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(audience applauding) - Good morning!
And welcome to the Steve Jobs Theater.
As you can tell, today's gonna be
a very different kind of event.
So let's get started with Apple News.
(audience applauding)
I love the feeling of being at the newsstand
with all those beautiful and thought-provoking magazines
covering so many topics.
Well today, we're bringing magazines to Apple News.
All of these magazines come to life in an all-new service
that we call Apple News Plus. (audience applauding)
- Apple News Plus will bring you over 300 magazines
across all sorts of topics,
and Apple News Plus is the only place
where you will find all these magazines in a single package.
But Apple News Plus is about more than magazines.
Apple News Plus also includes some of the most popular
premium digital subscriptions like the Skimm.
We download groups of articles from our servers,
and then we use on-device intelligence
to make recommendations,
and that means we don't know what you read,
and in addition to that,
we don't allow advertisers to track you.
(audience applauding)
We decided to make this available to your entire family
with Family Sharing at no extra charge.
You pay $9.99 per month. (audience applauding)
Apple News Plus is available today.
Just download today's updates of iOS and MacOS
and launch Apple News,
and the first month is free. (audience applauding)
- Now let's talk about Apple Pay.
We're bringing Apple Pay to transit
in major cities in the U.S. starting right here
on the west coast with Portland and rolling out
in Chicago and New York City later this year.
(audience applauding)
Today, we're introducing a brand new service,
and we call it Apple Card. (audience applauding)
- You don't have to wait days to get your card.
Just sign up on your iPhone, and in just minutes,
you get your Apple Card,
and you can start using it right away.
You can use it world wide anywhere with Apple Pay,
in apps, in stores, on the web,
and your Apple Card will be available
across all of your Apple devices.
Apple Card is also always with you
because it's in your iPhone in the Wallet app,
and the Wallet app has completely new capabilities.
So you can see everything you need to know
about your Apple Card.
With Apple Card, if you have a question,
just text us right from Messages.
Everything from getting details on a transaction
to letting us know your new address.
With Apple Card, we use machine learning and Apple Maps
to transform this mess into names and locations
that you'll recognize.
Apple Card also automatically organizes
and totals your purchases,
and you can keep track of your spending by categories
like food and drink, shopping, entertainment, and more.
And Apple Card also shows you how your spending is trending
week-over-week or month-over-month.
So every time you spend with Apple Card,
you get cash back, and you get it every day.
In fact, every time you pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch,
you'll get 2% of the purchase amount in daily cash.
And for purchases made directly from Apple,
you get 3% daily cash. (audience applauding)
- Apple Arcade is the world's first
game subscription service for mobile,
desktop, and living room.
With a single subscription,
you'll get access to over 100 new and exclusive games.
You'll be able to play Apple Arcade games
across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV
and pick up where you left off in a game
even if you switch devices.
And unlike streaming services,
every game will be playable offline.
There will be no ads and no additional purchases needed,
and parents can manage their kids' access
with our screen time features.
Apple Arcade games cannot collect any data about you
nor track any information about how you play their games
without your consent. (audience applauding)
Apple Arcade will be available this fall
in over 150 countries and regions around the world.
Pricing and more details to come.
- Only the channels you want
on demand, ad-free, for the entire family,
and all of it is inside the new Apple TV app.
With Apple TV Channels.
Whether you get your TV from a live steam,
uh steaming service like Prime Video, Hulu, or ESPN Plus.
Movies from iTunes.
Sports, news, and network TV from cable or satellite,
or shows from HBO, Showtime, and Starz
with the new Apple TV Channels.
It's all together in one place, the Apple TV app.
You'll be able to get this new experience
including Apply TV Channels on all these devices
through a software update this May.
We're bringing the Apple TV app to the Mac.
We're launching the same great experience
with Samsung this spring
followed by Sony, LG, and Vizio.
We're bringing the Apple TV app to smart TV's,
and we're even bringing the Apple TV app
to Roku and Amazon.
- But we have even more to contribute to the TV experience.
(dramatic music)
(audience applauding) Apple TV plus!
- We've partnered with the most accomplished storytellers
as well as a new generation of the most exciting voices
who together will define Apple TV Plus
as the destination for the highest-quality originals.
From documentaries to dramas, from kids to comedies,
the highest quality of storytelling in one single place.
This is Apple TV Plus.
- Apple TV Plus is an ad-free subscription service.
It's on-demand, available online and off line.
Everything's downloadable.
With exclusive, original movies and shows
with new additions every single month,
and it's all starting this fall.
- The opportunity to work with all
of these exceptional artists is truly inspiring.
We have one more remarkable storyteller
to share with you this morning.
(gentle music) (audience applauding)
- Hi. (audience laughing)
- What a fun morning.
Thank you to all the folks watching, our customers.
Thank you, bye bye. (audience applauding)
- And to move together one billion plus strong
into a future of our own design,
all connected through Apple.
(audience applauding)
- [Oprah] Thank you for the opportunity.
- Thank you.
I will never forget this.
(both laughing)
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Apple TV Plus March 2019 event in 7 minutes

137 Folder Collection
郭振廷 published on August 6, 2019
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