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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:01,365 Congratulations on the Lakers.
Thank you.
Very, very exciting.
And it's exciting for you, I'm sure,
to have him on the Lakers.
But you expected it?
Most definitely.
Yeah, OK.
So your dad says you will be the greatest player
ever in all time.
Do you agree with him?
I mean, it's good to set the bar high.
So that's what I'm chasing after.
Right, so do you have the same confidence that he puts on you
or is that too much pressure?
No, I have it.
He's just a little louder than I am.
OK, I see.
Because you always wanted him to be a basketball player?
He was going to be a basketball player.
That's how I picked my wife.
00:00:37,020 --> 00:00:38,340 Everything lined up for him.
OK, did you know you were being picked
to breed basketball players?
OK, because there's how many sons?
And they're all going to be basketball players?
Oh yes.
OK, well you already are.
So some of the things that you have said--
back in my heyday, I'd kill Michael Jordan one on one.
You would?
I'm going to tell you right now, Lonzo
is better than Steph Curry.
To me, yes.
Well, all these are to you because they--
Yes, most definitely.
Lonzo fitting to step over Magic to be the best guard ever.
Most definitely.
If you can't afford our shoes--
what are they called?
The Zero Two's.
Zero Two's?
--you're not a big baller?
Do you know what that means?
A big baller?
If you're not a big baller--
see, people took it the wrong way, thinking--
Well, you tell me what it means.
This is what it means.
If you're not dedicated and disciplined enough
to go do whatever to get the shoes, you're not a big baller.
It's not about you have enough money to be a big baller.
That's what it means.
You're not a big baller if you don't go get
the shoe because you're not--
you don't want to take the chance to go get it.
Because it might have to be a little harder
and than you just saying, hey, I want this shoe.
You've got to go work for that shoe.
Right, or not eat that day.
Well, you've got to be smart.
Are you going to not eat or are you going to save up money to--
collect bottles for a year or two get the shoe?
OK, so you--
You know what I'm saying?
Yeah, I do.
So now you're being disciplined-- dedicated.
Because that's something you want.
I think discipline is important.
Yes, of course, and responsibility.
But I also think that--
you passed up-- Nike, I guess, offered you a deal?
$2 billion deal, yeah.
So you passed up the Nike deal because you have your own line.
And you're saying why give them a little bit of money
when you can have your own line?
Because everybody's been endorsed.
We don't want to do no endorsement.
That's been done a long time.
OK, so you have a goal for your family-- a huge financial goal.
And what is the goal?
The goal is to have my kids' kids be trust fund babies--
that internal wealth.
Don't be wealthy for 10 years and when
your contract wears out, now you're stuck with nothing.
Now you're on that 70 percentile being broke.
Because a lot of people and a lot of basketball players
make a lot of money, but then they spend a lot of money,
and they don't have any money.
And how old are the other sons?
My other son is 18, the other one just turned 16.
And they all already are accepted into UCLA?
One is at UCLA right now, and the other one
is committed to UCLA.
And so you think they're really good?
You think they're also going--
what's going to happen when it's competitive between the three
of you?
Once they're actually playing pro ball?
Well, hopefully we're on the same team.
But you know, if we play against each other,
it always goes in order--
I'm the best, then the middle one--
the middle one's second best, and then the youngest one.
What would happen if the middle one or the youngest one
beat you?
I mean, what would that feel like?
Nah, it never happens, so I don't know.
All right.
It's great to have confidence, but you also-- everyone fails.
Everyone makes mistakes and has bad games and bad times,
so you have to be ready for that, too.
Oh, yeah.
Everybody's a human like you said.
We all make mistakes.
You just got to get back up.
Yeah, exactly.
All right, and you just got an apartment, right?
I did.
I got you something for your apartment.
I think you're going to love it.
I do.
I think you're going to love it.
00:04:06,810 --> 00:04:07,780 That's good.
That's good.
You're trying to block me, but I'm
going to dunk on you right there.
That's one of your bad days, right there.
You go to sleep looking at that.
All right.
You can catch Ball In the Family every Sunday on Facebook Watch.
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L.A. Lakers Rookie Lonzo Ball and Dad LaVar Talk About Being True

44 Folder Collection
張兆毅 published on August 15, 2019
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