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This is not clickbait. This is not a joke. The title is real.
I got shot and this is what I learned.
First of— I'm okay. I'm gonna do a little sidestep, side to side, side to side.
I'm still Jo, I still smile, I still make jokes.
Uh, it's been one week since a bullet was lodged into my back.
Got a little patch.
I'm okay! Again, I'm okay!
Everybody at home, freaking out,
Yes, it is a reason to freak out,
It could have been super super super terrible
It could have gone so many ways but
Here I am, perfectly fine, with a bullet in my back
A little extra piece inside of me,
And a huuuge message to share.
Let's rewind.
Damon and I decided to go to the Carnival in Bresil
So we took a twenty-day trip to Sao Paulo first,
And then we went to Rio, my birth city
Of course, I was born there and I almost died there
But I didn't! And I am here to tell the tale
of the time I got shot in Bresil.
Why can't it be a joke ?!
'cause it's real!
Ok, so before the dramatic ? story
Just to get things clear, Carnival was amazing,
We spent three nights partying, dressing up like...
Animals... and putting glitter on our faces and...
watching everybody just feel completely alive.
So, after the parties , after the glitz and the glitter
And all the good things about Carnival
that you hear about all the time,
Damon and I decided to split up,
because I needed to see my family,
my father still lives there, my little brothers, my cousins,
uncles, aunts, everybody's still in Brazil
and so, then I took the opportunity that
that it was the last day of Carnival,
and I took an Uber all the way to the northern zone of Rio,
Tijuca, where my family all lives
And my dad and I hugged, we caught up, we...
danced in the street!
When I tell you: this is living...
You could just watch it for yourself
Again, my family has lived in this neighbourhood their entire lives.
So, it's not... a particulary extremly dangerous neighbourhood
It is dangerous, Rio is dangerous, but danger is everywhere
And I don't want it to seem like "you should never go to Brazil"
Damon had a beautiful time, in Brazil
This did not happen to Damon.
So, this is just one particular story,
not to scare you,
I would never want people to not come to my own country
That's so beautiful!
So, it was around 9:30, I was
supposed to meet Damon by Copacabana to go to a party
And I told my uncle
"Hey I'm gonna take an Uber home. Don't wait up"
And they said
"Absolutely not, we're gonna drive you home"
So we all hopped in the car
My uncle's driving, my aunt's in the passenger seat
My 15 year old cousin in the back seat with me
And for some reason
Even though I always do this
I did not put my seat belt on
And I was telling a story while they were driving
So I was leaning towards between the front 2 seats
We're driving down the street
In the neighborhood my family has lived in for years and years and years
All of the sudden and when I tell you in a blink of an eye
Everything changed
What I see
Was something out of movies but this is real life
2 motorcycles blocking the street
And at the dead center of the street
There was a man holding a gun pointing directly
At the windshield of the car that I was in the middle of
Dead center in the middle blocking the street
And in attempt to steal car and rob whoever in the car with guns
So my uncle was driving at 40 miles per hour
kept driving because he didn't see that there were 2 motorcyclists
And when he keeps driving
he hit one of the motorcycles
And from that point on we were like "We can't stop here"
"these people have guns"
"and they wanna kill us"
From that point on, it was just like...
Flash, flash, flash
It was like my pupils were opening to try to...
see as much information as possible, too see where I should
go and what to do and how to react
We drive away
And immediately
You hear: Pow pow pow pow pow
So I duck
And I see the slow motion of the red flames flying out of the guns, like...
This is not a movie. This is life
And I'm ducking because I'm trying not to get hit in the head
And I'm trying to make sure none of my family is getting hit
And as we're driving away
And the sound is so loud and the smell of gun powder is so, so vivid
All of the sudden I feel heat in my back
And I'm like
I just got shot in the back
I just got hit in the back. We need to go to the hospital. NOW
Never thought I'd say those words
And I told myself as I was lying down
You say you're strong. Now it's the time to prove it
And I calm down
And I was actually calm
considering I've just been shot
And my poor 15 year old cousin was there like, holding me
And I though to myself: "No 15 year old, no child..."
"should have to see this and live this and, make this a part of their everyday life"
Because of danger and violence that are so unnecessary. FOR WHAT?
For a car?
For a cellphone, really?
It appals me
That this is not just about me. This is about everybody that gets hit with bullets
It's about everybody that is a victim of a violent crime for something so silly
After I realized that I was hit
We sped into a hospital
And I looked to the side
of the car where I should have been sitting had I had my seat belt on
And there was a gapping hole
where the window, where my head would have directly been next to
So again, everything happens for a reason
If I have sat in the car, put my seat belt on
You wouldn't be seeing this video right now
And from that point on, adrenaline was rushing, I was in survival mode
Straight up like... Girl you're gon' survive this
I get separated from my family and this is the part when everything gets so real, so fast
And you're lying, looking up at a blank ceiling you're just thinking
"If this were my last day, would it have been a good one?"
And to be honnest
Yes I've lived a great life. And my 24 years have done more than a lot of people can dream of
But that particular day
I managed to argue with everybody that I care about.
For the dumbest things
Damon and I argued because I didn't feel like sharing my beach towel with him
Really? Is that how it's gonna close out of a chapter of an amazing friendship?
My mom and I weren't speaking
My dad and I had had a decent time
I haven't spoken to my brothers, my sisters, my best friends for over a week
And if that was my last day
that would have been a shame
So anything when I was looking up at the ceiling
At the blankness
of the abyss that could have been the end of my life
I was upset
And I realized
I can't do that again.
You need to live every single day life your last
And tell everybody that you care about how much you care about them
And make an effort to think not about the things that don't matter
Like likes, comments, your appearance. Things that are so vain
Yeah, of course you can think about those things
But if it's your last day on Earth. Is that really what you want to think about?
Here's the best part
They didn't take the bullet out of me (whattt?)
Your girl is now Iron Woman
Someway somehow this bullet managed to go in the one spot in my back
where it would affect nothing vital
Thank you
And everything plays a part in this
Going to the gym like a race horse
It was like I was literally practicing to survive without knowing it and that's absurb
I'mma beep through airport
Here's what I'm encouraging you to think about now
Are you living every single day like it's your last?
Are you doing the things that you wanna do now?
Have you booked the trip you've always wanted to take?
Have you told the person you love how much you care about them?
Are you studying something that makes you genuinely happy?
Are you helping others?
You never know when something like this could happen
Don't sit around and wait
We think we're invincible, we think these things never happen to anybody close to us
Guess what? It happened to me
So now you know somebody, who it happened to
somebody that you follow on a regular basis
somebody that constantly travelling the world
And to give you an idea. I'm not going to avoid going back to Brazil. I will go back
This isn't going to make me afraid
Because if I live my life in fear then it's
completely going against what I just said
which is you need to live your live to the fullest. So...
On that note
It's time to shut and go and live your live
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249 Folder Collection
Jenn published on August 16, 2019
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