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Your son is a failure
He's barely passing my class and with grades like this.
I'm just not sure what kind of future he's gonna have
What do you have to say for yourself?
You're supposed to graduate this year
Listen to Mr johnson
What kind of future do you think you're gonna have?
With all due respect
Don't call me a failure
Failure is an event, not a person in fact
And you talk about the future Mr. Johnson,
But you're not preparing us for that
Excuse me?
Just listen to what I'm saying
This should be good
Would you agree that
In the future
Most careers will become automated?
Yeah... So?
So the people who succeed will have to be
with resilient to adapte to new changes
What's your point ?
My point is, the focus in this school
is not on that
it is on
that it is on regurgitating information and tests taking
And that's just real...
but in today's world
creativity is the most important leadership skill.
Oh, that's how you feel..??
you feel you don't have to believe me but maybe you will believe the 1,500 executives
who recently said creativity is the most important leadership skill
see pretty soon no one will be hired because of what they know because who
cares what you know or if you've memorized the fact we've got Google and
Siri for that in the future people will be hired because of what they can do
with their knowledge can they creatively solve real-world
problems not just follow instructions or directions and Bubble in a
multiple-choice questions so mom that's why I'm stressed cuz these robotic tasks
we learned in school should stop because no one can do a robot's job better than a
robot billionaire founder of Alibaba Jack Ma
said that we should not compete with artificial intelligence but instead
focus on developing unique human intelligence mr. Johnson drills are for
teeth not the human mind so these repetitive knowledge-based tasks we must
leave behind or in the future you're gonna find a lot of people graduating
out of your class right into the unemployment line see many top companies
today don't look at grades Mon that old way is expiring Google has been quoted
as saying GPAs are worthless criteria for hiring founder of Tesla Elon Musk
agrees so I say this with unease and sorrow if you continue to teach today as
you taught yesterday then you rob us students of tomorrow mr. Johnson I'm
gonna keep it real with you sometimes sitting in your class is tough
I'm constantly thinking that if I don't look up at the clock maybe it'll speed
up so I listen to you do my work and pay attention feeling like an hour had to
have gone by but it was only three minutes so if you wonder why we're bored
in class look you want to get a kid to hate reading give them this a school
textbook and some people think it's all falling and that hurts me they say you
can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink and to that I say no
firstly you could put salt in that horse's hay and make them thirsty and if
you bring joy in your classroom and you can make any bad student, nerdy as he
or she discovers the beauty of truly learning mr. Johnson I mean no
disrespect you have the most important job on this planet you build create and
save lives but if you really care about my future like you say then you have to
fully commit and ask yourself honestly how do I prepare a child for future that
doesn't yet exist here's a hint the answer is not found in this it's using
this and this see in the future we would need more passion and compassion people
with inspired hearts and wisdom to uplift this planet and mom I love you
but can I be real go ahead you want to know one of the biggest factors for
childhood success it's not IQ its family meals and we haven't had one of those in
a while see I know sometimes you don't feel
proud cuz I may not be a straight-a student
but I'm not stupid these tests maybe 70% of my grade but there's zero percent of
my future but don't worry I'll pass this class and get through
this but I need you to give me the space I need to be me and live true cuz the
best feeling in the world is that your own parents get you there's a passage in
a book called the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran and if you don't mind I'd love to
share it with you go ahead so he says your children are not your
children they are the sons and daughters of life longing for itself they come
through you but not from you and though they are with you they do not belong to
you you may give them your love but not your thoughts for they have their own
thoughts you may house their bodies but not their souls for their souls dwell in
the house of tomorrow so mom I'd appreciate it if you give me the love
that I need to pursue my dreams see if we are to succeed all three of us need
behavior change on all fronts we talk about the future but the future is now
and it is created now by all of us I've never heard you speak like that before
yeah I didn't know but I'm gonna reach out to administration and try to change
some things you have my word
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Student Vs. Teacher (2019)

336 Folder Collection
陳朝陽 published on August 15, 2019
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