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I can show you the world,
Shining, shimmering, splendid.
Tell me, princess,
Now when did you last let your heart decide?
I can open your eyes,
Take you wonder by wonder,
Over sideways and under,
On a magic carpet ride.
A whole new world.
A new fantastic point of view.
No one to tell us no,
Or where to go,
Or say we're only dreaming.
A whole new world.
A dazzling place I never knew.
But when I'm way up here,
It's crystal clear,
That now I'm in a whole new world with you.
Now I'm in a whole new world with you.
Unbelievable sights,
Indescribable feeling.
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling,
Through an endless diamond sky.
A whole new world. (Don't you dare close your eyes.)
A hundred thousand things to see. (Hold your breath, it gets better.)
I'm like a shooting star,
I've come so far.
I can't go back to where I used to be.
A whole new world. (Every turn a surprise.)
With new horizons to pursue. (Every moment, red-letter.)
I'll chase them anywhere.
There's time to spare.
Let me share this whole new world with you.
A whole new world. (A whole new world.)
That's where we'll be. (That's where we'll be.)
A thrilling chase,
A wondrous place,
For you and me.
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Aladdin - A Whole New World | Shirley Setia & KHS Cover

269 Folder Collection
Emily Cheng published on August 12, 2019    Emily Cheng translated    Evangeline reviewed
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