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- Alright this is a question
we kinda ask everybody that we have,
every guest that we have on the show.
And the question is when you got to the league,
who was the first person
to bust your ass like this is the level.
Like this is the highest level to go.
- Man my first game was against Melo and AI.
But I had to guard Melo.
I was 19,
he probably what? 24.
- It was Denver.
- 23.
- Yeah.
- And you know,
and I never played in that Denver altitude,
I didn't really know too much about.
And Melo was just physical.
He just was,
he would duck you in the paint,
hit you with the shoulder.
And then he'll take you out.
Jab, jab, pull over top of you so you can't.
You wanna be physical but you don't.
He was just have you thinking too much on D.
We had a back to back that night,
I got on the plane confused.
("Going Bad" by Meek Mill featuring Drake)
- Never stop. Never settle.
- I wanna talk to you about like growing up,
know what I'm saying in the Maryland, D.C.,
that whole DMV area.
Like I know like high school and ball growing up,
it was at a high level out there.
Y'all had a lot of dudes, know what I'm saying.
Like talk about some of the dudes you grew up playing with
that was like some of them dudes that was boys.
I know Beas is a dude that you grew up playing,
man I played with him my one year in Miami.
So I know he's a walking bucket.
Y'all got one of the cities
and one of the areas that's like you know,
well respected as far as like the people y'all then put out.
Just talk about some of the people
you grew up playing against.
- Let me go back far to like Washington.
Guys like,
I came out of Washington like Keith Bogans and.
- [Quentin] Forte?
- Yeah Joseph Forte, and then Steve Francis,
and then Demar Johnson.
All those dudes you kinda like grew up watching,
and they make it in a McDonald's game,
and make it into the league.
And then you playing against them.
And when you playing rec ball,
and you see one or two dudes that's just as good as you,
that one dude for me was Mike Beasley.
How crazy was that?
And then as I got older in eighth grade,
Ty Lawson I seen him for the first time.
And that was just like another experience to see somebody
that fast and that good at basketball at that age.
Cause like you're so sheltered.
Then you were seeing so many dudes
just go to nice high schools,
and then head to college and I'm like man,
I didn't realize how much talent we had
in the area until I got older.
And that just molded me into who I was.
Cause every night we was playing in high school
was against dudes that were either going to D1 schools
or like young dudes coming up,
so it was good competition.
Yeah man that's when the internet
was really just poppin' off really,
so we was just jumping on all of those sites.
And you know,
you wanted to see how you stacked up against the players
in your neighborhood and hopefully once you got out
and got some exposure in the country.
So you was hearing about so many players,
6'9", 240.
You like, what does that even look like?
You know 6'4" point guard, 195.
I'm like I've never seen this before.
So like your imagination was just kind of running wild
and then I was chasing the NBA life.
I just wanted to see what that was about.
And then seeing all the young players
coming out of high school and playing in the NBA,
it was just perfect for me at that time,
because it was not too much basketball,
but it was just enough.
You know what I'm saying?
I was able to still go outside and play
and still catch up on everything in the NBA.
You know what I mean?
That was cool.
- Demar Johnson was a crazy. Like crazy.
- For real like me and him,
like I met him at ABCD.
Me and him played on the same team together.
And he didn't even realize he was ranked.
Like that's what was crazy.
I remember we sitting there one day,
we looking at the rankings
and I'm like yo, what's your name?
What grade?
We're going over each others names.
And he's like yeah, says his name,
I'm looking,
I'm going through.
I said man, bro you number one.
Like you don't know?
He's like nah, I didn't even know.
I'm like man,
that's back when he really was
crossover, crossover, bang on you.
Like throw on you.
Shoot the three, like everything.
- He was saying he could come out after his junior year.
- [Darius] He could of went straight out of high school.
- [Quentin] They were telling him to leave after junior year
and everything.
I remember that.
- He could have went straight out of high school,
I couldn't believe he went to college.
- He did one year at Cincinnati, right?
- Yup.
- And then we was in the same draft.
