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I have a stupid question
If you're Chinese name is Liu Ai Li
why is your English name Erika
and it's not say, Ellie?
Because Erika was the name that I was born with
It's on my birth certificate
my whole life has been Erika, and then Liu Ai Li is my stage name
which I got after I came to Taiwan.
Oh is that right?
so you had ano-- like
Your last name is Liu right?
Yes, my last name is Liu
My original name is Liu Wan Ting
I'm sure a lot of listeners right now are named Wan Ting
It's a really common name
What other common names are there?
Xing Yi is also a very common one right?
I also have a classmate named Xing Yi
I have an aunt and a friend called that
Okay so it's a good idea to change your name
I mean I mean I guess
I guess
And it's also easy to write
Yeah Liu Ai is very easy to write Liu Ai Li has less strokes to write
Okay, so let's ask the other project that you're doing
Of course your focus is in music
But you recently graduated from university, right?
and you majored drama
so you are engaged in on stage performances
Do you want to share that with us?
Yeah, so I am in currently performing in a musical called "Love Ya Mom"
It is Godot Theatre's new musical
Right now we are touring Taiwan, and next weekend we're going to be in Kaohsiung
And then after Kaohsiung, we're going to take a break for a couple months
and then September we're going to come back to Taipei to perform at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
Oh my, and this is all after that you perform at the Golden Melody Awards as well
You have a pretty busy month
This month is so crazy!
In the beginning of June, we went to Taoyuan and then Hsinchu and then Tainan and then Golden Melody Awards and then Kaohsiung
This month, every single weekend I have work to do
That's remarkable that you can do that. Are you getting enough sleep?
Yes, I am
I like it, I like being busy
Oh, and there's another project that you're involved in
You're in a TV show, right?
Oh, that is-- there is a Midnight Snacks?
Diner, I think that's what it is
Midnight Diner, the original with the Japanese manga and the TV series
So the Chinese version was just filmed and released
and it's playing right now online, and then I sang two songs in it
for one of the episodes, and then the two songs are "Small World" and "Let Life Be Beautiful Like Summer Flowers"
So yeah, so
You almost forgot
I'm not in the television series. I'm just by voice will be in it
Before and after I guess for the theme songs basically right?
Not the theme songs.
Oh so it's one of the tracklist
Yeah so it's only one episode. The episode is about a girl
who likes to sing and who becomes a singer
and then the songs that she sings are like-- I like sing for her
So which is you basically
Yes me, it's my voice
You're so busy, my goodness!
Hi, I hope you liked the video! Oh what's that?
You loved it!
That's what I thought
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438 Folder Collection
張兆毅 published on August 15, 2019
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