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Before I think it was November last year you've kept your your face
and your identity in general quite
Secret, so what's the reason that you decide to reveal the mystery to the rest of the world last year of course I get asked
That a lot lately but to be honest there was no big reason that I decided to just you know show my face
Oh the reason is because I've always knew, I known that I do it someday it just didn't
Quite know when the good timing was and I feel that this fifth year is
my chance to really really expand my
Horizons with music and to reach out to more people and to be able to do that
I felt like it was a good timing to be able to be more honest and more
true to my sound as well as to my visuals and
You know being out there now
I have a lot of more things that I can do you know?
And how the fans receive that?
I was really to be honest. I was really nervous at work
You know what if you know everyone's like no
I don't like the way you look
everyone unfollowed me on Twitter once my face was I know but that didn't happen all my fans really
Really warned and they you know they were like you know
Thank you so much for doing this I feel more connected to you now that I know
What you look like of course I know that probably some people out. There are not happy with it, but you know I can't
Please everyone
with my career
So I feel like this is this is the best option for me and that I'm really happy that I did it well
I'm glad you did as well, and now if you want to follow not on Instagram
You can actually see you know exactly what not only I got to be able to take a picture with Joyce. Yes
You did and take your hat off right the right option you're wearing a cap, okay?
So, but you know in terms of that mystery at the beginning of your career
Do you find that it helped a little bit you know for people to hear your music first before seeing you as a person um
I think that my choice to reveal my face was a good one
But the choice not to reveal it at the beginning was a good one as well
I feel like I wanted to focus exactly as you said on the sound and I think that you know there are
Some people who listen to music to enjoy the entertainment
Parts of it like the visuals and I think that for me
I didn't want that to interfere with my music because I felt like I was a more of a sound
Oriented artist in the beginning, so that really helped me to just focus on
Just my own music
I think because you wouldn't be the first one to say that you know
recently there's been a lot especially coming from Asia a lot of
DJ's or Musicians who want to keep their identity a secret first because they want people to judge them by their music first. Yeah
Hi, I hope you like the video. Oh, what's that you loved it?
That's what I thought well if you want more video click here, or if you want to subscribe to I ICRT and
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170 Folder Collection
張兆毅 published on August 17, 2019
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