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Does this symbol look familiar to you?
And how about this screen right here?
Waiting for things to load is part of everyone's mobile app experience.
But it's never a good experience for your users!
And how would you even know what that experience is?
Your users are on a wide variety of devices, on wide variety of networks, in a wide variety
of locations all over the world!
If you want to optimize the performance of your app, you need metrics that tell you exactly
what's happening during the critical moments of your app's use.
And you need that information to come directly from your users.
Now, you can get it using Firebase Performance Monitoring.
By integrating the SDK into your app, and without writing any code, your performance
dashboard in the Firebase console will collect information about your app's performance,
as seen by your users.
You'll get data about your app's startup time and details about its HTTP transactions.
And, using the provided API, you can instrument your app to measure those critical moments
that you want to understand and improve.
Then, in the dashboard, you can break down the data by country... device type….
app version... and OS level.
So try out the Firebase Performance Monitoring SDK at no cost for iOS and Android to gain
insights into your user experience today.
And to learn more about Firebase Performance Monitoring check out the documentation right
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Introducing Firebase Performance Monitoring

223 Folder Collection
MisoHong published on August 9, 2019
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