin, I mean,
that's pretty sacrilegious.
I mean, I'm more for invention, but...
- 'Cause the snow is gonna be water, it melts as water. - Yeah.
And you don't want water on your violin,
- 'cause it's bad for the wood. - Yeah...yeah.
And even just the temperature outside...
- Yeah... - ...it's probably not good for the violin.
That...those button's like hitting really hard.
- I hope the fingerboard is like...okay, right? - There will be dents.
'Cause fingerboards kinda wear out.
Next one!
7.9 million views, robot violinist.
By Toyota.
By 2010?!
- Guys, come on! - Great estimate! *chuckles*
It's been 9 years!
Look at his left hand posture.
I mean, it's still better than most...
I mean, looking at this I already know
they can't shift past 3rd position.
- It's gonna hit the... - Exactly.
I should get my violin.
Check out the merch!
The best.
The most popular.
*overlapping speech*
The most popular.
For classical musicians.
*remix* Check out the merch!
Check out the merch!
Can you imagine like,
all these robots taking over symphony orchestras?
- That'll be freaky! - Yeah.
I love how it moves its left elbow, to get to the right string.
It's not my preferred type of sound, to be honest.
- It's a bit pressed. Instead of a... - Mmm, mmm...
It's like...
But hey, at least its bow's straight.
Dude, this is America's Got Talent.
Got better intonation!
(both) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
It's more impressive than that.
Yeah, yeah...
I think it's impressive that it can walk out and play,
- Get string crossings. - in tune.
It's very inefficient,
- but at least it's changing strings with the left hand. - Yeah.
But, man, I think that robot needs more practice.
You can say—see with the way the hand is made,
- it's so clunky that it's not gonna be able to shift past 3rd position. - No, impossible.
- It'll like, destroy the violin. - Yeah.
- The arm level's pretty good, look at how that string crossing... - Yeah.
The robot has better visually, technique, than like the actors.
Yeah, it does!
Can actually make some sort of sound.
I think that's one of the reasons why violin is a lot harder to like,
make an automated thing than say,
you know, the self-playing pianos.
- Yeah. - 'Cause it's such a...
- ...element of sound and contact that is very hard to grasp. - Yeah.
And also, every instrument is different.
You need to programme the robot to hear.
- Hear, and also... - Feel the...
- The tension, and like gravity, and... - Yeah...
Yeah, the vibration of the strings.
- It's got vibrato. - Yeah I know.
- Ohh! It goes up and down! - I know!
- I love how he made the...yeah...! - It's like the beginner cheating vibrato.
But I love how they made smaller pads for it,
so it doesn't touch all the strings.
Beause I was concerned, it was—
- It looked like it was gonna touch 2 strings at once. - Yeah.
- It'll be more accurate for intonation as well. - Yeah.
Yeah, so just to illustrate...
Real vibrato, is like...
- Back and forth. - You can hear...
But the robot is doing sacrilegious vibrato,
where it's just pressing the string up and down.
More like...*illustrating robot vibrato*
Rather than...*illustrating real vibrato*
- *chuckles* - Yeah!
It is very clever though.
It's also very random.
Guys, it's 2019!
Toyota, where's your "Consumer..."
Can you imagine that being in hospitals,
you're like sick, and then this robot comes in and play,
it's just so depressing.
I'll...slap it, I'll punch it.
No wait, you can't slap it!
'Cause robots will revenge one day.
- That's true. - They remember!
- They'll remember...yeah. - Gotta treat AI well.
"Robot plays violin...(perfectly)."
Okay, the bow just needs some...
...some contact point.
That...I think that's the biggest problem with violin bow.
The bow right now is too far from the E string.
Subtle point that we've never actually
mentioned in the channel.
Did you know,
when you're on the E string,
typically you need to be closer to the bridge,
than when you're on the G string.
- So these robots are not calibrating for contact point, - Mmm.
They're kinda just going...whatever, right? Like here.
It's way too far from the bridge.
The bow's on the wrong side!
Like why would they make...it...
...come from this side.
Oh, can I also mention one thing with this video?
- The string changes are really bad! - Yeah...! *snickers*
- No not string, the note changes. - Okay.
- You can hear like... - Yeah.
The left hand's like, pizzing the string.
I thought the tip of the bow was hitting the violin, for a second.
- Ah, from the "kkkk" sound, right? - Yeah, the "kkkk"....
- Yeah. - Yeah, that... *clicks tongue*
Perfectly...not how you play the violin.
Dude, the bow just skid! Did you see that?
Definitely not perfect, in my opinion.
Yeah, [in my] humble opinion.
I mean...
*slap* No opinions.
What's the point of this?
Human progress...?
- *laughs* - There's so many other things you can make
for the progress of humanity, and then...
*snickers* ...you make this!
Because there's so much subtlety in violin playing!
But we might say that until one person one day
- does invent the perfect robot violinist...and we'll just be like, - Yes...we'll be waiting, guys.
"Uh-oh! Our jobs are gone! Taken!"
"Violins played by robots..."
Oh! Two of them!
It's really out of tune.
When a robot plays out of tune, that's really sad!
You lose hope. *chuckles*
Yeah...! *chuckles*
- Dude, the string change's like... - *snorts*
They couldn't be bothered moving the bow, *snickers*
they moved the violin!
Dude, the violin's like on a roaster.
It's [a] violin kabab.
I'm still trying to figure out the reason behind...
I mean I guess it makes sense if it's a viola.
- Getting more and more out of tune... - Yeah...
If robots play without musicality,
I can understand, but out of tune...
"The robot that can play the violin."
"I play a melody note,
and that gets transferred in a computer programme,
into a MIDI file."
"What bow we use,
what finger, what string, all that stuff,
it's automatically done by the computer programme."
That looks and sounds very...
...incredible, but...
...it just sounds...
- *laughs* - ...it just doesn't sound great!
It doesn't sound like something you'll want to listen to.
I mean, I think this one's an opposite to [the] Toyota one,
it's too light, the pressure.
It's like, how do you even programme the division of weight,
from the bow as well?
The higher you shift, the weight also changes.
It's very sacrilegious.
I'm actually thinking like, if...
...they wanted to programme the violin that sounded good,
they would need something,
that can either detect the quality of the tone,
and then send like, auto-feedback to the hand,
- so it can adjust. - Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
But first you need a robot that can play in tune!
We're still...quite far from that.
Yes, so guys, don't...there's no excuse.
You still have to practice.
On a good note,
musicians out there,
our jobs won't be stolen from the robots, yet.
because they're still a bit too sacrilegious.
Don't worry guys!
Neuro-Ling Ling's still a long way away! *laughs*
Oh god, imagine that day.
- Not looking forward that that, hey. - Yeah.
But hey!
We live in exciting times!
Don't forget to hit like and subscribe.
Check out the merch.
Don't be sacrilegious.
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Reviewing Robots Playing Violin (Very Sacrilegious)

293 Folder Collection
Joann published on August 27, 2019
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