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What dream or vision do you want to turn into reality? Your dream is only a dream
until it has a plan. You can dream of the kind of life you want, you can dream of
the kind of change you want, you can dream of the kind of future you want but
until you wake up and begin to plan to get there it will only be a dream. If you
want to be the best you must be obsessed with it. Getting better
isn't a hack or a trick or a one change that you need to make. Getting better is
a campaign. It's a campaign, it's a daily, a weekly, it's an hourly fight. An
incessant fight that doesn't stop against weakness and against temptation
and against laziness, it's a campaign of discipline. The campaign of hard work and
dedication it's waking up early and going to bed late and grinding out every
second in between, every single day. I believe that I can create whatever I
want to create if I can put- put my head on it right, study it, learn the
patterns and you know, I just it's hard to put into words. Real metaphysical
esoteric nonsense but I feel very strongly that we are who we choose to be.
The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is I'm not
afraid to die on a treadmill, right? I will run. You will not be outworked. I
will not be be outworked. Right. Period. You know you might have
more talent than me, you might be smarter than me
you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things you got it on me in
nine categories but if we get on the treadmill together, right? There's two
things. You're getting off first yeah or I'm gonna die. It's really that
simple, right. So let's go back to the question about what if people block me
out. It's going to be two options. Yeah. I'm gonna get back in or I'm gonna
be dead. Yeah, right. It's like you're not going to
outwork me it's a- it's a very, it's such a simple, basic concept. It's the- the guy who
is willing to hustle the most is gonna be the guy that just gets that loose
ball, you know he got that, oh he got two, he got - ooh god he's hustling grabbed
that one, that was gonna be out of bounds but he saved it back in. It's like, the
commodity that I see, the majority of people who aren't getting the places
they want or aren't achieving the things that they want in this business, is
strictly based on hustle. It's strictly based on being outworked, it's strictly
based on missing crucial opportunities. I honestly- I honestly believe that if
you're, if you're focused and passionate and driven you can achieve anything you
want to achieve in life because, I honestly believe that because you'll
figure it out, you know what I mean.
We have control of our minute, our hour our day, our week, our month and our year.
Stop running around being on the receiving end of whatever people want to
dump on you. You showed up you accepted that invite you invited these people to
your house you're in a relationship with that man you're in a relationship with
that woman. That's you so how do you feel at the end of your night?
How easy and how convenient is it for us to blame
everything and everybody for the things that we have going on in our lives. There
is a such thing as you being a positive and a great person with the best of
intentions towards everybody and shit is rough and you just can't get a break but
most of you most of you are waking up every day looking for pain, dysfunction
drama, unemployment, being broke, struggling, dropping every excuse in the
book about your childhood and the problems and dysfunction that you grew up in
that's stopping you from becoming successful. You don't like your friends
so why are you still with them? You don't trust your managers
agents and lawyers so why are they still there? Do you really expect your life and
career to be any different from messing with the same things people and situations.
That's all I'm saying. Are the things that you're doing the people that you're hanging out with
and the places and the circles that you're traveling in does that reflect a person
that actually loves themself? If you love yourself why would you fuck with those type of people?
You know what they're saying about you behind your back you know they're
jealous and envious of who you are and the things that you got going on
in your life, in your career. You know that they don't like you and they've made it clear
they've sent you every sign imaginable that they could possibly send you and because
you're so desperate to have people around you and in your
life you continue to go back you continue to show up to everything they
invite you to knowing what they're saying about you.I'm not preaching
separatism. I don't want a bunch of people to just be alone at home doing nothing
with no friends no family and nothing to do I'm saying that at this point you are
old enough and mature enough to understand the difference in good people
and bad people and when you're hanging out with negative dark and dysfunctional
people you cannot expect yourself to go to sleep at night and rest. You cannot
expect yourself to feel good about your day when you're including negative and
dysfunctional people in your day.
