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(electronic music)
- When I look at a floppy disk today,
I look at something that's valuable,
and that I used, and yet, when most people look at it,
they'll look at it almost as a joke.
(phone ringing)
I'm the last man standing in the floppy disk business,
because I basically forgot to get out of the business.
In this office, we're in a time warp.
Manufacturing of the diskettes is over,
and so all of the diskettes
that will be made have been made.
I'm desperately trying to acquire
as many diskettes as I possibly can.
All kinds of disks come flying into our doors.
From time to time, a commercial recycler will call me up
and say, “Hey, I have somewhere between
35 and 50,000 disks.”
We sort them; we run them through
a process to erase the information.
Once the diskettes are reformatted and relabelled,
we're able to resell them.
We do sell to the U.S. Government.
There are a number of applications that
the government has that call for the use of a floppy disk.
The old saw is if it ain't broke don't fix it.
Most of our business is for commercial and industrial use,
whether they be embroidery machines, ATMs,
avionics for airplanes, those machines are still around,
and they're going to last for quite a few more years.
The floppy disk business will not be around forever.
No, I won't be around forever either.
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Where Floppy Disks are Still in Use

45 Folder Collection
許大善 published on August 13, 2019
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