All of us.
- Kenyon, Kenny Saddlefield.
- He was pretty good though.
- It was a problem.
- It was the deal. If Kenyon wouldn't have got hurt.
- Oh Kenyon broke his leg.
- That was the deal.
- Yeah that was tough.
- Kenyon Player of the Year, like they was running it.
- So what other players,
influenced you being like a tall,
you know what I'm saying 6'9", about seven feet type dude,
that's like shooting jumpers,
handling the ball as well as you do
and doing all the things.
Like basically being a two guard
in a seven foot, 6'11" frame.
Like name some of the guys.
I mean I heard you say some of the guys.
I heard you mention him before.
And I've always said that I looked at you
as like D Miles 2.0.
Like when D Miles hit the scene,
it was like what's going on.
This boy is 6'9" out here,
bap, bap, bang.
- Dunking on everybody.
- But I'm talking about really had
the right to left crossover that was moving.
- All that shooting a J, fades, all that, yeah.
- And was like banging that thing and like then you came,
and D Miles was like a I don't know,
like Ray Allen or Rashard type three.
You know what I'm saying,
the one thing that he was missing was like his jumper
and all of that and then you come in,
you know the 50, 90 whatever everybody says type dude.
- Yeah you just build on
what all those dudes you watch coming up.
Man I was just,
I had an opportunity to.
DJ like,
man he didn't have to but he took me under his wing
as I was coming up from like as a high school kid,
just always following him to the gym.
You just seeing the lifestyle,
seeing stuff that I wanted to be a part of.
He was always cool in bringing the youngsters back from
out around our way just to be around the life.
So he showed us love,
and you realize what the OG's really did for the game.
You know so the stuff that I seen him do
and then before him,
just really watching seeing what you was doing,
it was just like you just wanna do that,
and you just wanna keep building and seeing how far
you can take it cause it's just about evolution of the game,
you know what I mean.
So there's somebody that's gonna do what I do,
that's gonna maybe find 200 different ways.
So I would say not at a early age,
I was like finally, there's somebody that looks like me.
Cause I'm the only one walking around here
long and skinny and playing in this sport.
So I'm like man finally somebody that looks like me.
And it just makes you feel like
you can do anything out there.
So like everyday I was watching T Mac clips,
I had a tape.
We was rewinding tapes watching T Mac film,
looking at stats,
looking at how he goes left, pull up.
Like that was somebody I was drawn to and I had to study.
So I had to write so much stuff down on him
and I was just starting to learn about him
and see how he came from high school
and how he was 6'8" and long and athletic like me.
So I just kind of shifted my focus just to him.
And then once you go to one player,
then you just go to the next
and then you just go from there.
But T Mac and Kobe was the two guys
that are always stared at constantly when they played.
And try to figure out how they did what they did.
- I never could understand when people used to say,
man Kobe played just like Jordan like that was a bad thing.
- No.
Yeah no.
That's hard to look like Jordan.
- What? You know if I could rock like Mike?
- Yeah shoot the fade like Mike?
- The style how he dunked.
The flavor, the swag.
- So speaking on when you was coming up
and you know the influence was like,
at what point did it hit you or did you realize like man,
I could make it,
I'm nice.
Like I could play in the NBA one day.
Like at what point, you know what I'm saying was
it when you was hooping against somebody,
or at a camp,
or you made yourself known out of there.
At what point did you say like I'm going to the league,
I'm gonna get there.
- I went to Five Star camp.
I was a tenth grader.
Nobody really knew my name but it was like spring time,
and I was going into the summer playing in all these camps
like right before All-American camp.
But I went to Five Star.
And I got like the Most Outstanding Player
but when I was out there,
I went the year before and my first time ever at a camp.
And then that next year I was going back,
and I was playing outside and I was just cruising.
I was just pulling up from deep,
everybody was coming to watch the games,
I'm dunking on people,
I'm just like the game is coming super easy to me.
And last year it was like I was having a hard time
just trying to figure it out.
