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I'm Jierui Fang. I'm a junior at MIT studying art and design with a minor in computer science.
Well, I think it's very important for all sorts of disciplines
to be involved with the launch.
Because the College of Computing isn't just about computation.
For example, The Borderline involves computation, technology, all intersecting with art and design.
I'm Danny Gelman. I'm a junior here at MIT studying computer science and comparative media studies.
I have a twin brother who's also a junior here at MIT
and we have very similar career goals and we're studying pretty much the same thing.
My name is Allan Gelman.
Art, painting, drawing, things like that have always
been really interesting to us, so we thought it was really cool when Borderline was starting.
A lot of students at MIT are interested in the arts,
but there wasn't really a community. It was kind of scattered people doing
art in their dorm room or going to clubs and doing it on the weekends.
And the goal was really to create something that everyone at MIT could see
and be really proud of.
It started out in the tunnels of MIT.
We wanted to make them be a destination to go to as opposed to just a means of getting places.
So we added murals to the tunnels
and then we animated those murals.
When you hold up your phone to the picture
there's another story that takes place, so you get to see
an animation that a student created display over the actual picture.
For the opening of the College of Computing, we're having an AR animation competition
and right now we're hosting a workshop teaching students to make AR animations.
I think it's really important that people at MIT are aware that the students are very multifaceted,
that they have different aspects to their personalities and different passions,
and through this we hope to present a more whole and well-rounded image of who students at MIT are.
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64 Folder Collection
jbsatvtac1 published on August 22, 2019
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