Stop being a lazy person that's full of excuses, sitting around on the pity party
coming up with every excuse in the world as to why you ain't winning. You are the
reason you're not winning you keep messin with negative evil and
dysfunctional people and expecting positive results. It's time you get off
the pity party stop complaining about being out of
shape when you never go to the gym stop looking at your stomach when you get out
of the shower and your body and complaining about the way you look when
you're eating everything in sight and never going to the gym. You are the
reason you look the way you look, you're the reason you're unemployed, you're the
reason why your surroundings are so dysfunctional and negative. You could
still be in the hood, broke and living a peaceful life. It's a choice. We are being
raised in a generation of people that come up with every excuse in the book as
to why they are not winning. You have that as a choice. You actually do. You
don't wake up in the morning and negativity, dysfunction, problems and
issues just randomly pop up. These are the people that you have decided to
include in your life so the outcome of your day, your hour, your minutes, your
week, your month and your year is always draining, always dysfunctional and
always crazy because these are the type of people you've decided to include in
your day to day life. You got 24 hours in a day. When you go to sleep at night how are
you going to feel about your day, all depends on who you decide to include in
your day. Stop running around acting as if you don't have a choice, you do have a
choice. Excuses sound best to the people
that's making them up. You got every
excuse in the world. That's why you ain't moving, that's why ain't nothing change and
nothing will change because you have convinced yourself that everything is
wrong, everything is neva - negative and nothing will change and guess what? It
won't change. Change your mind and it will change your life. Change, if nothing
around you changes, change the things that are around you. I'm tired of it. I'm
frustrated with the amount of people that are not successful because they
have thought their way into a depression you have thought your way into
negativity and misery you have thought your way into holding on to a dude or a
girl that you broke up with a year or two ago and you're still sad and miserable and they've moved on with
their life. It's all in the mind change your mind and it will change your life you just
have to you just have to wake up you just have to break that negative spirit
you have to break through all of that shit that your in care of. I don't want to
to I don't feel sorry for you you feel sorry for yourself that's the problem
even when positive people are trying to give you all this good energy you have
tricked your mind to turn every positive thing that they say into something
negative every time they say anything to
try and motivate you and inspire you you you turn every negative thought and
every you turn every positive thought every positive intention everything that
they trying to to boost your spirits up you flip it shake it manipulate it and
you if you are so determined to be negative and miserable.
It's unbelievable. So what you grew up with them? So what they're childhood friends?
So what they're family? We have a responsibility to walk in the
direction of peace I want to laugh I want to smile, I wanna enjoy myself. I
actually want to feel good about the people that are around me because you're
inviting me doesn't mean I want to show up because you're calling me doesn't
mean I'm going to call you back because you want me to be there doesn't mean
that I want to be there because we're family because we're friends because we
grew up together doesn't mean that I want to be a part of any and everything
that you want me to be a part of. Why? Because my experience with you hasn't
necessarily made me feel good about my my life or my experience at the end of
every night because you go to sleep at night doesn't mean you're resting. Because you
close your eyes at night and you are asleep physically doesn't mean that you're
actually resting and the reason that you don't rest is because while you're awake
everything and everybody thats in and around your life is so full of issues problems insecurities
dysfunction negativity your mind is and your spirit is in turmoil. Issues
problems, arguments, yelling, screams dysfunction I want you to stop playing
the victim you are not the victim you decided that those are your friends you
decided that those are the people that
you want to spend time with you decided this is what you wanted to do with your
day when you get invited to places doesn't mean you have to show up no one
wants to be alone why spend the rest of
your life being miserable frustrated and
insecure? Not really feeling as good as you have a responsibility to feel
feeling good isn't just an opportunity feeling good is a responsibility that we
all have for ourselves and guess what I actually don't care what you say about
me I don't remember the last time I lost sleep over a hater and the things that
people are running around saying blogs websites conversations tweets and I don't
lose sleep over haters. Why? Because I know exactly how I feel about me and
even if something appears to be very different than what it really is I don't
even mind that you're talking shit about the things that you're assuming that's
really going on the question is are you just going to
look at this video and decide wow that was some powerful shit and do the same thing?
But it's a new day... it's a new day.
The most important commodity in this world is time. Time is
priceless. Time is the essence of what you do each and every day. See a lot of
people show up at a job and they work and work and work and they don't like it
or they show up at school and they study study study, take tests and don't like it.
But for some of us we've went to a place to where we realize that all of that is
for something to make us better. That's a mindset. That's not despising small
things, that's realizing that a higher power is in charge to get you on a path
and with your freedom of choice you can make yourself even greater. Success is
not overnight. It's studying, it's learning, it's growing, it's falling down
and getting back up, it's failing and failing forward. It's not quitting, it's
late nights, early mornings, no alarm clock, passion waking you up, it's
something inside and innate ability that makes you feel like 'I am something
and I'm gonna be something.' Never, never let anybody tell you different.