So I'm like I put in so much work,
and I'm starting to see the results and I'm like oh shit.
And I'm getting taller at the same time.
- [Quentin] Right.
- So I'm like I really could do whatever I want out there.
And I start seeing my name in the rankings.
And I seen on the NBA Draft website,
they had the mock drafts and I seen my name
on the mock drafts and I'm thinking like
yo I'm still in an apartment,
I'm like I've been watching this shit
since I've been 11 years old.
So I'm like man this shit getting close.
And then I just started to put my foot on the gas even more,
cause I wanted to just see how far I could take my game.
And shit, I'm here now.
- So what made you choose Texas?
- Man I wanted to go to North Carolina.
- First you couldn't go straight out of high school.
Cause you could have went straight out of high school.
Let's get that clear.
- Right.
- You could have definitely went
straight out of high school.
- So my coach at Texas that recruited me,
he was like yeah when they put that rule out,
my wife,
Coach Barnes, his wife,
we all toasting up because you can come to school.
I was like damn,
that's how they really looking at this thing.
I didn't know it was that big but,
I wanted to go to Carolina.
All my friends was getting recruited there.
Ty Lawson who I played with for three years.
My best friend,
we went to Oak Hill together.
Roommates at Oak Hill, that was my boy.
He went there.
And I'm like--
- So wait, they didn't recruit you?
- No no no no.
They was recruiting me heavy with him.
They were expecting us to come together.
I'm going on official visits,
I went to a game when they beat Duke at the buzzer.
And they won a national championship that year.
My junior year of high school.
So I'm like man,
I wanna go to Carolina.
But they were stacked though.
They had a nice senior class,
they went to the Final Four that year.
Or Elite Eight that year.
But Tyler Hansbrough was there, Danny Green,
all those dudes so I would have got kind of lost.
Not lost but I would be playing 25 minutes
instead of 40 minutes like I should be playing.
You know what I'm saying so.
My moms and my pops was like, nah we know what it is.
Me I'm like no I wanna go play with my homies.
Let's go hoop.
I just wanna go hoop with my homies.
And Texas I went on a visit.
And Coach Barnes,
you know he blew me away with just his approach.
You know what I'm saying,
just like he knew what he had in me.
You know what I mean?
He knew just like.
- We ain't about to blow this one. We got him on campus.
- I'm a still coach him up and be who he is,
but I'm gonna take care of him while he's down here.
I'm still a 17 year old kid.
But I know what I got.
He gave me the rock every time.
Even when we was working out.
I'm like oh shit I didn't even know this was like this.
We had a couple McDonald's All-Americans too
so once I got down there,
he gave me the rock.
But as I was going through the visit,
I'm like I've never been to Texas before,
it was cool, nice weather.
There's a lot of girls down here.
I'm gonna be far away from the crib,
nobody can just pull up on me like that.
And I'm like I could just really focus on me
and get away. So I'm like perfect.
And I end up doing what I did down there,
now I'm forever tied there.
They got my logo on the jersey,
they're about to have my logo.
They got my name on the practice stadium.
- Well first of all you did it big.
They got your name on there for what you did.
Eh, they better put your name somewhere
for what you did up there now.
- I went down there and did what I was supposed to do.
And now I'm forever tied there.
That shit's pretty cool now that I think about it.
Cause I sit back and like shit,
if I went to Carolina,
I would have just been.
- [Quentin] Another name through the system.
- Another name and 20 jerseys up there.
Now I go to Texas,
it's just me and TJ Ford.
And another guy.
- TJ Ford.
- That's literally why I went to
DePaul over like going to like,
Kansas was the other big school that was my final two.
- You's McDonald's.
That was crazy you went to DePaul out there.
- Word.
And so it was like that's what it came down to for me.
It was like you know I could stay here,
my family could come watch me every game.
You know what I'm saying all of the conference games
is pretty much in the Midwest,
they could drive and come to the games.
But more importantly it was like,
what we about to do here,
myself, Bobby and Lance.
