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This golfer has a better lie than a con artist.
Let's see if he can follow through on his approach.
[SIGHS] Good one.
Personally, I thought it was a fair way to commentate.
Oh boy.
And it looks like he's made it onto the green, easily
a three-yard shot.
Take a swing at miniature indoor golf.
The game gives miniature golf a new meaning, incorporating
the full swing of a driver alongside classic, short game
To swing, stand as though you're ready to putt and use
the trigger to make this little golfer's club swing.
Tee off with your driver, and let her rip.
Then switch to a putter and tap it into the hole.
Mini Indoor Golf includes sand traps, a water hazard,
and more so you can design your own course.
The set also comes with six interchangeable mini clubs,
16 balls, and scorecards.
Mini Indoor Golf is a blast, whether you're
a scratch golfer whose cooped up inside or you're
a fan of fun who's just decent.
What up, everybody?
We're Dude Decent.
This is the mini party cup, mini golf shot.
Dude Decent.
Oh yeah!
Open [INAUDIBLE] bar!
Did you see that?
The level of decency was very high!
(WHISPERING) That was decent?
(WHISPERING) Yes, it was.
It was decent.
By Miniature Indoor Golf and shop for hundreds
more gifts at Vat19.com.
(SINGING) Vat19.com
If you were playing golf on the links
and your back is feeling rougher than the 12th hole,
[? MagneCaddy ?] just might improve your spine game.
That joke is what's rough.
But speaking of games, Indoor Cornhole
is a fun one for a rainy day.
I'm starting to teed off with your attitude.
But for you viewers, subscribe and play
through while my partner and I settle this.
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Play Golf Indoors!

108 Folder Collection
Feng Lin published on August 15, 2019
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