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  • I have a stupid question

  • If you're Chinese name is Liu Ai Li

  • why is your English name Erika

  • and it's not say, Ellie?

  • Because Erika was the name that I was born with

  • It's on my birth certificate

  • my whole life has been Erika, and then Liu Ai Li is my stage name

  • which I got after I came to Taiwan.

  • Oh is that right?

  • right

  • so you had ano-- like

  • Your last name is Liu right?

  • Yes, my last name is Liu

  • My original name is Liu Wan Ting

  • I'm sure a lot of listeners right now are named Wan Ting

  • It's a really common name

  • What other common names are there?

  • Xing Yi is also a very common one right?

  • I also have a classmate named Xing Yi

  • I have an aunt and a friend called that

  • Okay so it's a good idea to change your name

  • Yeah

  • I mean I mean I guess

  • I guess

  • And it's also easy to write

  • Yeah Liu Ai is very easy to write Liu Ai Li has less strokes to write

  • Okay, so let's ask the other project that you're doing

  • Of course your focus is in music

  • But you recently graduated from university, right?

  • yes

  • and you majored drama

  • right

  • so you are engaged in on stage performances

  • yes

  • Do you want to share that with us?

  • Yeah, so I am in currently performing in a musical called "Love Ya Mom"

  • It is Godot Theatre's new musical

  • Right now we are touring Taiwan, and next weekend we're going to be in Kaohsiung

  • And then after Kaohsiung, we're going to take a break for a couple months

  • and then September we're going to come back to Taipei to perform at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

  • Oh my, and this is all after that you perform at the Golden Melody Awards as well

  • Yeah

  • You have a pretty busy month

  • This month is so crazy!

  • In the beginning of June, we went to Taoyuan and then Hsinchu and then Tainan and then Golden Melody Awards and then Kaohsiung

  • This month, every single weekend I have work to do

  • That's remarkable that you can do that. Are you getting enough sleep?

  • Yes, I am

  • I like it, I like being busy

  • Oh, and there's another project that you're involved in

  • You're in a TV show, right?

  • Oh, that is-- there is a Midnight Snacks?

  • Diner, I think that's what it is

  • Midnight Diner, the original with the Japanese manga and the TV series

  • Right

  • So the Chinese version was just filmed and released

  • and it's playing right now online, and then I sang two songs in it

  • for one of the episodes, and then the two songs are "Small World" and "Let Life Be Beautiful Like Summer Flowers"

  • So yeah, so

  • You almost forgot

  • I'm not in the television series. I'm just by voice will be in it

  • Before and after I guess for the theme songs basically right?

  • Not the theme songs.

  • Oh so it's one of the tracklist

  • Yeah so it's only one episode. The episode is about a girl

  • who likes to sing and who becomes a singer

  • and then the songs that she sings are like-- I like sing for her

  • So which is you basically

  • Yes me, it's my voice

  • You're so busy, my goodness!

  • Hi, I hope you liked the video! Oh what's that?

  • You loved it!

  • That's what I thought

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I have a stupid question

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