So I need you to believe you can move past depression, anxiety, fear and all
these emotions that come in that are not part of what you're gonna be one day. I
know it's tough but time and time again, the tougher it is, the better it's gonna
make you. We can't shy away from the things that
are tough because those are the things that make us get better and better and better.
That's practice. That's in and out, that's rep after rep, time after time, lap after
lap, lesson after lesson, paper after paper, book after book, training our mind
to get better each and every day. That's in you, you have built been built for
You can't quit. You can do it. Not depression, not learning disabilities, not
stress, not family, not finances, not being the smartest one in the class, not being
a great test taker, you can do this! You have been built for
this. Nothing just happens. You are in this situation for a reason and you are
built for this. This is your time. This is your moment.
This is your destiny. So stop wasting time. Well for me, I mean ya, you visualize
where you want to be and what you want to accomplish and you kind of get lost in
the process of day-to-day, you know grinding it out working, pulling all nighters
if you have to, um you know it's just about not losing vision and not
losing sight of what you're, what you're trying to accomplish no matter what
hurdles you have to go through so I think that kind of relates to
whatever you're doing, whatever you know major you've chosen, or what you're
interested in so for me and basketball and it's about you know, visualizing
whether you write it down and put it on the wall, do something with it, what your
goals are and get lost in the process of day to day grind, day to day getting
better every single day, asking questions, aligning yourself with people that have
been through it before that- that are experienced and leaning on that advice
and just trying to outwork the next person and that's the biggest thing.
Something you said there, you- you're reaching your peak, do you think though
you can still take it to another level or do you think this is as good as it's
going to get for you? Well I like to use one quote that the limitations exist
only in our minds and if you start using imaginations then your- your
possibilities become limitless so that's that's kind of a mindset that I have, I
use my imagination, I- I do see myself achieving more, I'm hoping, I'm working
hard on it and not only myself but the entire team around me. You cannot grow without
legitimate suffering, you cannot grow without legitimate suffering. Rainbows
follow storms, my last book, the favorite- favorite chapter was lost creates
leaders. Nobody woke up in the morning and said I want to start a Cancer Foundation.
People who start Cancer Foundation's are people whose lives have been impacted
somehow by cancer, rainbows after storms. Intelligence can create huge profits and
in fact, you can actually make more money being smart than you can being strong or
fast. Expect difficulties is something I think
everybody in this room has gotten into Harvard, some of you probably are
here, snuck in but I don't care let's just say for a point of argument that
everybody here got into Harvard and you feel this incredible pressure to succeed
and I gave a speech here back in 2000 and at the end I said 'Fame is a little
like a white tuxedo, it looks good or success is a little like a white tuxedo
it looks good but you're very afraid of getting it dirty and it can inhibit you'
and I think I would tell my 19 year old self that everything you're feeling
right now, I used to think that if I could look at someone like myself, I
thought they had figured it all out and they were fine and wouldn't it be
magical if I could be, have my own show and be funny and everyone knew who I was
and most people liked it, that would be a great thing and it would solve all my
problems and I would like my future self to say that's not the case. It's actually
day by day, how you do your work, how you conduct yourself, how you treat people
you know what, the joy you get out of your work that that is far more
important. Allow for mistakes, allow for problems. I've had my career blow up on
me about two different times and I'm still here and very grateful and I
learned a lot during those moments and wouldn't really change a thing about any
of it and you just have to be willing to screw up and not freak out when you do
screw up because you will screw up. I mean you're really going to screw up.
How many seconds, how many minutes, how many hours, have we wasted? How many weeks
how many months, even how many years have we wasted doing things that we know are
not productive towards our dreams? The reality is, is that we have to maximize
our time in order to make our dreams reality. Stop wasting time. We can never
get it back. Why am I here? When you realize why you were born you have
become the person you are supposed to be and move on to the greatest parts of
your life. See, a lot of people show up at a job and they work and work and work
and they don't like it or they show up at school and they study study study
take tests and don't like it but for some of us, we've went to a place to
where we realize that all of that is for something to make us better. That's a
mindset. That's not despising small things.
