B2 High-Intermediate US 143 Folder Collection
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Well Q lost, so today
this is happening.
Yeah! Get out of my way, people!
Get out of my way!
It's a death chair.
We control everything.
-Here comes Q. -He looks like a lunatic.
Joe: So, Q is now in a death chair.
We control the chair itself.
-The megaphone. -The leaf blower.
And the confetti cannon.
Basically, just think about the jazzy amplified.
Yeah, but this is a punishment,
so Q can't turn anything off.
This is so stupid.
The chair's too slow.
Watch. Watch. There he goes.
Oh, my God. He's going so fast.
-I got him now. -Guys, slow it down.
Hang on, Q. Run right through him.
Run right into him. -Get out of my way.
Get out of my way. Get out of my way.
This is my favorite spot in the park.
Ooh, ooh, whoo. Oh, hey, uh...
Oh, hello.
What you reading?
Hit the leaf blower.
Peace out.
Call me.
Hey, you guys celebrating something?
I love celebrations. What are you guys celebrating?
I love life!
To celebrations!
Murr: The chair's stuck! The chair's --
A little help. Ugh.
Oh, thank you. Oh, thank you.
Eat my dust, suckers.
I'm a tornado. I'm a tornado.
I'm a silly little tornado.
Let's go! Out of the park!
It's my park!
I'm the big boss!
I'm a nasty boy and a big boss man!
Hear me now! I'm the number-one nasty boy.
Hear me now, now. Hop on, boys. Hop on.
Hop on, fellas. Fellas, hop on.
Hop on, boys. Fellas.
Boys. Fellas.
Guys. Boys.
Yeah, you, big red.
I'm a skank sandwich, you want a bite?
Did you order the skank sandwich?
Who ordered the skank sandwich? You want a bite?
Everybody watch how powerful my chair is.
I'm gonna take down this barricade in three,
two, one.
-Go, go. -Wait.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
Drop the mike. I'm out.
Get me out of this chair.
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Impractical Jokers - Chair of Misfortune

143 Folder Collection
蔡俊利 published on August 19, 2019
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