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Katarina: Better dead than dull.
Xayah: Smile and nod, Honey ;)
Rakan: Can we leave now?
Rakan: That's my baby :D
Xayah: Aww,
Xayah: It was nothing!
Rakan: Did I do that?
Xayah: No, that was me.
Rakan: Who's counting?
Xayah: Me,
Xayah: I'm counting.
Rakan: Mielaa,
Rakan: I helped right?
Xayah: Couldn't of done it without you Meili.
Rakan: Everytime you do that, It drives me crazy :O
Xayah: Well,
Xayah: I'll have to do it more often then.
Rakan: Were....they trying?
Xayah: Probably,
Xayah: But there are two of us.
Rakan: I love watching you kill!
Xayah: And I love killing for you!
Rakan: Let's make out!
Rakan: HAHA!
Rakan: Told you!
Xayah: Rakan!
Xayah: Let's not gloat,
Xayah: Much.. ;)
Rakan: Did they deserve it?
Xayah: They deserved it.
Rakan: Why do they break so easily?
Xayah: They aren't made like us.
Rakan: Pity.
Xayah: That was a Vastayan Farewell!
Rakan: Isn't a Vastayan Farewall, when you say "OOLA BAASH"? (Jesus, Rakan.)
Xayah: I was trying to have a moment Rakan.
Rakan: Did you see that?!? (Yes.)
Rakan: That was amazing!! (Sorta.)
Xayah: Nice Job Babe.
Rakan: They couldn't keep up with you.
Xayah: Only you can Rakan
Rakan: I ain't gonna kill ya..
Rakan: She is..
Xayah: Nice to unmeet you. (She is very annoyed)
Rakan: Kiss me honey.
Xayah: Why now?
Rakan: Give them a pretty last image.
Katarina: Better dead than dull.
Xayah: Aha,
Xayah: I think we're supposed to laugh now.
Rakan: At what?
Rakan: You okay?
Xayah: Better now!
Rakan: I got you!
Xayah: Thanks babe!
Rakan: MWHA!
Xayah: MWHA!
Rakan: You're welcome!
Xayah: Thank you!
Xayah: Thank you!
Rakan: Anytime!
Xayah: Thank you honey!
Rakan: That Help?
Xayah: Appreciated!
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Rakan and Xayah Special Interactions

469 Folder Collection
謝雪兔 published on August 7, 2019
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