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I'm Klay Thompson of the World Champion Golden State Warriors.
Here with SLAM Magazine on this beautiful day in the Bay.
Can't get much better, no complaints.
It's underrated.
I've seen it firsthand.
He strikes the ball like no basketball player I've ever seen before.
So I'm very jealous about it.
It's the only thing I really hate on him for.
He's just leaps and bounds better than me.
Uh, Nick Swag's fashion is
I mean, it's a little overrated.
He does have his nice fits, but I've seen a couple outfits in rotation
So I'm gonna go overrated.
Sorry Swag.
It's underrated, just because it's been working.
We got a championship out of it, and it's got us on the right trajectory.
So KD's got the moves.
He's got the footwork.
Klay Thompson.
Well, depending on what you're talking about.
The name itself is underrated, because it's spelled with a K.
And you don't see a lot of Klay's with a K.
So I'm gonna say underrated.
I like watching Giannis Antetokounmpo.
I don't think there's been very many players like him.
His size and his ability to play above the rim.
He's like a seven-foot guard.
It's really not fair at times.
I like watching Joel Embiid because they always say
the big man, the back to the basket game is a dinosaur.
But I think he's bringing it back.
He's just got incredible skills for how big he is.
There's great big men now in the NBA.
Karl Towns
Anthony Davis.
Yeah, those guys are probably who I like to watch the most.
Just because they're young and they're hungry.
The other guys I've been playing against so long.
I watch them not for more entertainment, but for more study, and how to guard them, because
I know I'll be facing them down the road.
Guys like James Harden
or Russell Westbrook.
Dame Lillard.
They do do amazing things.
I watch them to see what I can pick from their game, how I can hopefully disrupt it if I face them.
Portland, they got that explosive backcourt.
Obviously the Rockets.
Can never count out the Spurs. Even without Kawhi, they're still a machine.
The Thunder have given us problems this year.
They got great talent.
Minnesota's young.
They got a great player in Jimmy Butler.
And Karl Towns.
And Andrew Wiggins.
That three-headed monster.
For us, we have to have appropriate fear.
We can't overlook these teams.
They're hungry just like us.
Just because we won a couple championships, we're not satisfied.
We're far from satisfied.
We want this thing to keep going for the rest of our careers.
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"OVERRATED or UNDERRATED" With Klay Thompson | SLAM Cover Shoots

327 Folder Collection
張兆毅 published on August 25, 2019
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