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Dial in the inner sexy that you got going there.
I haven't turned it off. Does it look otherwise?
It seems like you turned it off
somewhere around the end of season 5.
Season 4!
[ Laughter ]
-All right, Sal. -All right, Sal.
The first person that walks by
is the new love of your life, pal.
And then they have to fall in love back
or you lose.
Oh, [bleep].
-Oh. Oh! Oh, oh! -All right, I got it, I got it.
[ Angelic choir vocalizes ]
She's not helping at all!
[ Laughter ]
Oh, my gosh.
What type of a [bleep]?
I would never fall in love with her.
[ Laughs ]
She basically was just like, "Oh, I'm so sorry
about what happened to you, but...
good luck with your life."
[ Laughter ]
Murr: Here we go, Sal.
-Oh, no. -Oh.
[ Applause ]
Joe: The first person that tried to help!
Ready? Fall in love!
[ Harp plays ]
Yeah, I, uh...
I don't know if you're
feeling it but...
I-I-I'd love to be with you.
Oh! [ Chuckles ]
[ Laughter ]
I mean, I --
How often does something
like this happen?
Uh... [ Laughs ]
I guess...
Oh, okay.
Thank you.
All right.
Thank you.
All right, then.
Maybe another time.
[ Laughs ] Yeah.
All right.
[ Laughter ]
[ Melancholy music plays ]
Joe: A lonely man with produce.
[ Buzzer ]
[ Laughter ]
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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Sal Searches for Love | truTV

90 Folder Collection
蔡俊利 published on August 19, 2019
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