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Hey there everyone! Welcome to the wonderful world of Eggplants
yes in today's episode we gonna see
Eggplants...lots of types of eggplants. You're gonna see the black beauty
You're gonna see the Japanese eggplant and also
the wonderful great tasting white eggplants
so there we are all - all types of eggplants right here for you
so let's get started. So to successfully grow good eggplants
you need a few things : You need nice, warm weather
eggplants thrive in warm weather so late spring, summer
you know excellent time to plant eggplants. They do very well in containers you can
see it right here
this one's a black beauty eggplant growing in a container
here are some more tips on growing eggplants
just like tomatoes, eggplants
will love low nitrogen fertilizers
they just like phosphorous and potassium rich fertilizers
you can go organic you can get all the organic fertilizers that you like
you'll see some links in the video description below
but do not feed them a lot of nitrogen as all you're gonna end up with is
getting big huge green leaves and not many eggplants
here's one more trip - in the growing season
every 15 to 20 days give some Epsom salt solution to your eggplants
it'll make them thrive. So let's start harvesting some eggplants from these
once again these are the black beauty varieties
the black beauties is one of the easiest varieties to grow here in the
United States in california's zone nine and depending on where you are
you might wanna find the best variety to grow locally
in my experience the best produce that you can
get out of your garden is by growing
varieties that thrive locally
the black beauty is a pretty popular variety though and it's very easy to get
seeds in any garden store
or you can just get the plants and plant them in your garden
now let's take a look at some other eggplant varieties
Now this is a whisky barrel container and I'm growing three varieties of
plants in the same whiskey barrel. One is a black beauty that we just saw
in the beginning of this video there's also a Japanese variety - the Japanese
eggplant that you see right here
and then there's also a white eggplant that's also in the same barrel
so as you can see here these Japanese eggplants are ready for harvest
so the are two nice eggplants full-bodied
not as much full-bodied as a black beauty but still packs quite a volume
so here you see a harvest bowl. It has a lot of black beauty eggplants that was
harvested in a day
as well as some Japanese eggplants
so now the come to the most interesting
next a variety of eggplant - the white eggplant!
Now white eggplants grow similar to
the other eggplant varieties we saw. In fact one is going in the same whiskey
barrel as the other
two varieties of eggplants. The white eggplants of course look white
very different from the regular eggplanks. Now as far as taste goes, white
eggplants have a nice
rich creamy taste to them It's very different from the regular
the purple eggplants that you see and you'll be amazed at the flavor you
should try it out if you haven't tried out white eggplant, you should try it out
its got a very different creamy kind of flavor
and just like other eggplants, white eggplants will keep producing
throughout the season. Very easy to grow
you must try it out if you haven't tried growing it already
so that's all we have for you in this episode
I hope you enjoyed watching all the different varieties of plants
and I'm sure you'll give it a shot growing all varieties
Happy Gardening!
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How To Grow Eggplants In Containers - The Complete Guide To Growing Eggplants

195 Folder Collection
小羊 published on August 6, 2019
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