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- (FBE) Oh, my gosh! That's correct, Vanessa.
- Yes!
♪ (upbeat intro) ♪
- (FBE) It's time for another round of Too Much Information.
- Oh, okay, fun.
- (FBE) So here's how it works.
We're going to show you a video with a ton of information
about a specific topic.
After that video's over, I'm gonna ask you 10 questions
about what you just watched, and to win, you have to get
all 10 questions correct. - I am gonna do horribly
because I have a terrible memory.
- Oh, I'm either gonna do really good or really bad.
There's no in-between.
The last time I played, I got, like, five out of ten
and that was a rough five. That's not a confident five.
- (FBE) If you don't know the answer to a certain question,
you'll get one bail-out that you can use at any point.
This bail-out consists of three multiple choice answers
to choose from, one of which will be correct.
- All right.
- (FBE) Sound good? - Yeah.
How can I negotiate 10 bail-outs?
- Oh, my god!
I'm gonna be so good at this!
I'm so good at this kind of thing!
I have a really good memory.
I never forget anything, which is terrible for my husband
and my children.
- (FBE) And, fun fact, all of today's information
will be about Netflix.
- I know about Netflix TV shows, but not Netflix in general,
so I'm crossing my fingers.
- Even if I don't win the challenge, I feel like I'll be learning a lot
just from this video.
- (FBE) All right, are you ready for the video?
- Yeah.
- (FBE) Remember, I'm only gonna play it once,
so pay close attention. - Okay.
- (voice-over 1) The original name for Netflix was Kibble.
- (voice-over 2) Netflix launched in 1997, making it
one year older than Google.
- (voice-over 1) The first video ever put on Netflix
was a film test titled "Example Show."
- (voice-over 2) Fuller House, Arrested Development,
The Killing, and Gilmore Girls are just a few of the canceled shows
Netflix revived. - Oh, my god!
- (voice-over 1) Netflix users stream 145 million hours
of programming per day.
- (voice-over 2) Netflix streaming accounts
for nearly one third of all internet traffic in the United States.
- (voice-over 1) Originally, Stranger Things was entitled Montauk
after the project that allegedly inspired--
- Oh, I'm not gonna remember that.
- (voice-over 2) Andrea Barber, the woman who plays Kimmy
on Fuller House, had an allergic reaction
to the Tanner's couch.
- (voice-over 1) Glow's Kia Stevens, A.K.A. Welfare Queen,
wrestles in real life under the name Awesome Kong.
- (voice-over 2) Each episode of The Crown cost $13 million to make.
- (voice-over 1) Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter appeared
in the White Christmas episode of Black Mirror.
- (voice-over 2) BoJack Horseman's theme song
is "Horsin' Around" by Patrick Kearney of the Black Keys.
- (voice-over 1) Due to a mix-up in 1998,
100 Netflix customers were sent Chinese pornography DVDs
instead of Clinton's Grand Jury.
- (voice-over 2) Netflix has over 76,000 categories,
including True Bromance, Cool Mustaches, Teen TV for BFFs,
and Movies That Are in English but Still Require Subtitles.
- (voice-over 1) Netflix closely monitors BitTorrent to help determine
which popular titles they should acquire next.
- Whoa!
- (voice-over 2) The first recorded use of the phrase "Netflix and chill"
was in a Twitter post by NoFaceNina on January 21st, 2009.
- (voice-over 1) The Netflix content library is over a petabyte of data.
That's 1,024 terabytes.
- (voice-over 2) The average Netflix user
watches 90 minutes per day.
- (voice-over 1) In 2013, Netflix tried launching their own
award show, The Flixies.
Since then, they've been nominated for, and won--
- Ooh, this is going to be hard.
- (voice-over 2) Blockbuster could have bought Netflix for $50 million.
Now it's worth $20 billion. - BOOM!
I'm not gonna do well at this.
This was all Netflix jargon and not about the shows really.
- I'm still processing it and trying to repeat stuff
in my mind just to cement it in there, but that was just... that was a lot.
- (FBE) All right, all right, are you ready to begin some questions?
- As ready as I'll ever be.
- (FBE) Question one: what odd item is Andrea Barber
allergic to? - I can't use my bail-out
on the first question. Oh, no!
I wasn't listening by that point!
Goddamn it, I'm gonna have to use my bail-out.
- (FBE) Do you want your bail-out? - Yeah.