Like we all Chicago boys.
It was so much hype around bringing back from
when Mark Aguirre and Terry Cummings
and everybody had did in the early 80's.
Like they hadn't had that.
Like what we was gonna mean to the city,
and mean to Chicago.
And like I'm heavy.
Everything in me is Chicago so it was like,
this is your chance to make a stand.
Like really make a,
we all from the Chicago public school.
Like we're not from like a suburban,
all of us.
Everything says Chicago.
You know what I'm saying.
So it was like me going there,
it's like you said it's not like you can't go to UNC
or I can't go to Kansas and make my imprint.
But even still,
you ain't about to really succeed Mike.
You know what I'm saying?
You ain't about to top that.
Not that you going to try and be the top dog or whatever
but like just you know that alright at Texas,
when I go do what I do it's gonna rain.
You know what I'm saying,
like it's gonna rain for real.
It ain't gonna be like alright like all of these,
like it's like you wanted a few.
- Yeah man.
- And you see that now.
And like all these years later
it means that much more to you.
- I committed to St. John's.
Like I was coming off that Ron Artest, Eric Barkley.
Like it was kinda making a little noise.
- That was still a good team.
That was still a good era at St. John's though.
- Like Anthony Glover.
- They was wearing Jordan.
- Me and Omar,
cause Omar wanted to go to North Carolina.
- Omar Cook was nice.
- I told North Carolina like yeah
you get Omar and Eddie Griffin I'm definitely coming.
You know what I'm saying?
Like I wanna squad up.
And Eddie went to Seton Hall
and they picked Adam Boone over Omar Cook.
Omar Cook lead the nation in assists his freshman year.
- Omar was nice.
- You know what I'm saying?
- Omar was nice.
- So when he lead the nation in assists his freshman year
I was like I made a great decision.
Cause I was running the floor just catching that thing
and dunking that jump.
But yeah I committed to St. John's
and I decided like I'm out.
- What I wanna ask you is like back when y'all was in OKC,
when it was you, Russ, and James Harden,
like did y'all three know that it was like okay
y'all about to all three be future MVPs
and y'all all three is this cold.
Like if I'm talking about like this cold.
I know playing against y'all,
I didn't like,
like obviously you stuck out the most,
and you know Russ and James was good but like
I never was sitting there like okay all three of them
are gonna be a MVP at some point in this league.
Like that's like crazy.
- Me either.
- Like you going in practice
and going at it with them dudes.
And a relationship,
the tightness y'all had,
I felt like that was like to me in my opinion,
like that was like one of the biggest screw ups
that they allowed,
I don't know what the whole,
how anything went.
But just the fact that they,
just because the tightness of y'all.
And that reminded me of how we were.
Like you know it was three young boys that still should be
in college level,
but they was like all young and hungry out there,
dogs and they was all.
- Yeah it was perfect.
- But they loved each other.
They was everywhere together.
Every time you saw one,
you almost saw all of y'all.
And that reminded me of how we was.
So I was like how they let this break up?
Like these dudes love each other.
These three young boys is coming up superstars.
It ain't no hating on each other,
everybody loves each other and they all rock together.
And it's like how you don't keep that?
How many years is it that you had in Seattle?
One or two?
- Just one.
- First of all let me just say.
I loved Seattle.
I loved going to play in Seattle.
I felt like Seattle was a great city for the league.
Like it was a cool,
it was one of the coolest cities to fly into
and be there for a day or two and like vibe out.
I loved Seattle.
And I wish,
I hope they get a team back there and all that.
But I want you to talk about it.
You know cause I feel like you and Jeff Green
had a cool first year there.
And just talk about your experience there
in Seattle with the Sonics.
- Man it was fun.
The fans came out and supported from day one.
You know just even when I had a workout there,
they were at the facility trying to greet us
and make sure that we felt at home from day one.
Even before we were drafted so.
Everyday in practice they coming out and supporting us.
Even when we were bad,
we were 20 and 62 that year.
