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heh heh heh
that cat is so cute!
woah! click here to win a free TESLA?
i- i WOW i always wanted a car!

who are you?

what!? no ur not!

well now im not so sure...

well, ur mysterious and scary
and my mom told me not to speak to strangers!

we have a secret handshake?




yeah! i- im sorry i freakin doubted you yo!

so how do i get my free Tesla?

haha ok
-1 w33k l4t0r...-
and thats how i got scammed!
i feel like a real doofus ya know
thats crazy!
i know
i didnt want a dumb rocket
i wanted a car!
yeah hey show me that flame thrower thing again
-flame thrower noises-
such a rip off
-you can read right?-
Well first
If you ordered a limited edition *ur special* hoodie those will be shippining to you over these next few days. Finally!
I actually can't wait to see everyone rocking it and when you get yours please send me a picture
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TESLA (**Is A Scam)

357 Folder Collection
jocelin.lin66 published on August 9, 2019
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