- (FBE) Is it, A, the cabinets, B, the curtains, or C, the couch?
- C, couch! - (FBE) C, couch!
That's correct! - BOOM!
This is something I shouldn't feel proud about.
- (FBE) What odd item is Andrea Barber allergic to?
- (gasping) Ah! The couch!
- Something about a couch. - (FBE) A couch?
- Yeah. - (FBE) Final answer?
- It's a couch, yeah.
- Oh, the couch on Fuller House.
- The couch.
- The Tanner's couch.
- The Tanner's couch.
- The Tanner's couch.
- (FBE) Question two: which illegal site does Netflix
monitor to determine new acquisitions? - QueBIT.
- (FBE) Is that your final answer? - Mmm!
I want to ask for the bail-out, but I also don't.
It's only the second [bleep] question.
Yeah, final answer, QueBIT. - (FBE) QueBIT?
Unfortunately, that is incorrect. - No! Is it Kbit?
- Didn't they something about "torrent"?
Isn't it Torrent Bit or-- is Torrent a website?
Okay, I'm gonna use my bail-out. - (FBE) Sure!
A, Torlock, B, BitTorrent, or C, Lime Torrent.
- I think it's B. - (FBE) You think it's B, BitTorrent?
- Yeah, I think it's B. - (FBE) That's correct!
- BitTorrent?
- BitTorrent.
- BitTorrent.
- BitTorrent.
- BitTorrent.
- BitTorrent? - (FBE) That's correct!
- Oh, thank God.
- (FBE) The correct answer is BitTorrent.
- [Bleep] me.
- (FBE) Question three: what was the original name for Netflix?
- Kibble. - (FBE) That's correct!
Good job!
- Kibble!
- Kibble.
- Kibble.
- Kibble.
- KIBBLE! - (FBE) Three right!
- Kibble. - (FBE) That's correct.
- YAY! - (FBE) Oh, my gosh.
You're doing so great. - Okay!
- I'm getting a false sense of hope now.
- (FBE) Question four: how much would it have cost
for Blockbuster to buy Netflix?
- I remember it was worth $250 billion now..
- (FBE) That's incorrect. - What?
Is it? (laughing) $25 million?
- (FBE) $25 million? That's a really good guess.
- Thank you! - (FBE) It's totally wrong!
- $5 million? - (FBE) $5 million, final answer?
- Okay, I think I need the bail-out. - (FBE) You want the bail-out for this?
- I want the bail-out because it's so close.
- Can I use the bail-out? - (FBE) Yes!
All right, so there are three options:
A, $40 million, B, $50 million, or C, $60 million.
- $50 million. I remember $50 million.
- (FBE) All right, that's correct! - Okay.
I knew it was 50 something. I'm glad I used the bail-out.
- Isn't it $50 million?
- $50 million?
- $50 million?
- $50 million.
- I'm glad I did the bail-out. It's $50 million.
- (FBE) $50 million, final answer?
- Yes. - (FBE) All right! That's correct.
- That's all right!
- (FBE) The answer is $50 million. - $50 million, first try!
That's what I said. Edit it differently.
- (FBE) Question five: what was the name
of Netflix's failed award show? - The Flexies?
- (FBE) Uh, Flexies? Can you spell it for me?
- F-L-E-X-I-E-S. - (FBE) You're very close.
Oh, Flixies?
- The Flixies?
- The Flixies.
- The Flixies?
- The Flixies.
- The Flixies! - (FBE) That's correct!
- Yes! - (FBE) Oh, my gosh!
You're doing so good. Are you feeling good?
- I'm feeling great.
- (FBE) Question six: what do you call 1,024 terabytes?
- Uh... like "teradactobyte."
I don't know how to say it. Something with a "byte" at the end.
- One pay-- pay-- petabyte? Something like that.
Oh, no. Yeah. "Pedrobyte"?
"Pedrobyte" sounds wrong. Petabyte.
- (FBE) Are you sure? 100%? - Not really,
but I'm gonna go for it anyways. - (FBE) All right, that's correct!
- Okay.
- Uh... a petabyte? Petabyte, I think. Yeah?
- A petabyte.
- A petabyte?
- A petabyte. - (FBE) Oh, my gosh!
That's correct, Vanessa. - YES!
- (FBE) The correct answer is petabyte.
- Petabyte?
It's all right. I knew it started with a P but I was like
is there a dinosaur that starts with a P?
