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Hey! It's Kate! Today we were talking about
drum roooooll
How to get guys to like you and not screw it up
no we're not cooking love potions and learning how to cast spells here
The train to Hogwarts School leaves from the platform on the other side
we are taking the train to "a more attractive and likable me land"
So hop on and bring your friend along! There's no stopping us now, girls!
And our next station is not to be perfect
Yeah I know it may sound strange given what I just said but hear me out first.
Appearance is important there's no arguing with that but cultural standards of
what is beautiful and attractive seem to be always shifting.
So there's no need bothering about how to always fit those standards, right?
Instead the latest studies have shown that people find the average features the most attractive.
So if you don't have any standout features and consider yourself to be average
Have no fear! Your prince will definitely come to save you anyway.
But if you still want to make sure you look your best. I think I know a girl who can help. What? Don't look at me!
Sure striving for something better is
always good but for most guys out there trying to be better than the others will
seem arrogant and fake and fair enough. So if you're talking to someone don't
act like you're the queen of England personified and has just come out of
Buckingham Palace looking brilliant
Just act like yourself.
You can be silly and funny and dreamy and why not that's what makes you interesting.
I bet your crush really wants to hear about all the scientific facts he learned last night.
Try to relax when you're talking to him.
Tell them about what you truly like even though you might think it's stupid
I like to remove dark spots from other people's skin
Don't try to get everyone on this planet to like you. There will always be people who are not so fond of you.
And that's cool!
Changing yourself for the guys who just don't like you for who you are is not
worth it. So don't waste your time and effort trying to fit in and prove it
you're someone you are clearly not
Don't be afraid to stand out as a person.
There is so much more to you than you might even think
Stay true to yourself.
I know how hard it is to listen to yourself with the constant social noise and people always telling you what to do and think.
So get yourself a diary. It will help you get an outside perspective on the things
you do right and things you do wrong.
It will also help you not to buy into modern stereotypes
and find a way to break the rules
Like how to text him first for example.
Yeah it's gonna be hard but trust me
if you want to get a guy to like you don't be shy and just reach up to him. Don't go too far though...
The next thing is to love yourself no matter what.
Sometimes we just screwed things up and that's just how it is
Just go out there and live your life. Do your thing and don't be too harsh on yourself.
Lizzie is bad!
Lizzie is ugly!
Lizzie is stupid!
So our flaws of how we deal with them is really what makes us who we are
All different and special
Some of your flaws may not actually be as bad as you think they are.
Some of your flaws can even make guys fall for you.
Chiiiiips. I love it sooooo much.
So taking it too seriously is pretty much pointless.
And will only make your self-esteem go down. And you know your self-esteem is your guide.
You are going where it's going
Don't miss a chance to pay yourself a compliment every now and then when you look in the mirror
Remember! Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.
So this is it for today! Let me know if my tips helped you become more likeable and attractive.
You can do it in the comments down below
I love reading what you guys think. Give this video a thumbs up, share it with your friends
and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more videos like this one.
See you later!
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How To Get Guys To Like You And Not To Screw Up ( Animation )

230 Folder Collection
kitty published on August 24, 2019
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