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  • Forty, twelve, fifteen, two, ten, nine.

  • Number man, number man, count it down the time.

  • Hey.

  • Superheroes.

  • Don't need to be scared.

  • I'm not scared.

  • But...what about under the bed?

  • Nope, all clear.

  • I'll be just next door.

  • I miss dad.

  • Me too.

  • Mom!

  • The closet.

  • The door.

  • It's...

  • Doctor Bunny!

  • He was sad and lonely in the closet.

  • That wasn't funny.

  • You're right.

  • It was hilarious.

  • Listen, honey, you're the man of the house now, I need you to be brave for me.

  • Can you do that?

  • I can.

  • Man of the house.

  • What is it? What's wrong!

  • - Honey - No!

  • There's nothing in there.

  • But, I saw...

  • I'mma let you own a little secret.

  • The scariest things aren't in there, they're in here.

  • My mom taught me a trick.

  • You wanna know it?

  • Whenever you get scared...

  • Close your eyes and you count to ten...

  • And when you're done counting you open your eyes and whatever is scaring you will be gone.

  • How do you know?

  • Because I'm a Mom.

  • One.

  • Two.

  • Three.

  • Four.

  • Five.

  • Six.

  • Seven.

  • Eight.

  • Nine.

  • Ten.

Forty, twelve, fifteen, two, ten, nine.

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    Mackenzie posted on 2019/08/26
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