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Hi I'm Peg from from Sony and I'm going to show you how to perform a factory reset on
your Sony internet tv with Google tv device
this reset will restore your device to its original factory settings
before doing a factory reset please be aware that all the apps you've installed
will be removed unless you have selected to backup and restore your applications
it is best to back up your applications before proceeding with the factory reset
otherwise you will need to re-download them and and any apps you paid for
may need to be re-purchased
to view our video on how to back up and restore your applications please visit
our SonyListens youtube channel
keep in mind that after you do the reset you will need to go through the entire set up proceedure
so let's get started
using the keypad remote control
press and hold the Fn button
and then press the number one button to display the Settings menu
scroll down and select the Privacy & Safety option
when you are in the Privacy & Safety menu
scroll down and select Factory Data Reset
the Factory Data Reset screen will remind you that your Google account information
system and application data settings and any downloaded applications will be erased
to proceed select Reset Device
then press the Enter button on the keypad remote control
one last option screen appears asking you to confirm the reset
to confirm make sure Erase Everything is selected and press the Enter button
the Sony internet tv with Google tv device now begins the reset process by
shutting down and will reboot to the factory default settings
for more tips tricks and how-to videos please visit us at
esupport.Sony.com or on our SonyListens youtube channel
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How to Reset the Sony Internet TV with Google TV device to the Factory Default settings

103 Folder Collection
jack20010207 published on August 25, 2019
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