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  • HOST: Have you seen Maroon 5's new music video

  • to "Moves Like Jagger"?

  • Three things.

  • Shirtless Adam Levine, hot dancing,

  • and Christina Aguilera.

  • Lisa Eaton did an awesome job recalling Mick Jagger's iconic

  • dance moves and bringing them to us in a

  • whole new way in 2011.

  • LISA EATON: Hi, my name's Lisa Eaton, and I recently

  • choreographed Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger".

  • The concept of the video was to originally get Mick Jagger

  • to come and do a guest spot within the video, because the

  • song is about moves like Jagger.

  • His type of movement, his freedom, the androgynous

  • sexuality that he has that comes across in his

  • performance that they wanted to capture.

  • The director, Jonas Akerlund, was very specific.

  • He wanted all different types of people that would embody

  • Mick Jagger essence.

  • We had a couple Mick Jagger impersonators.

  • And the impersonator was very nice, and he had definite

  • opinions on what Mick would do and what he wouldn't do.

  • But he wouldn't say Mick.

  • He would say, I would do this, and when I come out, I kinda

  • use my hands.

  • He would even talk in an accent, which was hysterical.

  • I worked with Adam, and he was really taken by one of Mick's

  • videos where he's almost in workout wear.

  • And he wanted to get the beginning of "Start Me Up."

  • And so Adam was really open to doing a couple moves exactly

  • from the Mick Jagger video.

  • And he was fantastic to work with.

  • He absorbed Mick quickly.




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