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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 357. The title of today's lesson
is the difference between "you must be dreaming' and 'daydream.' Yeah. Recently
I've noticed that a lot of students especially students of ESL sometimes use
he word daydream when they should be using a phrase like you must be dreaming.
So first let's ... so let's look at daydream and the way we usually use daydream. So
let's look at the note here. If someone is having a daydream, he or she is having
pleasant thoughts about something other than what he or she is supposed to be
paying attention to. So typically you know, a student in a class if the class is
boring, they might be daydreaming about something fun. They're going to do later or
that weekend or the vacation time or maybe even somebody at work. They're
supposed to be doing their work they're looking out the window their mind is
somewhere else maybe they're thinking about their boyfriend or their husband
or you know something they're going to do later on or that weekend or whatever.
That's usually what we mean by a daydream. So it is usually real things
that you're going do but it's usually pleasant things or fun things. That's
mostly what we mean when we say a daydream.
All right. Let's continue here. Now when we talk about you must be dreaming ... let's
look at the note here. Actually we have three common ways of expressing the same
idea. One can say you must be dreaming, dream on or in your dreams. Yeah. So even ...
I mean this is even good just to learn these phrases. So these regular idioms
All three phrases are used to tell someone that what he or she wishes for or
what they want, you do not believe has a likely chance to come true. Okay. Let's
continue. Some say, meaning some people say. These phrases derived from meaning
they originally came from . A number of songs in the 1950s and 1960s
used the word dream in their titles or choruses about hoping to get love from a
particular person. Yeah. There's a lot of songs like dream, dream, dream, dream you
know, there's a lot of songs like that talking about hoping or wishing to
to date some particular person. That may, may not even know them . mm-hmm. Okay. So
let's take a look at the first example how a student is likely to do this wrong.
So here with the X is wrong. So if a student says you must be making a
daydream. She would never date you. No. You don't use this in this sense. You
should say. You must be dreaming. Like you're crazy. You know she would never
date you. You know. Maybe you know, she would never choose you as her partner
You know maybe you're out of her league or something like that. All right. Now
let's look at number two here. You must be having a daydream. Again, your talent
is not good enough to compete. Okay. So again this would be wrong to be saying
you're having a daydream. Again we could use another way that we said it. You say,
in your dreams. So with all of these you can say in your dreams, you must be
dreaming or we could say dream on. Meaning like no way. That's not likely.
That's not going to happen. You know, forget it.
Yes. That's not going to become reality. Probably not. All right. And the third one
we have here. Again, a student might be saying you are having a daydream. The
boss is never going to give you that job. So again in this case we might say, dream
on. The boss is never going to give you that job. He you know, he doesn't even like you
that much. Or he you know there's many other better choices that he'll probably
give it to or more deserving employees. So dream on. It's not going to come true. You
don't think it's likely. All right. Anyway and of course we'll just give one
example where you know this is how the way we use daydream. We use daydream
both as a verb and a noun. So we might say here, Sally
often daydreams in that class because it is
boring. Or you know, she had a daydream or she was caught having a daydream. You know
something. I mean the teacher caught a student having you know , a daydream just
wandering looking at the sky. Or looking at the ceiling. So that's
the way we would use it. Okay. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. Thank
you for your time. Bye-bye.
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English Tutor Nick P Lesson (357) The Difference Between You Must Be Dreaming and Daydream

14 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on August 14, 2019
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