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- We bought that for the Nick.
'Cause we thought the Nick could use them,
but we didn't realize that, they were sorta ugly way of it.
- [Man] She is not an attractive -
- [Man] She's unattractive.
- [Man] Yeah. - [Man] Which is unfortunate.
- John Koch here, John Koch Antiques.
- I'm Kevin Crayton.
I'm the manager of John Koch Antiques.
- [John] We're an antique shop
on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
- [Kevin] And we specialize in the sets for TV and movies.
We buy estates for the most part,
so we get people's whole lives.
- We would sort of spill them out on the floor
and other dealers would come, and with them
came the set decorators and production designers
that did the television shows and movies.
The first of which was probably Woody Allen.
- Sex and the City.
- The Nick.
- The Blacklist.
- Vinyl. - The Good Wife.
- Mad Men.
- Gotham. - Wolf of Wall Street.
- Ugly Betty.
Madame Secretary.
Deuce with James Franco.
Saturday Night Live.
I think we've done almost every -
- The Ice Storm. - Admissions.
- Girl on a Train. - Gossip Girl.
- Igby Goes Down.
- Other than that it's just the people that come in.
That you're really surprised at, like Louis C.K.
And he actually asked to use the store's location
for his season finale last year.
And then the producer came over to me and said,
“Louis wants to know if you'll, like,
do him a favor and be in the show.”
- I want to get that for her.
- Okay.
- How much, how much is it?
- 495.
- Okay, I don't want to get it.
- Working on Louis C.K. show is just like an honor.
You know, I would do it for free, you have to cut that.
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Where Hollywood Goes to Buy Their Props

184 Folder Collection
許大善 published on August 5, 2019
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