The fans willing to come out and support so much
because of what was going on up top,
you know they were trying to move the team to relocation
so the fans were kind of at odds with the organization,
but they still supported the players.
So it was kind of weird being in the city
and playing in the city but the love that they showed us,
just walking around and just being players there
was cool man.
They definitely deserve a team because that market
is just a basketball market, you know what I mean.
- And then how was that,
like going from that and alright like your rookie year,
you know for me it was alright I'm in LA,
I get me a place,
I'm staying here for the next four years.
Then you're like boom y'all get moved.
And it's like OKC.
I don't even know if like.
I had never been to Oklahoma City
for anything until we started playing there.
So I don't know if you was like that,
or like that was your first time.
Like what is Oklahoma City?
- See I spent a lot of time at Texas.
So we play Oklahoma a lot, in Oklahoma state.
So it's a six hour drive from Austin, Texas
to Oklahoma City so all my friends would come up from Texas.
That was like my home being in Oklahoma City for that long.
So I was cool with going back to the Midwest
because I was so close to the University.
So that helped my transition.
But as far as just like moving an organization,
we didn't have a practice facility for a second,
we didn't have no logo,
we didn't even know who was gonna be on the team.
- [Darius] How the jerseys gonna look?
- Yeah like we got there,
I stayed in a hotel.
The haunted hotel they was talking about.
I stayed there.
- The old school hotel?
- The crazy one.
- The Skirvin.
I stayed there for like the first two months
until you found a crib.
Like we didn't even know.
- So wait, did you ever have any type of craziness there?
- No no.
- I haven't either.
That's why I'm asking.
- Isn't there one time you got the bed bugs?
- Yeah that's what he said.
- I ain't never had nothing crazy up there.
- No it wasn't too bad.
I spent two months in there.
And I bought a house in Seattle so.
Just moving so fast it was weird
but we figured it out after a while.
- Hey there's one question that we love to ask everybody.
So when you first got drafted right,
it's your first time coming into some change,
when you can do something,
what's the wildest thing or the craziest thing
you did like buying something when you got some bread?
Like cause we all guilty of it.
Like we young boys,
he was 18, I was 19.
What was you, 19?
- 18.
- So you young. 18, 18 and I'm 19 so you get dropped.
In our minds, we rich.
Not rich, we wealthy.
That's what we think and we don't know nothing.
- We here for life.
- Right.
So what did you do?
- Man.
It's not like one thing.
It's just like you just spend it on stupid stuff.
Like I'm buying five or six Xbox's for no reason.
- Hey listen one for every room.
- Buying like seven, eight TVs.
- Every room gotta have this.
- I'm buying like coins for my Xbox.
I'm spending like a $1000 to get the VC on my Xbox.
I'm like just doing wild shit
and like just doing a bunch of electronics.
- In-game purchases is crazy over here.
- Mom I sent you this.
I sent you two of these cause you gonna need this.
I got this one at home.
- Hey look just go to the store and just get
four copies of Madden just because like one of them
is gonna scratch I need like four.
- Just stupid stuff.
You know just buying for no reason.
- [Darius] Buying for no reason.
- That you wouldn't buy
if you didn't have this type of money.
- I wanna talk about this.
I think it was lockout year.
I think it was lockout year, right?
- Yeah.
- You went on a off the court tear.
I'm talking about everywhere you was going.
Like from that summer on,
you was fifty balling every tournament
from Drew League to the Rucker to just everywhere
you was going to see your off the court swag,
when you don't got no coach around,
I could just give 50s out.
Like you giving charity out every city?
That was an amazing run.
And you know about this cause we hear,
it be classic, classic kill mode during the summer.
Like you hear people,
he done been at this workout or that workout
and he then killed.
But you never really see it.
The first time I ever seen somebody kill
and go to all these places for the summer was you.
It was in a time where footage was out there
where everybody was taping everything.
Cause we went to summers where we went down to Miami,
we going there,
we coming to hoop.
- Killing.
- Yeah, yeah we hooping.
