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Did I tell you I love you ?
Yes, but say it anyway .
I Love You
If love is feeling so deeply for another that you want to chew your way under their skin
then I love Rakan
You gonna marry me today ?
Ask me again tomorrow
I always do .
Why do you never say yes ?
Cause then, I wouldn't get to hear you ask .
Do I make you happy, Rakan ?
Every day of my life .
I'm lucky to have you
No, I'm the lucky one
Did you notice the sky ?
It's lovely .
Not as beautiful as you .
Kiss me honey
Why now ?
Give them a pretty last image .
Make them remember
They'll never forget .
We are seen dancing and thought insane
By those who can't hear the music .
How can humans not hear the magic ?
They're too busy building things
Why ?
Because they're afraid .
Once magic was everywhere
Long ago our kind danced upon the mountains like flames
Now only the embers remain
Ionia used to be so nice...
I look around these forests and I see freedom
I hear the music .
Our magic is afury .
It is a song you cannot resist .
They're so very blind .
Can we just stay here ?
We must keep moving
Our Vastayan essence fades with each passing day .
I will rest when our homelands are restored .
You sure about this ?
It has to be done
Be safe .
Like you can talk .
We can do this .
Hey, I know that .
I'll do whatever needs to be done .
Just to be sure .
If our existence is everyone else's chaos
so be it .
Chaos is the preferred state of nature
Give in,
or break .
If you don't want to do this-
No ! I want to !
You're only here because of me...
Nah...freedom fighting is a good look for me .
You're only given a little spark of madness
You mustn't lose it .
Alright, let's go !
This way or that way ?
Stick to the plan .
We have a plan ?
We always have a plan .
Really ?
Are we... ?
Are you pretending to be dumb ?
I mean,
I don't have to remember the plan if you do .
I don't need to understand the plan-
I trust my love .
If Xayah says someone has to die,
them die.
- and they deserved it .
I have killed for her!
I will kill for her again .
I need you
To be more careful
If anybody's gonna die first, it's gonna be
me .
I can't see you die .
You know I love you .
What we have is greater than some human word...
It's gonna be okay .
Humans made promises,
more than I can remember...
They kept none .
Humans talk about their treaties .
We talk about their lies
They're scared of darkness,
They're scared of magic
They are scared
of where I'm from !
I am Vastaya .
I am born of magic .
This is my destiny .
We will not fade away!
The Vastaya named the world .
We named the trees,
the wind,
the mountains .
We know their power .
The world owes the Vastaya a great debt .
I'm here to collect .
For humans magic is like fire .
For us it is water,
and air .
Humans claim it is theirs
They fence us away
and cover it in refuse .
They will see my dance-
then they will know magic's joy .
...And it's fury .
A dance with me ends in blood .
I make chaos
dance !
Your kind started this war !
We will end it !
How long since we last danced ?
Too long !
Let's show them what we got !
Happily !
Our people are bleeding .
My lady is gonna heal them .
Every drop of Vastaya blood spilled is a waste .
Can I start it off ?
You wanna start it off ?
Let's start it off !
Who do I hit ?
One of them !
Ah !
How many fight's do we gotta win ?
All of them !
These guy's look silly !
Bunch of weirdos .
Should we give them a fighting chance ?
Only if we wanna have fun !
Hey, I'm not gonna kill you-
she is !
Say hi, honey !
Yay, someone to throw knives at !
Nice to unmeet you .
where they try probably but there are two of us why do they break so easily
they aren't made like us pity did they deserve it
they deserved it daya hey I'm so tired
you got a rest honey everyone is depending on me everyone can wait you
okay I'm fine you're pushing yourself too hard it has to be done they say I
don't know when to quit like that's a weakness if we get
separated I'll find you we won't get separated you're already wandering off
no I'm not only a little if he need me whistle you know how to whistle don't
you hubba-hubba no that's not whistling if things go
wrong they always go wrong they don't always go wrong mostly they mostly go
wrong that's why I'm here I saw you everyone can see you baby what did I
tell you try not to die close enough you can't tell me you weren't impressed with
what just generally I'm amazing hey I need you here never mind just go that
way no one can control me that's right babe
be right back will you who can know these things you you can know these
things SIA SIA crap what was I supposed to do
alright totally forgot why I'm here bet she's gonna be angry about that later I
have got to stop talking myself damn it SIA where are you
ah silence so golden like rekon kind of miss him you're thinking about me I'm a
little busy darling yes pay attention to me I swear you will be
the death of me I'm fine with that with whom what would
you do if I died I would burn this world to the ground and build a castle from
the ashes where I would live alone forever oh that's sweet a nice dinner
chocolate that's not what how long do we fight until we are free until magic is
free who is that gorgeous thing over there now's not the time darling it's
always the time hey Ziya yeah you sexy keep them distracted that shouldn't be a
problem you're cute today eyes on the prize baby
mind if I cut in recon be my guest Miele that was beautiful baby they couldn't
keep up with you only you can recon I love watching you kill and I love
killing for you let's make out if rekon were here I'd make out with him
until his ears blood he loves it when I do that every time you do that it drives
me crazy Wow I'll have to do it more often then what
do you want to do later I could think of something how do you like me today more
than yesterday less than tomorrow all women desire akan like they'd know what
to do with him when are we gonna do this soon baby slow down
we pledged ourselves to each other in the middle of a tavern brawl the whole
place wreaked a vomit sweat and blood it was so romantic
where do we go wherever our hearts desire you remember the off a waterfall
yeah I'd like to go there again I'll try not to die then did you see that that
was amazing nice job babe haha told you rock on
let's not gloat much the fights here by me it's the same fight you love it when
I slap fools you know I do whoo shake those tail feathers baby this
reminds me of our first dates good times ah come on I've put you back into it I
feel like my allies aren't recognizing how amazing my cloak is I mean seriously
rude where are we going you forgot the plan no I yeah hey have you seen this
cape I can't die looking this good what are those things humans wear on their
feet Cheers I need shoes red ones I need them so bad
hey I have a plan you have a plan yeah I'll go on instinct
that's the opposite of a plan are you I was I will I love you I know Miele I
helped right Qurna done it without you merely come here magic isn't supposed to
be safe magic is a wilderness I want to feel everything that's the only way to
live I need my love to hurt I need the world to be scary I don't
apologize for it I feel good war is in the dance magic is in the
heart magic is in the rhythm the only way to understand magic is to plunge
into it move with it dance and dance I dance because I'm free you will see the
dance of death plants say baby I don't do safe this looks like another
dangerous situation thankfully I can improvise okay everybody I'm here I'm
here whoops now you are dead you okay oh oh this is
all so intense what the hell were you thinking back there yes I wasn't I never
think not thinking thanks for what not saying I told you so I don't want a war
but I want to be free mankind is blind I want them to see vision is the first
step towards understanding listening such a simple concept I do not wish to
kill the mortals I want them to hear the music the humans will never understand
our kind until they hear the song I will make them dance I will make them hear we
were not made to fight each other it needed to be done if a style will sing
songs of you I promise
should I show them the dance show them the dance
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Lovers -Xayah And Rakan MultiTranslates .

286 Folder Collection
謝雪兔 published on August 7, 2019
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