- I was like I've never heard of that but cool.
- (FBE) Question seven: what was the handle of the first
person to tweet about "Netflix and Chill"?
- Oh, [bleep]. Oh, my god.
I just remember several little facts from the entire video,
but not this one.
Um... I got nothing. - (FBE) Nothing?
- No.
- NoNinaFace.
I remember that was just really odd.
Hopefully, I got all of those words together.
That's my final answer.
- (FBE) NoNinaFace? - Yes.
- (FBE) You are so close, unfortunately...
- Oh, it was Nina something. Something Nina.
Oh, no!
I think I need my bail-out. - (FBE) You want your bail-out? Okay.
- Can I take my multiple choice? - (FBE) Absolutely.
- Yay!
- (FBE) A, NoFunNelly, B, NoFaceNina, or C, NorthFaceNinja.
- I'm gonna say B, NoFaceNina.
- (FBE) That's correct! - AAAH!
- NoFaceNina. - (FBE) NoFaceNina?
You're right!
- Yeah, I remember the Nina thing in the name.
- NoFaceNina. - (FBE) Damn, Michelle!
That's great! Okay, okay.
- To be honest, I only remembered because her AV was boobs
and I was like, oh, god, that's distracting.
- (FBE) It is NoFaceNina! - Oh, no!
- (FBE) Question eight: what was the title of the first video
ever uploaded on Netflix? - Example...
Oh, no.
Example... I just remember the guy at a fountain.
Oh, no! Um... Example Shot?
- (FBE) Example Shot? - Yeah.
- (FBE) Is that your final answer? - Sure.
- (FBE) That's incorrect. - Dang!
- (FBE) What was the title of the first video
ever uploaded on Netflix? - Um... um...
Oh, god. I remember this.
It's Example Show or something like that.
- (FBE) That's correct! Good job.
- Example Show? - (FBE) Yes, that's correct!
- WOO! - (FBE) Oh, my gosh!
Oh, my gosh! Okay. You're doing so good.
- (FBE) Question nine: when Netflix accidentally mailed out
pornos in 1998, what DVD was supposed to be sent instead?
- I'm only thinking about the video that shows up after it,
and it was Chaplin's granddaughter's feet,
so I can't remember.
Can I skip that one and go back to it,
or do I have to answer it now? - (FBE) You have to answer it now.
Do you want your bail-out? - Yes.
- (FBE) Okay, so A, Clinton's Grand Jury Hearing,
B, Clinton's Impeachment Documentary, or C, Clinton's Apology Speech.
- Grand Jury. - (FBE) That's correct!
- Uh, Clinton and the Grand Jury. - (FBE) You know, that's close enough.
We're gonna give it to you. Good job!
Okay, you've made it to the final question.
Question ten: what is Kia Stevens' IRL wrestling name?
- Um... it's something Kong.
I don't remember. Something Kong.
- (FBE) Is that your final answer, Something Kong?
- Yeah. - (FBE) That is incorrect.
- (FBE) What is Kia Stevens' IRL wrestling name?
- Kong... something Kong. It's not Kaia Kong.
It's something Kong. It's Awesome Kong.
- (FBE) Yeah! Oh, my gosh!
That's so good. Congratulations, you won!
- (FBE) So you said you were gonna be really good at this,
and then you were! How does that feel?
- It feels really good!
I love memorizing stuff.
- (FBE) So Michelle, you did really well.
You got a total of nine out of ten question correct.
- (sighing) I'm sweaty.
- (FBE) Unfortunately, you still did miss one,
meaning you are not a winner. - It's okay.
I'm a winner at heart.
- It was so much harder than Pokemon because this is
straight-up a history lesson.
- Hopefully, next time, I'll be refreshed and my brain
will start working again.
- I'm still feeling pretty good.
Again, if you're watching this from your home,
it's much easier because you don't have that pressure
but actually sitting here and having all of that information
just thrown in your face, I was surprised by the amount
that I got right.
- Thanks for watching us play TMI on the React channel.
- If you liked that episode, hit the Like button.
- Subscribe for new shows every day.
- Bye!
- Hey, guys, React producer Mary here.
Do you want too much information about FBE?
Then join our Super Fam.
You'll be helping us grown on YouTube.
You'll be able to give us great content ideas,
hang out with us, and more! Thanks for watching, guys.
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The Impossible Netflix Memory Test | Too Much Information

74 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on August 21, 2019
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