- That's when it was no working out with each other,
we coming down there to straight play five on five
and hoop against y'all every single day and get our game,
work on our game that way.
But I seen you go on a tear that summer.
Boy I was like.
- You know we liked to hoop though.
You know we was hooping everywhere,
and everybody was just trying to get together and just play.
You know what I'm saying?
Just at least a game style somewhere you know.
So we had all them games.
I'm like ain't no structure,
we all playing pick up.
So whoever the best out here,
they're not going to get the most shots.
So everywhere I went they was just
rolling the red carpet out for me.
And I'm like man I'm just sparring right now,
I'm just getting my action in,
cause I can't really get no game action.
- No game.
- I'm tired of working out.
I'm just trying to hoop.
- So what did that do for your confidence?
- That was a key summer for me.
It was key.
- That's what I'm saying like
I know like when we be in Chicago playing,
you know how it is like you had your best year
when you come fresh into camp,
and fresh into it.
I was bopping.
Like you really been right leading into it
into your highest peak.
Like you been playing,
you been working out,
you've been getting it in,
and you feeling like you've been killing fools.
Like we was looking,
I'm like yo.
Young boy like really making a statement right now,
letting it be known like what y'all gonna do.
- Going into that summer,
we had just lost in the Western Conference finals.
That was our first time there.
And you know I'm working out a month out,
not even a month,
like two weeks after the season's over with.
And not expecting the lockout.
So I'm just working out and hooping
like I usually do and we just going everywhere.
Man let's just get together and workout at least.
- [Quentin] Is that when you had the van?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Man had the commercial going.
- [Kevin] I was playing so much.
Nike was like you might as well
just turn this into something.
Something cool.
- That was a dope little movement
y'all had with the van bro,
I remember that.
- It was cool to keep basketball going,
cause that lockout man.
- Yeah that was whack.
- That was whack.
It was whack but I know it has to happen
when it comes to the business
but we just had to keep the ball going.
It was tough to not play.
Everybody was feening for hoops at that time.
- It was a good summer cause I watched you all summer.
50 ball every state.
Like you was in every state just coming in, just 50ing.
- Man you know how it feels
when you're out there just hooping.
And you got the rock all the time.
You're just working on stuff.
- And everybody wanna see.
And how live the crowd.
- Yeah.
- That's that free money.
That just we in here.
- I'm taking 50 shots one game.
I'm taking 55 shots,
I'm like I just need to get them up to see if I can.
You just work on your game.
- You were shooting that jump deep as hell.
When you was coming up,
somebody that the world might not know
or somebody that pay attention to,
the world might do know or heard of him.
That you was like a walking bucket.
Like every time you see him,
man he scored like with the best of them.
Who was that person that you was like man?
- Just anywhere? Or just in the league?
- Anywhere.
- There's a lot of dudes that's walking around here
that get buckets on anybody in the league.
- Definitely do.
Not in the league just somebody that nobody might not know.
- So there was this dude in our neighborhood,
name was Kurt Smith.
He was like 5'9" point guard,
but he was one of those like,
he played like Sam Cassell.
You know when they back you down,
they back anybody down shoot the turn around J.
It don't look good,
but he's scoring every time.
So it's like he still impacted the game.
It was like no matter who was on him,
we play outdoors all the time.
Even when I was in the league,
league dudes playing against them.
- He's still getting gravy.
- He's still getting buckets,
getting to where he wants to get to.
He played at Drake and he played back in the day,
and he was in the Capital Classic.
So he's actually played some ball.
He could have played in the league.
He was in a training camp,
you know how that goes.
- Yeah, yeah.
- You get to training camp for bites.
But he was still solid up until he was probably 36, 37
playing around the neighborhood.
- [Darius] Still getting buckets.
- He still had game though.
All the OG moves that I learned,
back down, turnaround fades, all that.
He was doing all of it at 5'9".
- Who taught you how to shoot?
Like who taught you your form?
Like you've got good form.
You'd be so tall you got high arc.
You know what I'm saying?