That's realizing that a higher power is in charge to get you on a path
and with your freedom of choice you can make yourself even greater. Making
yourself believe that you can do it is a part of the process. It wasn't started
without any work, you have to work through it. Tell yourself that you will
do it. What can we do? What are some of the keys that we can begin to use to
motivate ourselves when our batteries run low because I don't care who you are,
I don't care what you do, at some time you are going to get tired. At some time
you're going to get in a rut, seem like nothing you do works out right, at some
time it just seems like you just don't have the wherewithal or the will
to do anything at some times you act like you're punch-drunk,
you're just wading through like just doing time, day in and day out looking at
non-discriminatory television, anything that's on, just looking and depressed.
Feeling powerless, feeling useless and bored. What do you do? How do you get yourself
out of a rut? How do you, when you know you can do more than what you've been
doing and you're not doing it and you're discontent with where you are, you get
angry at yourself, how do you get out of that rut? How do you motivate yourself?
One of the things that we must do is that we must be involved in working on
achieving self mastery. You must work on yourself continuously. Never be satisfied
with yourself. Always know that as you invest the effort and time on you, that's
the greatest ability that human beings have above animals. See a dog can't be
anything but a dog. Tree can't be anything but a tree. Human being you've
got unlimited potential. You can put effort on you and by concentrating on
you and developing you, you can transform your life wherever you are right now.
Most people won't do that. They won't take time to go to lectures, they
won't take time to go to seminars, they won't take time to go to classes to improve themselves
and as you continue to work on yourself, you will begin to expand your vision of
yourself. You will begin to work towards self mastery and you will begin to see it
reflect itself in all the dimensions of your life. Your mental life, your physical
life, your social life, in your relationships, your monetary life. So
concentrate on developing yourself because if you don't, I guarantee you
that you will make a settlement and most people have and most of us already have.
What kind of settlement have you made with your life? You know when we make
settlements, out-of-court settlements, you've heard of them? That means that you
decided to take something less than what you originally wanted to get, had you
gone into court and the reason that you settle outside of court is because you
didn't believe that you can get it, so you made an out-of-court settlement. Many
of us are making in life settlement. We're settling for less than what we
actually deserve. We don't feel good about it
but we make it work in our minds. We'll come up with some kind of excuse to make it all right.
Extraordinary. When we put our minds to it, we can do extraordinary things.
The Wright brothers, once they did achieve flight after time and time again
of making mistakes, 66 years later the human race was able to put a man on the
moon. It's been said that time is free but it's priceless.
You can't own it but you can use it. You can't keep it but you can spend it. Once
you've lost it, you can never get it back. The human mind has a mindset that once
it gets focused on the goal and buckles down and realizes what it wants to do
human beings can do extraordinary things.
See, some of us get these labels and these deficiencies and we just hang our hats
on those and we make excuses. You know, you can't make excuses and be successful
at the same time so quickly at a young age I realized that I have got to outwork
other people. Nothing is impossible when you don't quit.
Stop wasting time.
Cause if you live every second like it's your last,
you will never waste time. Coach Hite. Onward and upward towards the light.
The point of that clip is to make you understand that the major mistake that everybody
makes is waiting. Waiting to f-king feel like it, waiting for somebody to pick you
waiting for the right time, waiting for you to feel motivated, it's not coming.
For the big stuff, for the hard stuff, it requires a push, always has, always will.
Nobody is coming to save your ass. It is up to you and so if you want to change
anything about your life, stop sitting around and wasting your goddamn life and
start pushing yourself. Whether it's a fast or it is starting a business or it
is changing how you talk to your spouse or it's changing the kind of parent that
you are, you got one life and all you need to do is turn on the frickin news
and see the kind of that's going on in this world. It's both amazing and
terrifying. You never know when your time is up but I do know that you've got time
right now to change things and so the thing you should change is you should
take 100% responsibility for your future. You should decide what is it that you
really want your life to look like cuz you only get one of them and it's not
going to start again but you could start building your future right now and that
begins the moment that you realize that you're never gonna feel like doing the
things that are hard, you're never gonna feel like stepping out of your comfort
zone and the second that you do, the second that you push through, you win. You
win because you see yourself becoming the kind of person who takes action. You
see yourself believing in your ideas, you see yourself disregarding your own
excuses, that is the source of confidence. It's the willingness to try. It doesn't
start with belief, it starts with the push so do yourself a freakin favor and
stop thinking about all this stuff and stop commenting and push yourself. Do
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