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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Proverbs 145. The proverb today is a closed mouth catches
no flies. Okay. This is kind of interesting because this the first time I've
ever come across this where , I found a proverb that seems to have two different
meanings. And the meanings are very different between both of them. All right.
Let's look at the first one. The first meaning might be the more common one. It
says the first meaning of this proverb is that it is better to keep silent than
to say something that might get you in trouble. So , so basically keep your
mouth shut or keep quiet or you might say the wrong thing and you might get
into trouble. Yeah. This one, it's hard to pinpoint and find an exact citing of
when the first time this is mentioned. We do find out later that ... maybe I'll
cover this part now. The proverb is also a quote from Cervantes in "Don Quixote. So
it did come out in "Don Quixote" so it's at least that old, but this one is a
little harder to find you know the story behind it. But you could probably put it
together. A closed mouth. Meaning if you keep your mouth closed mmm you know and
the Flies probably represent trouble. The trouble can't get in. So you think about it
that way or maybe possibly. I don't know if you're speaking you know, what a fly
is attracted to they're attracted to garbage and they are attracted to poo poo.
So maybe if you're speaking you know you had that come out of your mouth oh the
fly might get in and well that might cause you a problem. Okay. Let's look at
the second one though. However oddly, there is a second use and meaning for
this, this same proverb. The second meaning is to be alert and grab any good
opportunities one encounters in life. Okay I kind of like the story behind
this one better. This one I think tends to be more European. I found that it's
like an Italian proverb and a French proverb and a Spanish
proverb. I think the other one comes a little bit more out of England. But
really they both have worked their way into English. So you might find uses of both
of these. Here's the story behind the second one. This alludes to the idea of a
frog that must keep its mouth partly open, so it could quickly roll out a
tongue ( sounds of a tongue rolling out ) You see that. You see him catch fly sometimes. To catch flies
go by. If its mouth were closed it would miss the opportunity. So, so, so again you
got two meanings. One is to telling you to keep quiet because you might get
yourself in trouble by saying the wrong thing. The other one is probably
encouraging you to keep your mouth open like a frog and be ready and be alert
and grab the opportunity when it goes by. Okay. Good. So like I said ... we know
definitely that it was been around since at least Don Quixote because it is of course
it was in Spanish when it was originally written by Don Quixote. But it's
definitely if you look up Don Quixote's quotes. It's there He did say this.
Although it's possible it could predate him. I'm not sure if he's the one that
coined it or not. But anyway I give a few examples of the way we might hear it
both ways. All right . The first two, I think I'm more like
the one about keeping quiet. So let's look at a number one here. My lawyer
advised me not to say anything without his confirmation first. Like don't say
anything unless I tell you it's okay to say it.And then he said a closed mouth
catches no flies. So be careful this way you know, if you say something
it may come back to hurt you or may come back to haunt you. So this one covers the
first one perfectly. Let's look at number two here. If the police ask any questions
remember a closed mouth catches no flies. Yes. Yeah, so if the police ask any
questions basically don't say anything. Keep your mouth shut.
because you might say the wrong thing and
maybe you'll get yourself into trouble. So a closed mouth catches no flies. All
right and of course the third one here. My financial advisor told me now is the
time to buy. He said don't wait , remember a closed
mouth catches no flies. Now of course this is the second one. You know, be alert.
Watch out. Grab any opportunity grab a good opportunity when you see it.
Don't hesitate you know. So the the last example here is more for the second one
I gave you. Like the Frog that's waiting for a good opportunity to catch a real
fly. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was informative. I hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.
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English Tutor Nick P Proverbs (146) A Cliosed Mouth Catches No Flies

46 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on August 14, 2019
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