Like you've got good form.
And you've been having good form
since the first time I seen you play.
- Man I've been crafting this joint for a minute.
So when I was like nine or 10 I used to have to
lay on my back and watch Martin
until the commercials go off.
And I used to lay up like this.
- [Quentin] That's a real one right there.
- Until that commercial would come on.
Every commercial at the break,
I'd do that for like two episodes.
I'd do that every night.
And that just had me stuck there for a second.
- Who made you?
- My godfather who taught me how to play.
He brought me in the gym at seven and handed me the ball.
So he was doing little stuff like that
in my workout routine.
And that shit just stuck.
I had to shoot so many shots
just one arm in front of the rim.
All the way back to the three point line
just working every small part.
And it just got to where it is now.
- Man that's crazy.
- Word.
I'm telling you that's why I be trying to
get my kids to like watch the game,
every time out knock out ten pushups, five pushups,
whatever like the whole game.
Every commercial like just get it in.
We ain't there yet.
- We came in and we got the privilege to be with Jordan.
- That's crazy.
How was that?
- Represent Jordan.
- Crazy.
- Y'all workout with him?
You have a workout with him?
- Yeah.
- Yeah we used to play against him
when I was in high school.
He was in high school and college.
We used to go to Santa Barbara and we was invited to
his camp and we used to play against him.
- How was he in a pickup though?
- What?
A whole lot of cursing.
And a whole lot of buckets.
- He was getting buckets easy huh?
- Still.
- Like easy.
When he got to the league when he was with the Wizards,
he was getting buckets easy.
- Still.
- Still.
Like a 40 year old man averaging 20, 21.
- That's getting buckets.
- In the league?
And like this is the physical league.
This is where they can touch you a little bit.
No man, come on now.
- He was posting up the little youngins.
All of them.
- To average that?
Like come on be for real.
- Yeah he different.
- We got the opportunity to play with him,
I mean not play with him but wear his shoes
and represent his brand and so forth.
You got a deal with Nike and you got the KD's.
Like my son got KD's.
- [Quentin] You remember my daughter had a gang of 'em.
- It's crazy to see that.
- Them KDs, like they a hot commodity.
They were saying something like you had to sell
a certain amount of shoes.
I'm like man they loving it.
Like everybody was supporting it
and wanted it and you got a dope shoe.
- Appreciate it.
- Like how does it feel to have a dope shoe?
I know coming up and where we come from,
and then have your own shoe and people rocking with it?
- [Quentin] It's the dream.
- And they dope.
- And like he said,
people rocking with it too.
- People rocking with you though.
- It's crazy man.
It happened so fast.
From always getting the Eastbays and opening the Eastbays.
- Like you in the Eastbay and your teams
is getting the KD's for the season.
- Yeah it just happened so fast.
It's crazy to think about
and then see everybody showing love.
And appreciate the story I bring within the shoe too,
it was just a journey.
I'm at about 12 shoes right now.
And they told me only me, MJ, Kobe and Bron
got 12 signature shoes.
I'm like me?
- You dropping albums man.
You're like Hov.
- That's crazy.
- I'm like me?
Where I come from, where I grew up.
- That's amazing.
- Just like wanting to do stuff like that
and actually do it,
it's like man it's crazy.
All up from the game though.
So I appreciate just hooping everyday that got me that,
you know what I'm saying.
- Putting your DNA on your shoes.
Putting stuff like that's dope.
- Exactly.
Stuff that's gonna live on.
Even though people might not know about it.
But it's gonna live on in my family forever.
- Straight up.
- That's the most important thing.
- Word up.
What I wanna ask you is like,
back when y'all was in OKC,
when it was you, Russ and James Harden,
like did y'all three know that it was like,
okay y'all about to all three be future MVPs,
and y'all all three is this cold?
Like if I'm talking about like this cold.
Like I know playing against y'all,
like obviously you stuck out the most,
and you know Russ and James was good but like,
I never was sitting there like okay all three of them
are gonna be a MVP at some point in this league.